Welcome to my website, a happy place full of my poems about life, love, loss and womanity (I made that up). If you like reading my content you can grab one of my best-selling books by clicking on either of the pictures left and right.

Thank you and Happy reading! Donna x


REMEMBER HER?   Somewhere inside of you, there’s a little firecracker with her arms folded and a frown on her face. She isn’t happy about …

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Book cover of to the women

Who is Donna Ashworth?

Donna Ashworth hails from Bonny Scotland, a 46 year old mum of two young boys and two dogs who loves to write. If you are …

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Woman asleep on moon illustration

You’re Not Imagining It…

You’re not imagining it, nobody seems to want to talk right now.Messages are brief and replies late.Talk of catch ups on zoom are perpetually put …

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Captain tom GQ cover

Goodnight Captain Tom

He wasn’t just a Captain, or a soldier or a man,He was a shining beacon sent to show us that we ‘can’.Our wartime covid hero, …

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Captain tom holding medal

Rest In Peace Captain Tom

Rest In Peace Captain Tom You showed us, in the darkest of times, how one act of determination can unite an entire nation.You showed us, …

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Woman holding umbrella with lights

Dear February,

Dear February, I was a different person when we last saw each other.A person who thought I knew it all, who thought I had things …

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Women laughing in a circle/ friendship

I’m A Big Fan Of Women…

I’m a big fan of women who snort when they laugh.Women who overshare awkward truths when the conversation stalls.I’m a big believer in singing loudly …

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Woman floating in swimming pool

Put Your Lifejacket On First

PUT YOUR LIFEJACKET ON FIRST… When you feel like you can’t go on.And the worries are weighing you down so heavily, you fear you may …

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Woman holding hands with spirit illustrator

I’m In The Rain

I’m in the rainI’m in the painI’m in the blood within your veinsI’m in the airMy favourite chairI’m in the soulful way you careI’m in …

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Let The Kids Fidget

Let the kids fidget,Let them day dream,Let them eat their favourite cereal in their bed.Let the kids mess around,Let them cry and vent.Let them get …

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Woman asleep on bed in ocean

One Tiny Step

ONE TINY STEP When things get tough, really tough.And you don’t have the will, the answers or the energy to fight any more.There is only …

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Beautiful older woman/ loss don’t last the journey image

Don’t Prioritise Your Looks

Don’t prioritise your looks my friend,they won’t last the journey.Your sense of humour though, will only get better.Your intuition will grow and expand like a …

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Teenager starting into distance/ poem about teenagers by Donna ashworth

Tell The Teenagers

Tell the teenagersThat this will not go on forever, that very very soon, their life will begin again and it will begin in glorious technicolour. …

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