Created by a hard-working Mum and Glossy Magazine Editor (in a previous life), this is a place for you all to come, not to simply hear from us, but to hear from one another. A place to share the good stuff that us girls bring.

Something us ladies do very well is communicate, we are known and admired (not enough if you ask me) for our ability to talk. We can talk through the good times, the bad times and the in-between. This site was born from the need to share advice that has lasted generations alongside the latest, hot from the press information and subjects.

Another thing the fairer sex does extremely well is support: I hope that this site will empower, inform and support as many of us who need or want it. A little bit of sparkle and fun won’t go amiss either…

There are no boundaries here ladies! Consider yourself amongst friends whilst perusing these pages – we can chat about anything just like you would with your friends – the only stipulation is that once you have read something that either helped you, made you smile or caught your interest – PLEASE PASS IT ON.


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Hello, lovelies!!
We are all too busy, too stressed, forever looking to connect and click with likeminded people.
That’s why I decided to open this safe, little corner on FB.
We are a group dedicated to share our random thoughts, humor, support for each other, daydreams about our favorite celebrities, be silly, discuss our dearest hobbies and just be openly and unapologetically ourselves without judgement!
Let’s get to know each other respectfully and forge new friendships!!❤️😊❤️

Please join us!
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3 weeks ago

Ladies Pass it On

Rest In Peace to another tortured soul, gone too soon. Keep the men in your life talking. It’s ok to not be ok. #suicideawareness #keithflint #malesuicide ... See MoreSee Less

Rest In Peace to another tortured soul, gone too soon. Keep the men in your life talking. It’s ok to not be ok. #suicideawareness #keithflint #malesuicide

3 weeks ago

Ladies Pass it On

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Don't worry, be happyu! I'm doing burger pins, potato salad and corn for lunch... does that say summer's coming or what!! LOL

Trevor Ingram 🙋🏼‍♀️ Bring on March birthdays

Lia Tomorrow means it’s almost May ❤️


Cilla Marie how I feel 🤣🤣

Sarah Lawson

I could name peeps already buying Christmas presents.

Leonie Hiscock

Ellen Livbom

I still haven't put the Christmas decorations in the loft.

2 daughters with birthdays in March 😍

I am so excited it is March 1! 20 more days till officially Spring. Cannot wait to leave all this cold weather behind! It is time for Mother Nature to put on her party dress!

Gemma 🙈😂

In like a lion out like a lamb...

Amy Macleod Mary Linklater

So true!

10 months til Christmas!

Jack Mayo lol

Rhonda Toms Morgan 😂😂

Jules Baird

Then why does it still look like christmas in PA?🤨

Marianne Charlotte Johansen 😂

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