More good news for all you wine-lovers out there…

“Drinking wine may protect teeth by destroying bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease, new research suggests.

Despite many dentists warning booze’s acidic content can damage teeth, a study released today suggests antioxidants in wine significantly prevent bacteria that cause plaque, cavities and periodontal disease from sticking to gums.

When these bacteria enter the bloodstream, they can trigger a chain reaction that has been linked to heart disease and cancer.

The latest discovery could lead to the development of ‘wine-inspired’ toothpastes and mouthwashes that contain such antioxidants, according to the Spanish researchers.

Gum disease affects around three in every four adults in the UK, with symptoms including sore, bleeding gums during brushing.”

Antioxidants in red wine boost dental health…

Study author Dr Victoria Moreno-Arribas, from the Spanish National Research Council in Madrid, said: ‘Oral cells normally constitute a physical barrier that prevents infections.

‘But bacterial adhesion to host tissues constitutes a key step in the infectious process.’

Results further suggest antioxidants in red wine are more effective than commercially-available grape-seed and red-wine extracts at preventing plaque-causing bacteria from sticking to lab-grown cells in modeled gum tissue.

When digested in the mouth, these antioxidants are thought to produce molecules that may benefit oral health.

Combining the antioxidants with the oral probiotic Streptococcus dentisani further boosts dental health.

Drinking wine is good for your teeth and gums


SOURCE: Go-Wine.





APPLE: dress however you like, it’s your body. On saying that, be sure to get those killer legs out once in while hey?

PEAR: dress however you like, it’s your body. Don’t forget however, that your little waist looks fabulous against those killer hips, ohhhhh yes.

HOURGLASS: dress however you like, it’s your body but oh my goodness girl, you have curves for days!!! Show them off every now and again, it would be sad not to.

Ladies your body is YOUR body and can never be defined by a random shape chart! Ain’t nobody got exactly the same shape as you have, so quit hiding it or dressing it as though it were something inanimate.

Choose your style based on WHAT YOU LIKE TO WEAR and whatever makes you feel good. If more of us did, more would follow, that’s how it works.

Let’s lead the way shall we?


Research shows that drinking wine before bed can help your weight loss!

Recent research published by Harvard University has all of us wine-lovers in a giddy spin!

The Case for Pre-Snooze Booze

(according to Daily Burn)

We’ve all read that red wine is a healthy part of the Mediterranean Diet — the one that helps you live longer and maintain an enviable BMI. Even lifestyle guru Tim Ferris claims that two glasses of wine before bed each night helped him achieve his ripped physique. And recent research in mice showed that resveratrol, an antioxidant in red wine, can help turn regular white fat into energy-burning beige fat, which can contribute to weight loss and prevent obesity (just in case you didn’t know that fat came in different colors).

“Heavy drinking can disturb sleep, but a moderate amount has a sedative effect.”
While you can also get resveratrol in fruits, such as blueberries, lead author Min Du, PhD, professor in the Department of Animal Sciences at Washington State University, explains that the fermentation process of wine makes the antioxidant compounds easier to absorb, which can help accelerate the fat-burning process. Although Du didn’t specifically test the effect of giving resveratrol to the mice at night, he concedes that there might be a metabolic advantage of consuming wine in the wee hours.

Drinking wine before bed can help you lose weightWhen you drink wine with food — whether at lunch, dinner or with a late-night snack — the antioxidant compounds interact with protein in a way that prevents the body from metabolizing them for weight loss. When you consume resveratrol on its own, however, the body is able to absorb the compounds more readily, and thus maximize the burning of beige fat. That said, he stops short of endorsing an unaccompanied glass of bedtime wine as a diet strategy. “I don’t have the data to support it,” he says. “Wine is beneficial to your health, but never use it to control your body weight. It still has calories.” Ahem, 110 to 130 calories per glass, on average.

So Ladies do with this information what you will – chin chin!


T’is the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, la la la la…t’is also the season to completely and utterly overindulge and boy is it fun. Not the following day though.

Whilst most experts believe that the only hangover cure is not to drink too much at all in the first place (duh), here are a few tried and tested tips that will help you out of your suffering….


This is the key, totally and utterly. Those who remember to drink water in between drinks and before sleep will lessen or avoid the total dehydration the body endures on a big night. It is the dehydration that causes the majority of the symptoms we have come to know as a hangover. Water, water and plenty of it.

This will help to lessen the nausea felt on ‘the day after the night before’. Ginger tea, fresh ginger grated on scrambled eggs or even a supplement will help. I swear by ginger lollipops aimed at pregnant women!

Taking a couple of these before and after drinking will help your organs do their detoxifying job. You can buy a liquid supplement or a tablet. It works.

Drinking a power packed thirst quencher that helps your body replace all the goodness it has lost will help. Whilst the electrolyte packed energy drinks will work to an extent, you are far better off with nature’s natural remedy – coconut water. It is the perfect tonic you need after a big session.

Sleep is the best solution, combined with water. Your body needs time to recover – if you can, try to make sure you start your drinking earlier and finish earlier to allow for a good few hours of sleep. Failing that, see if you can arrange for a lie-in the next day. You will be glad you did.

Dr. Hall-Flavin says. Normally when blood sugar levels dip, your liver reacts by producing more glucose from stored carbs. But if you’ve been drinking too much, your liver is busy metabolizing the alcohol and can’t handle the extra work, so your blood sugar levels stay down, and you can feel irritable and tired. Eating carbs can help.

How to heal your hangovers this christmas


Some people swear by a good run to sweat out the badness but experts say this is worsening the effect of dehydration on your body – it is the rush of feel-good endorphins that you’re experiencing. If you insist on sweating it out in the gym, drink plenty!

Your body is feeling the loss of the drug alcohol from your system, so of course it craves more but actually giving into this will not help you one bit… you’re in effect, creating a dependency. Give your system a day or two to recover and do its thing before you start again. Experts say 48 hours is the safe minimum.

This may give you a chemical kick up the bottom but it’s worsening your dehydration levels since caffeine is a diuretic. Stick with ginger tea, coconut water and water itself. If you desperately need the boost try an electrolyte packed energy sports drink.

Whilst you may think a full fried breakfast is the way to ‘soak up the alcohol’ this is actually untrue. On saying that if you eat that meal BEFORE you go out, it could actually help. Protein and fat can help the absorption of ethanol into the circulatory system but the next day it’s just too much for your poor body to handle. Carbohydrates and foods full of nutrition will help your body heal and replace sugars lost. Avocados, coconut water, bitter leafy greens are all great but not quite what you fancy I know. Try a lean protein and avocado sandwich filled with rocket if you want to feel better faster.

Join our chats over on Facebook and let us know if you have any fail-safe remedies of your own to share!


You don’t have grey hair you have wisdom highlights/ change the way you see/I don’t have crow’s feet…

I have happy happy memories of laughing with friends until the tears flowed.

I don’t have frown lines…

I have the marks of my frustration and confusion – of which I came through – smiling in the end.

I am not ‘going’ grey…

I have shimmering highlights of wisdom, dashed throughout my hair.

I don’t have scars…

I have symbols of the strength I was able to find, when life got tough. 

I don’t have stretch marks…

I have the marks of motherhood; the most fulfilling and terrifying time of my life. My tiger stripes of love.

I don’t have fat rolls…

I have the evidence of a life filled with abundance, blessings and good times.

I am not simply forgetful…

I have a mind so full of stories, memories and moments there is scarce room to hold much else.

I am not old…

I am blessed – with a life of great length – something not everyone can say.

Don’t change the way you look, change the way you see.



Is Drinking Six Gin & Tonics A Day The Secret To A Long Life?

According to a 100 year old woman from Suffolk in England, it is!!

Mabel Jackson recently told the Suffolk Gazette that she has been regularly consuming her favourite tipple since she was 18 (that’s 4,264 bottles, consumed within her lifetime!)

“”I have two at lunchtime, one at tea time with a biscuit and then three more during the evening while I do my knitting,” she told the Gazette.

Jackson isn’t the only woman of her age who claims alcohol is the secret to long life. Last year, Worcestershire, England, resident Grace Jones attributed her longevity to “a little drop of whiskey every night,” and a New Jersey woman credited Miller High Life and shots of Johnny Walker Blue for her 110 years of health.

Unfortunately there is no medical evidence to support this regime (I can almost hear the wails of disappointment from you all!) but the drink has been linked to several health benefits such as fighting off malaria, anti-ageing qualities, diuretic properties and even an aid to weight loss.

On a serious note,the above routines are considered ‘heavy drinking’ by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, but you know what, it kind of makes me feel hopeful that my 3 nights a week enjoying a glass or two of vino is perhaps aiding my life and not depleting it….we can wish can’t we?
So, whilst we do not condone this, it is very interesting to hear- I am sure you will agree?

Who amongst us knows of another long-lifer who believes a glass or two of their favourite drink brings them health?

I would love to know!

Source: The Suffolk Gazette


‘Tis the season of the pumpkin!


We all know how much fun carving or decorating pumpkins can be, but are you making the most of the inside?

According to beauty expert Liz Earle, turning the pumpkin meat and seeds into a delicious warming soup will do our skin the world of good! Not only that but it will hit our bodies with a burst of goodness in general and even help create ‘happy hormones’ to improve our moods!

What more could you need?


Here is what Liz has to say…

Pumpkins for beauty? Liz Earle pumpkin soup

We are firmly in the season of the pumpkin: the air is crisp, the trees are golden and the glorious colours of autumn are everywhere. But these great orange bulbs serve as more than just a creative prop for Halloween – they are also hotbeds of goodness and well worth incorporating into your diet as the days get chillier. Rich in beta-carotene and a good source of vitamin A, this immune-boosting super-vegetable can help maintain healthy skin, teeth, bones, as well as lowering blood pressure. Pumpkins also promote the production of serotonin – that feel-good chemical that helps us to relax and unwind, making this roasted pumpkin soup recipe perfect for colder evenings when a bowl of soup is just what you need!

Serves: 4-6


2 medium – or 1 large – pumpkins
4 garlic cloves
1-2 tbsp olive oil or coconut oil
2 red onions, finely chopped
1 orange, zest & juice
1 litre of vegetable stock
dollop of crème fraîche
fresh thyme
roasted pumpkin seeds to sprinkle on top

Liz Earle pumpkin soup recipe/ pumpkins for beauty


Cut the top off the top of the pumpkin and cut in half for ease of removing seeds. Scoop out the seeds and place to one side in a bowl. Cut up the pumpkin into small chunks and place on a baking tray with the whole, unpeeled garlic cloves and a few sprigs of fresh thyme. Drizzle with olive oil and a splash of balsamic vinegar. Season well with salt and pepper. Pop the tray into the oven at 190°C/375°F/Gas Mark 5 for around 25 minutes, until soft, golden and caramelised. Leave to cool slightly so that you can peel off the skins with your hands – they should come off pretty easily leaving the flesh behind.

Meanwhile, prepare the pumpkin seeds. Rinse the seeds under cold water in a sieve, then place in a bowl of water to remove the pulp with your hands. Boil in water, adding 1 tsp of salt, for approx. 10 minutes over a low-medium heat. Drain in a colander and pat dry with a tea towel. Arrange on a baking tray and massage extra virgin olive oil into the seeds. Season with sea salt and cracked black pepper, and anything else you fancy (Cajun, mixed herbs… experiment with different flavours!). Place in the oven for approx. 10 minutes, then remove, shake around, before roasting for a further 5 minutes until the seeds are golden.

Heat up 2 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil/coconut oil in a deep pan and sauté the red onion until it softens. Add in the squeezed orange juice and zest to the onion, followed by the stock, roasted pumpkin and garlic. Let it simmer for around 10 minutes. Using a hand blender, whizz it all up (or alternatively transfer it in batches into blender).

Serve with a swirl of crème fraîche, sprinkle of fresh thyme leaves and roasted pumpkin seeds. This soup is also great for batch cooking and freezing, or freezing in ice cube trays for babies. I love serving it up in a hollowed out pumpkin for a bit of extra wow factor.​

**Reasons to eat pumpkin seeds**

  • Great for sprinkling in your soup, salads and a healthy snack
  • These little morsels of goodness are high in protein and antioxidants
  • Uniquely high levels of zinc to strengthen our immune system and help balance blood sugar levels
  • They also contain large amounts of manganese, crucial for bones and thyroid fun

Source: This Morning.


Share this for your friends and let me know if you do make it and what you think!


Fidget spinning is a trend.

Self-harming is a physical symptom of a very dark illness, with psychological scars that last much, much longer and cut so much more deeply, than the flesh ones will. A spiralling tail-spin in to an abyss with no way out except to seek more pain and darkness.


Gymnastics is a club.

Anorexia is a highly dangerous condition which will literally rot your body from the inside out, stretching into every part of your future with consequences too many to count. Your ability to start a family or live a long life, being just two of them.

Self-harm is not a trend

Healthy eating and exercise is a solution.

Bulimia is a vicious cycle that will suck up your joy and your love for life, like a vacuum. Stealing away your sense of adventure, your peace, your friendships, your relationships and your health. The purging and binging will envelope your entire world till there is nothing left but vomit and desperation and hatred, hatred for your own self.


*Share the hell out of this ladies, the statistics are terrifying. Worse, the sheer amount of ‘pro’ sites popping up are the stuff of nightmares. We must stamp out any whiff of the word ‘trend’ associated with anything like this.*

Pass It On.






If you want to check in with your overall health on a regular basis, doctors and ancient healers alike, believe you should keep an eye on your tongue.

Your tongue can be a very good indicator of any underlying issues, according Dr. Allan MD and the Family Health Team, here is what you need to know:


If your tongue has a white coating or white spots
A white tongue, or white spots on your tongue, could be an indication of:

Oral thrush: a yeast infection that develops inside the mouth. It appears as white patches that are often the consistency of cottage cheese. “Oral thrush is most commonly seen in infants and the elderly, especially denture wearers, or in people with weakened immune systems,” says Dr. Allan. “People with diabetes and those who are taking inhaled steroids for asthma or lung disease can also get it. Oral thrush is more likely to occur after you’ve taken antibiotics.”
Leukoplakia: a condition in which the cells in the mouth grow excessively, which leads to white patches on the tongue and inside the mouth. “Leukoplakia can develop when the tongue has been irritated,” Dr. Allan says. “It’s often seen in people who use tobacco products. Leukoplakia can be a precursor to cancer, but isn’t inherently dangerous by itself. If you see what you think could be leukoplakia, contact your dentist for an evaluation.”
Oral lichen planus: a network of raised white lines on your tongue that look similar to lace. “We don’t always know what causes this condition, but it usually resolves on its own,” says Dr. Allan.


If your tongue is red
A red tongue could be a sign of:

Vitamin deficiency: “Folic acid and vitamin B-12 deficiencies may cause your tongue to take on a reddish appearance,” Dr. Allan says.
Geographic tongue: This condition causes a map-like pattern of reddish spots to develop on the surface of your tongue. “These patches can have a white border around them, and their location on your tongue may shift over time,” says Dr. Allan. “Geographic tongue is usually harmless.”
Scarlet fever: an infection that causes the tongue to have a strawberry-like (red and bumpy) appearance. “If you have a high fever and a red tongue, you need to see your family doctor,” Dr. Allan says. “Antibiotics are necessary to treat scarlet fever.”
Kawasaki disease: a condition that can also cause the tongue to have a strawberry-like appearance. It is seen in children under the age of 5 and is accompanied by a high fever. “Kawasaki syndrome is a serious condition that demands immediate medical evaluation,” says Dr. Allan.

If your tongue is black and hairy
Much like hair, the papillae on your tongue grow throughout your lifetime. In some people, they become excessively long, which makes them more likely to harbor bacteria.

“When these bacteria grow, they may look dark or black, and the overgrown papillae can appear hair-like,” Dr. Allan says. “Fortunately, this condition is not common and is typically not serious. It’s most likely to occur in people who don’t practice good dental hygiene.”

He says people with diabetes, taking antibiotics or receiving chemotherapy may also develop a black hairy tongue.


If your tongue is sore or bumpy
Painful bumps on your tongue can be due to:

Trauma: “Accidentally biting your tongue or scalding it on something straight out of the oven can result in a sore tongue until the damage heals,” says Dr. Allan. “Grinding or clenching your teeth can also irritate the sides of your tongue and cause it to become painful.”
Smoking: Smoking irritates your tongue, which can cause soreness.
Canker sores: mouth ulcers. “Many people develop canker sores on the tongue at one time or another,” Dr. Allan says. “The cause is unknown, but stress is believed to be a factor.” Canker sores normally heal without treatment within a week or two.
Oral cancer: “A lump or sore on your tongue that doesn’t go away within two weeks could be an indication of oral cancer,” says Dr. Allan. “Keep in mind that many oral cancers don’t hurt in the early stages, so don’t assume a lack of pain means nothing is wrong.”
Watch your tongue!

Dr. Allan says everyone should check their tongue on a daily basis when they brush their teeth and tongue. “Any discoloration, lumps, sores or pain should be monitored and evaluated by a medical professional if they don’t go away within two weeks,” he says.


Okay, this is not a joke… this is, apparently, a very fashion-forward uber-trend that’s about to rock the world!

Squiggly lipsWiggles and squiggles are most definitely not for the slightly OCD amongst us and apparently it’s not the easiest skill to learn – so will you be joining in ladies?

To be fair, I tend to make squiggles when I’m trying to draw a straight line so perhaps I will be inadvertently awesome at this?


Squiggly lips

Squiggly lips


Pass It On ladies – see what your friends think of this one… 😂


Image source Bored Panda

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Imagine taking a child to the hospital…
Imagine being taken into a small room and being told it’s a tumour…
Imagine holding a child down so needles can be inserted…
Imagine watching a child being taken to theatre for surgery…
Imagine holding a child screaming in pain, unable to do anything to help…
Imagine a child connected to several different lines at one time…
Imagine a child vomiting uncontrollably…
Imagine a child unable to leave their room, sometimes for weeks…
Imagine a child in so much pain, they cannot eat or drink…
Imagine a child being held down to have a tube inserted in there nose to feed them…
Imagine months/years a child may not survive…
Now imagine this is YOUR child
Be aware,

September is childhood cancer awareness month…

Please go gold for all the angels and heroes, fighting the fight. Change your facebook profile image to show your support





We talk a lot about how we ‘should’ be loving our bodies, in theory we all agree, yes? But where do we begin?

This may seem strange but women are selfless creatures. Look after your body the way you would your child or loved one, this is important. We women are great at providing nutrition for others and maintaining their good health – so quite simply – apply that same rule to yourself… this is the point you may realise you’ve been punishing your body for years. It is a very sad truth and it stops now.

Following on from number one, balance is everything but oh my, a little bit of what you fancy really does do you good. Allow yourself your treats and instead of rushing them down guiltily actually savour, enjoy and feel like you deserve them. There is science to back this up; guilty and anxious eating creates stress hormones which actually LAY DOWN FAT in your fat cells. Smile and enjoy your food ladies, it has been proven to change the way your body deals with the calories.

Start seeing your body with fresh eyes. Try to imagine what you would see if you met yourself for the first time and make sure these thoughts are kind and positive. Judging other women’s bodies negatively is as bad a habit as doing it to yourself. It all has to stop. Look for all the amazing things your body does. If you can do this in a mirror every few days you will be astonished at the benefits.

Buy yourself the new clothes NOW. Not when you are thinner, fitter, whatever. You must accept your body as it is before you can really make any long-term positive changes. Separate your self-worth from your weight and your looks and you will start to experience a wonderful thing called peace. Your self-worth will rocket and in turn any changes you feel you do need to make will be so much easier.

This one needs to be repeated because it is the actual crux of this whole exercise. SEPARATE YOUR BODY IMAGE FROM YOUR SELF-WORTH. They are not the same thing. You are not your body, your body is a part of you. An important part but only in that it’s allows you to live a free and happy life. Everything else is a bonus.You may feel like looks are important to the world but in reality they are not. Do not allow the way you look to occupy more than a small percentage of your thoughts.

…Remember, you are not trying to convince yourself that you are beautiful by society’s standards, you are trying to accept yourself the way you are and realise that imperfection is everywhere.

When you love yourself and look after yourself despite any body image issues you may still have, you are winning at this game called life.
When you realise that nobody ever, EVER, feels truly physically perfect you are one step further again.
When you start to enjoy your ‘flaws’ because they are very much a part of YOU, then you, my dear friend, have made it all the way.




In short..

I think stretch marks, freckles, scars, birth marks, fat rolls, love handles, curves, dimples – or any other ‘flaws’, are all absolutely awesome.

They are our body art. They make us who we are and they tell our story, if anyone should care to read them.

Whoever decided stretch marks were ‘flaws’, haven’t seen how they shimmer in the sunlight. They are like sequins on our otherwise plain skin.
The way freckles cluster together into beautiful shapes and the beauty of those dimples at the base of a spine.
The majesty of a curvy bottom and the joyous feel of flesh against flesh.

Embrace your flaws. See beneath the societal ‘norm’ and stick up two fingers to those who believe you have to be the same to be beautiful.

What a lot of rubbish.

Be you, life would be so very drab if we were all the same.

Be You.

Be Proud.

Set the new standards of society, let’s rewrite the rules and redefine what flaws even are.

Let’s make it better for the girls growing up today.



If Your War Is With Food

If Your War Is With Food/ Anorexia/ Bulimia/ Over-eating/ Star Model AgencyIf your war is with food, you have a long battle ahead

If your relationship with your daily sustenance is a toxic one, you are signing yourself up for a lifetime of torture. Literally.

Consider the position of someone whose demon is food.

Unlike alcohol or drugs it cannot be avoided. Or abstained from. Quite the opposite, food must be ingested three times a day for the very basic of health.

The fight is not how long you can resist the substance for, but how long you can face it every day without complete and utter breakdown and a spiral into a very toxic and unhealthy daily binge. A binge with no end in sight.

It is a torture and a silent, sad battle, unseen by the world.

Unlike other addictions, an anorexic must look it’s aggressor in the eye every single meal-time. Square their shoulders, gulp down their fear and attempt to fight. Attempt to swallow a substance that may as well be acid or molten lava, the pain of it’s touch is so intense.

The pain, the panic and the fear created by each mouthful swallowed is untold. But it’s enough for many, too many, to choose death first.

If you see someone clearly too thin to be healthy. Stop for a moment and think before the words ‘you need a good feed’ leave your mouth’. Consider the mental barriers and psychological boundaries that have put them there in the first place.

The societal pressures that they were just too vulnerable to resist.

If you want to help them, don’t try to make them eat. Try to get them chatting about their life and their worries and their dreams. They are people just like you. They are not drunk on the street, but their position is just as grim. They are in just as much danger and it’s comfort they need, not a ‘telling’.

If you want to help them, challenge the images upheld by the fashion and media, these ridiculous images that cause generations to starve and beat themselves into a new shape to fit in. To fit in with something that’s actually is not even real. Outside of photoshop and weeks spent preparing and resisting life.

If your battle is with food and you are overweight. Remember to be kind when you see a person so thin they look fit to break. It is easy to feel anger and frustration that they ‘refuse to eat’ when you cannot stop eating. But if you think deeply enough you will see that your battle is the same. You are the same.

If your battle is with food and you are overweight. Be kind to yourself. Stay in touch with the person inside and see her there every day if you can. She is still there, she is just hidden, temporarily. She will come out again one day. In one way our another. Let her. Don’t make her wait for you to ‘be thin again’, let her come out regardless. She has so much more to offer than looking ‘normal’. Once she is back you will lose the need to hold on to your hiding place. One cannot really come without the other

If you’re battle is with food, whichever way that appears, your fight is an exhausting one.

Stick together.

You will need each other.

When you finally throw the last punch and rise victorious, and you must believe that you will, you will look at each other with the silent nod of a warrior.

Keep fighting, never give in.



Okay ladies, here is a round-up of my favourite tips and tricks to keep you looking and feeling great this summer


Okay, we all want shiny golden limbs in the summer and especially on holiday. Save yourself packing space and money by making your own little potions to achieve just that. I swear by olive oil and sugar for a body scrub that also moisturises the skin and keeps it moisturised for hours! Mix some up and pop it in a travel bottle before you go! Coconut oil also has the same effect.



Again, save packing time and pennies by using a slick of hair serum not only on your hair to remove summer frizz but also on your legs, arms and décolleté! It gives you that shiny shimmery look without stickiness or transfer. It’s my top tip!



Coconut oil in your suitcase will see you through SO MANY body benefits whilst you’re away. It’s a fab moisturiser for your skin and your hair and a great after-sun – and if you melt a little it makes a brilliant shaving solution for a really smooth and close shave on all body areas. It really works! Whack some on your frazzled locks overnight and it will stop the sun damage taking hold.



If you are worried about your hair and scalp and you don’t like wearing a hat, mix a little high factor sunscreen with some leave in conditioner and pop it in a  spray travel bottle. A few squirts when you come out of the pool will keep you conditioned and protected.



Want smooth and pretty feet for the beach this summer? Save yourself the spend on a pedicure and make your own foot soak using bicarbonate of soda, warm water and vinegar. This will help remove dead skin and make your feet feel new again! Great for fungal infections too.



If you’re prone to bikini line rash due to the heat and the hair removal summer requires then here is a fab tip: soak a few chamomile tea bags in hot water and place them on the are when they are cool enough. It will take the redness away.



If you do get a spot of sunburn make yourself some Aloe ice cubes by pouring some Aloe Vera into an ice cube tray. It will cool, moisturise and take the pain down a lot.



If your summer sandals are rubbing your feet to bits, here is a genius little hack to try. Rub the parts most likely to be affected with deodorant, you heard me right, before you put your shoes on. This will stop the sweat and moisture and will really make a difference!



If you want a golden shimmer in the evening but you don’t want to spend a fortune – mix a little shimmery gold or bronze eyeshadow into your hair serum or your favourite lotion and slick it wherever you feel the need. It will do the trick and keep you shimmering all night long.




Did you know that a light dusting of talcum powder on your feet and legs etc will allow to easily brush the sand off when it’s time to leave the beach? It’s true!! You can also use it as dry shampoo so pop a little pot in your case.


Do not keep these tips to yourselves ladies, share them with your girls and have a fabulous Summer!












Now, you may have mistaken this for a straightforward weight-loss/fitness article from the title – this is actually much more.

You see, Beach Body Confidence is totally and utterly all in the mind. You can work as hard as you like getting your physical shape into tip-top bikini condition but if you haven’t jiggled your mind-set it won’t make a jot of a difference. I see gorgeous slim girls all the time, shying away because of cellulite/stretch-marks/ love-handles or scars. Girls who some of us may consider to be perfect. Instead of enjoying their bodies as they are, they’re wishing for a something more/less and constantly feeling inferior to someone else.

Now, if this resonates with you at all then you’re in the right place. If it doesn’t then you are amazing and we want to hear how you do it!

So, we are clear on one thing – Summer Sexy really is an attitude and not a shape. Let’s have a look at how we can all get ‘into shape’ then….shall we?




There is absolutely no point in buying beachwear ‘to slim into’. Your clothes should accommodate you and not the other way around. Buy your sizes and buy items you feel sexy in. Regardless of trends or fashion.


If you are prone to the odd insecurity wobble, get yourself some killer cover-upon or kaftans to throw on when you need them. This is not ‘giving in and covering up’, it’s simply allowing yourself to feel at ease every minute – you are on holiday to relax, experience and enjoy. Throw a sarong around your hips if you choose girls, it’s your life!


There is absolutely no doubt in my mind whatsoever that a person who looks at ease and happy on the beach or around the pool radiates beauty and summer like a beacon! If you are uneasy and uncomfortable looking it will shine through the hottest of bikinis and tans and spoil your whole effect. All that summer shopping ruined by a glum face!


This one is so important. Ladies, we must stand together when it comes to Body Image/ Fat Shaming/ Body Confidence.

We are all different shapes and sizes and THAT is a beautiful thing to behold.

Why oh why do we feel the need to be put into boxes of body shape and type?

Why oh why do we airbrush and edit until we look the same as our instagram favourites?

We need to start a Normal Body Revolution so that the next generation of young girls, and boys, knows what real women look like and refuses to bow down to the ridiculous standards set by the advertising/fashion industry.


I hear people all the time staring that they SHOULD never be seen dead in a bikini, joking about public health & safety and respect for everyone’s eyes etc. All very funny and light-hearted but also very sad. At what point did our own bodies become something to be ashamed of and constantly try to mould into something else that quite frankly is a myth outside of photoshop?

We are on holiday to swim, sunbathe, enjoy, socialise, relax, adventure, EAT – lots of reasons but none of them should be to fade in to the background looking ‘acceptable’.

Wear whatever you feel comfortable in and wear it with a smile. Forget how you look and focus on how you feel – enjoy the precious moments you have. They are too few and far between in this busy old life!

Happy Summer










I know this kind of article is really annoying because many of us feel permanently guilty about how much alcohol we consume on any given week – and although we really don’t want to know – we can’t help but click on and read….

By we, I am mostly referring to women. In my world, I see a lot of us opening a bottle of wine at the end of a hard day to kick-back, chill-out and switch off. Myself included.

I occasionally find myself worrying that I open a bottle of wine to both celebrate and commiserate my day… anyone else?

Social media is awash with millions of photos of women chinking flutes and laughing over a cocktail. It’s how we connect, socialise and bond.

But, what we all really want to know is at what point does that habit become a problem?

I’m thinking that yes, you probably do but here they are in visual format, again just in case.

So there they are but WHY is it important that we stick to these guidelines?

According to those in the know, too much alcohol has many detrimental effects – amongst them are poor sleep, skin problems, digestive issues, performance problems (meaning the next day at work and not in the bedroom although that is also true!), relationship issues and worst of all the habit-forming obsession that alcohol can have. It’s an addiction but then so is coffee, chocolate, exercise and sex…

Like anything in life it’s about balance, moderation, control and most of all awareness… if you are shining a light on something it’s hard to not see it for what it is.

In my opinion, as long as you’re honest and open with yourself about your reliance on any substance other than the air we breathe and water, then you will lead a healthy life.

If you want to know whether or not you are in dangerous territory, take this self-assessment on the Drinkaware site.

Let me know what you found out ladies!



A fun fact or two about alcohol:

A mixed drink that contains carbonated drink is absorbed into the body more quickly than straight shots

Distilled spirits such as brandy, gin, rum, tequila, etc. contain no carbohydrates, no fats and no cholesterol of any kind.

There is a cloud of alcohol in the outer space which is enough to make four trillion-trillion drinks

The term “Dipsomania” refers to abnormal cravings for alcohol.

United States has the highest minimum drinking age in the entire world.


Are you someone who constantly feels they are missing the make-up mark? Does everyone else seem to be forging ahead with the latest brow styles and eyeshadow trends whilst you are stuck with the same look you’ve worn since 1997 (me). Then worry ye not…

We are lucky enough to have received some expert advice from Bonnie over at Mrs Gloss & The Goss… if you haven’t joined this group yet, what are you waiting for? It’s an absolute god-send for advice on all things beauty and fashion related…

Over to Bonnie…

I know this concept is fairly new and a mystery to some and unfortunately there is no generic way to contour your face! First, find out your face shape. Then use shading to disguise or make areas look smaller and highlight to make areas appear more prominent. For example, if you have a long face, you might want to use shading at the top and bottom of your face and highlight the central areas of your face to focus the attention there. I recommend the NYX contour palette! You can also use a simple bronzer like Benefit Hoola. For cream contour the best thing to use is a foundation or concealer that’s 2-3 shades darker than your natural complexion (for contour) and a foundation or concealer that’s 2-3 shades lighter (for highlighting).

Foundation application
For a flawless application I always recommend using a beauty blender sponge to apply. For a more dewy, natural finish, dampen your sponge with water or a nice vitamin spray. For a complete full coverage use your sponge dry.

Have you found that your mascara runs out quickly? Why not try adding a few drops of contact lens solution to loosen the product? You’ll get plenty more out of that tube! I love YSL.


For the easiest and fastest application, apply glue to the strip lash, allow it to go tacky. Then place tweezers at the outer corner of the lash (this gives you more control over where you place it) place the outer corner of the strip lash on the outer corner of your eye, as close to your natural lash line as possible. Hold it there for a second or two until you know it has adhered. Then, using your tweezers, carefully push the rest of the lash down into place.

Why not try using some tissue to create that sharp line effect with your eyeshadow on your outer eye? By holding the tissue firmly in place at an angle from the corner of your eye and the tail of your eyebrow, then applying eyeshadow, you’ll get that super slick line without sticking tape to your face. Added bonus? The tissue also catches any fallout from your shadow so that you don’t ruin your makeup!


For more Make-up inspiration check out Bonnie’s insta account

Don’t forget to join…

Mrs gloss & the goss


IS YOUR SUNSCREEN UVA SAFE?/ UVA STAR RATINGSure we all know about SPF and that the higher the SPF is, the more sun protection we have?

Or so we thought….

There is a new rating system for your sunscreen and you need to be checking this out immediately because it may surprise you…

The UVA Star rating appears like this on the back of your product and ranges from 1 – 5.


I was really surprised to find that the Ambre Solaire SPF 50 product I use on my children only has 3 stars…

Why is this?

Here is the low-down according to the British Association of Dermatologists:

UVA star system

When you currently buy sunscreen containing UVA protection in the UK you may notice a UVA star rating on the packaging. The stars range from 0 to 5 and indicate the percentage of UVA radiation absorbed by the sunscreen in comparison to UVB, in other words the ratio between the level of protection afforded by the UVA protection and the UVB protection.

Be aware that if you choose a low SPF it may still have a high level of stars, not because it is providing lots of UVA protection, but because the ratio between the UVA and UVB protection is about the same.

That’s why it’s important to choose a high SPF as well as a high UVA protection (e.g. a high number of stars). Sunscreens that offer both UVA and UVB protection are sometimes called ‘broad spectrum’. A sunscreen with an SPF of 30 and a UVA rating of 4 or 5 stars is generally considered as a good standard of sun protection in addition to shade and clothing.

UVA star rating/ Is your sunscreen safe?For example, my Ambre Solaire SPF 50 for very fair skin only has 3 stars but my Riemann P20 has an SPF of only 30 but has 5 stars – confusing?

Basically, we need to be checking not only the SPF but the star rating too…the higher they both are, the better -simple!

Bear in mind too that sunscreen has 12 months shelf- life and that you need to check your brand’s photostability (the resistance it has to being broken down by various factors).

Stay safe in the sun everyone.



No more night shifts for you, show this article to your partner, there’s no denying it now.


There are several scientific and psychological factors behind this claim apparently, but it would appear that the bottom line is because our brains are more complex and work harder…. *tries hard not look smug*

Women multitask so much throughout the day which means they are using their brains far more strenuously than men and therefore need more time to recover which only sleeping can provide.

Jim Horne, a Professor and sleep expert at Loughborough University in England said,
“For women, poor sleep is strongly associated with high levels of psychological distress and greater feelings of hostility, depression, and anger. These feelings were not associated with the same degree of sleep disruption in men.”

The experts say that for most, 7 hours sleep will be enough to maintain good concentration, consistent moods and optimal functionality but Dr. Horne tells us that women’s brains are wired differently from men’s and that actually they need more.

The actual amount extra only equates to around 20 minutes or so unfortunately but still, every little helps

One of the major functions of sleep is to allow the brain to recover and repair itself. During deep sleep, the cortex — the part of the brain responsible for thought memory, language and so on – disengages from the senses and goes into recovery mode.”

What about men?

The science says that if a man has a particularly cerebral daily routine then he will require more sleep on average than a normal male but still not as much as the average woman.

So, gents, if you want a happy life, let your wife sleep!

Let me know how much sleep you need to feel good ladies….and how much you actually get of course!


There is a lot of pressure on us women to look a certain way and maintain a body beautiful but there are some things we really all should be doing – not for vanity or keeping up with social standards set by advertising companies, but for our health, and to save us all from the fate of lady nappies….

This information comes courtesy of the NHS…

Know Your Pelvic Floor…

The pelvic floor consists of layers of muscle and ligaments that stretch from the pubic bone to the end of the backbone (coccix) and from side to side. Firm, supportive pelvic floor muscles help support the bladder, womb and bowel, and to close the bladder outlet and back passage.

How Does The Pelvic Floor Work?

The muscles of the pelvic flook are kept firm and slightly tense to stop leakage of urine from the bladder and wind or faeces from the bowel. When you pass water or have a bowel motion the pelvic oor muscles relax. Afterwards, they tighten again to restore control. The muscles actively squeeze when you laugh, cough, lift or sneeze to help prevent any leakage. They also have an important sexual function, helping to increase sexual awareness for both yourself and your partner during intercourse.

How Does Exercising The Muscles Help?

Exercising the pelvic oor muscles can strengthen them so they give the correct support. This will improve your bladder control and improve or stop leakage of urine. Like any other muscles in the body, the more you use and exercise them, the stronger the pelvic oor muscles will be.

Finding Them!

Not as easy as you think actually – exercising these muscles should not show at all from the outside and you shouldn’t squeeze your tummy muscles too much.. here is what to do…

1. Sit comfortably with your knees slightly apart. Now imagine that you are trying to stop yourself passing wind from the bowel. To do this you must squeeze the muscles around the back passage. Try squeezing and lifting that muscle as if you really do have wind. You should be able to feel the muscle move. Your buttocks and legs should not move at all. You should be aware of the skin around the back passage tightening and being pulled up and away from your chair. Really try to feel this squeezing and lifting.

2. Now imagine you are sitting on the toilet passing urine. Picture yourself trying to stop the stream of urine. You should be using the same group of muscles that you used before, but don’t be surprised if you nd this harder. (Do not try to stop the stream when you are actually passing water as this may – if repeated – cause problems with correct emptying).

3. Now try to tighten the muscles around your back passage, vagina and front passage and lift up inside as if trying to stop passing wind and urine at the same time. It is very easy to bring other incorrect muscles into play, so try to isolate your pelvic oor as much as possible by not squeezing your legs together, not tightening your buttocks and not holding your breath. The lower tummy can very gently be drawn in as if pulling away from the zip of tight trousers. In this way most of the effort should be coming from the pelvic oor muscles.


The trick is to do this as often as you can and the key is remembering! Set an alarm on your phone or try and associate it with something you already do everyday – like sitting at traffic lights – if you do it a few times you will hopefully form a habit. It is worth it in the long run and especially if you have had kids.

Don’t forget to share and pass it on ladies!


Jennifer Aniston…no doubt she is the epitome of tanned, healthy, lithe all American womanhood but could you eat a day in her shoes?

Jen has recently revealed her diet secrets to the world and what she eats in a day may surprise you…


Jen starts the day with warm lemon water and then has a ‘shake’ or avocado with eggs. Apparently she sprinkles a little coconut oil on it. Sometimes, Jen says she may have a puffed millet cereal with a banana or some oatmeal with an egg white whipped in at the last moment for extra protein.

You heard right – oatmeal with egg white – Jen tells us it gives a delicious fluffy texture. 


Some sort of vegetables or salad and ‘a form of protein’


The same as lunch


Apples with almond butter or some nuts

What about a cheat day surely everyone has to have that? Well yes but Jen claims her cheat day involves a healthier version of spaghetti carbonara – made with pasta water, an egg, a little parmesan and turkey bacon.

So there you have it. Combined with dog-walking, yoga and meditation this lifestyle ensures our Jen stays as fit and fabulous as possible, but could you cope with that diet?

Where is the wine, coffee and chocolate?

Let me know ladies!



Now please bear in mind that I am not a dietician or expert in any way shape or form, but I am a woman who loves to eat and who loves to fit in her jeans. So, I have studied many diets over the years and digested, cogitated and ruminated over what makes some of us slim and some of us struggle and I think I have the answer.


Not happiness in general but happiness during the actual act of ingesting food and of course in the moments thereafter.

You see, from a a very early age we learn to associate food with so many emotions and unfortunately for a lot of us these emotions are not nice; guilt, shame and loneliness to name a few. It varies as to why each of us stops associating food with just fuelling our bodies and a bit of pleasure thrown in and start attaching it to emotions, but more often than not, that’s exactly what happens.

So, my theory (based on several books I have read by people who actually know what they are talking about) is that it’s the emotions attached to the act of eating certain foods which cause the calories consumed to be used in different ways – namely filling our fat cells.

Think about it – our brain tells our bodies exactly what to do every second of every day – breathing, moving, touching – they are orders coming from our brain to our nerve endings and muscles that we don’t even realise we are sending. It is indeed a clever machine our body!

So what’s to stop our subconscious sending out hundreds and thousands of signals to our body when we tell ourselves we ‘are fat and will always be fat’, ‘we shouldn’t have eaten that’, ‘it will go straight to our hips’, ‘you have no willpower, you ruined your day by eating that ice-cream’.

Are these messages we voice internally all day long being turned into actual physical acts? A lot of experts in the field of the subconscious believe that they are and indeed all our internal dialogue manifests somehow.

Then there’s the actual science for those of you who aren’t convinced this far. Did you know that stress releases a hormone called cortisol? This hormone amongst other jobs, LAYS DOWN FAT INTO OUR FAT CELLS. So, if you feel at all stressed that you are tucking into a gorgeous meal that may be higher in fat and calories that you need then you are creating a FAT TRAP! Then there is the regret for hours after, ‘why did you have to eat every last mouthful of it?’, ‘I really should never have ordered that dessert!’ Think about what that monologue could be achieving in terms of your body and you may just be convinced to change it!


Well, we should be trying our very best to detach the emotions we have with food. We all know that. Food is a fuel for our bodies and is a great pleasure in this life! Life is too short to regret anything, least of all a pizza! If we could get into a habit of saying positive things whilst we eat, and afterwards, I truly believe it will change our body’s behaviour and more food will be burned for energy instead of stored for fat.

AFFIRMATIONS – they are positive phrases we repeat internally over and over until our subconscious starts using them as a go-to radio station instead of Negative FM….


In this case something like the above, on repeat, along with ‘I love my body and nourish it daily, the food I eat is used to energise me and keep my body healthy and well.’

Say it over and over and over and over, make it your inner mantra.

After all, ask a doctor why some people are thin and some are fat and they will say metabolism – ask them why metabolisms are so vastly different and they will not be able to tell you other than ‘luck and genetics’.

So maybe this is the reason why?

The more positivity you inject into your thinking the more your diet will benefit anyway – you will naturally eat a little healthier, finish eating when you’re full and binge less because you’re no longer fuelled by guilt, fear and shame. It’s a win win situation.

Positive thinking works wonders so why not here?

Like I said above ladies, I am no expert and this is just my theory but if you like what you read here why not give it a go? I would love to hear about it!


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Are you a lover or a fighter when it comes to your body image? Would you consider yourself to be insecure, self-obsessed, super accepting or truly confident? Take the quiz below to see where you lie on the body-love spectrum and what you can do to steer yourself in a healthier direction….[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”3689″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]1. It’s time to get up close and personal with your other half. Are you most likely to:

⭕️  Keep the lights on but steer them away from or cover up your wobbly bits or least favourite areas.

⭐️  Let yourself go entirely and enjoy every moment.

💢  Turn off the lights and pray it’s quick!

❌  Treat him/her to a sexy dance whilst you are at it.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]2. You are eating out with friends when the waiter brings over the dessert menu, do you:

⭐️  Let yourself have a wee treat and maybe offer to share a dessert.

❌  Ermmm, yes please! Who doesn’t want dessert when they are out?!

⭕️  Remind yourself you’ll never be your ideal weight if you can’t cut out desserts.

💢  Tell Yourself you’re far too fat to be seen eating cake in public.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]3. A friend tells you you’re looking thinner, are you most likely to:

⭐️  Feel complimented but immediately put it down to your all-black outfit and height!

💢  Feel uncomfortable and change the subject, you are definitely not thinner is she blind?

❌  Laugh and make a joke about two pairs of Spanx etc.

⭕️  Feel elated and want to know every detail of why she thinks you look thinner…[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]4. Your friend who happens to be a total babe keeps getting promoted and you don’t, do you:

⭕️  Feel envious of her perfect figure and looks which are surely helping her get ahead.

💢  Feel demoralised that if looks are an issue you will never get ahead.

⭐️  Think to yourself that she is worthy of the gig but her looks probably helped somehow which is just how the world works.

❌  Know that if it’s looks that are helping, you’ll be just fine, but be annoyed it’s an issue at all.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]5. You can’t fit into a pair of jeans in your normal size, you really want them – do you:

❌  Automatically assume the sizes in this particular shop are made very small and grab the next one up.

💢  Put them back and leave, reminding yourself you hate this shop.

⭕️  Instantly feel deflated and start berating your inner self for eating too much recently – buy the jeans and vow to fit in them!

⭐️  Think to yourself you could do with looking after yourself a bit more and grab the next size up, your weight sometimes fluctuates but you don’t really monitor it.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]6. Your friend never stops moaning about her big thighs but they are half the size of yours, do you:

⭐️  Try to get her talking about the real reasons behind her body issues and try to get her to see how perfect she is.

💢  Feel really put out of joint that she hasn’t noticed yours are bigger than hers.

❌  Show her how many other amazing, beautiful and successful women have thighs even larger than hers.

⭕️  Join in the moaning with her and get down to the details of how to slim them down.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]7. You have been invited to an exclusive Pool Party at a local hotel. It’s summer, there is champagne and lots of fun things going on, do you:

⭕️  Consider saying yes but already have an exit excuse ready incase you are feeling too fat on the day. You’re googling kaftans and cover-ups as we speak.

❌  Thank your lucky stars you have great contacts – what a fab invitation!

⭐️  Say yes – sounds like a hoot! Time to go swimsuit shopping though and maybe get a tan…

💢  Absolutely no way are you parading in front of strangers in your bikini. Who even has pool parties anyway!?[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Mostly ❌ : BODY BOLD

Congrats! You are one of the body confident gang, a very small minority estimated at around only 10%! You have a very strong identity and are simply comfortable with who you are. You feel confident in your personality, your talents and your flaws and and aren’t focused on your appearance at all except for practical reasons. Go forth and spread your example to others ladies – we need more of you around![/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Mostly ⭐️ : BODY CONFIDENT

Overall you feel strong, happy, confident and healthy and rarely stumble over body hang-ups preferring to focus more on your health and fitness instead. You are in no way fixated over your appearance and see yourself as a whole lot more than a pretty face and a hot bod! Keep working on that to avoid the occasional moments of doubt that crop up every now and then. You got this![/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Mostly ⭕️ : BODY AWARE

It is safe to say that you are pretty preoccupied with your body and looks and if you dig a little deeper you would see how much of an effect this has on all parts of your life – your successes and failures will be directly linked to how good you felt at the time. You spend a lot of time deconstructing yourself in front of a mirror and suffer frequently from ‘fat’ days and ‘ugly’ days. You could probably think of many social events or fun times which were affected by this. Start taking action now and change the negative radio station in your head to one of positivity and acceptance. Nobody is perfect no matter how you may think they are. Start seeing that and always apply the 20% rule when you look in the mirror – you look approximately 20% more attractive to others than you do to yourself! Try thinking of happy times when you were at your ideal weight and analyse to see if you were actually happy at all, or just felt accomplished. The two things are different.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Mostly 💢 : BODY BEWARE

You are body-obsessed and your life pretty much revolves around food, exercise and/or maintaining your weight/looks/youth. This can lead to very extreme mental health and psychological issues if you are not careful, perhaps you already understand a bit of what that’s like? Some women in this category have lost jobs, relationships and whole chunks of their life bowing down to body issues like this, and if you speak to one who is now in recovery you will feel the strength of their warnings.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Start reading some body acceptance books now and you will be on the path to a better, happier and more fulfilled existence! Here is an article with a few recommends to get started with. Good luck ladies. Remember – nobody has a perfect body – perfection is a myth – acceptance is a choice. YOU have the power to stop worrying and start living freely…[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”3690″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”][vc_single_image image=”3691″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”][/vc_column][/vc_row]


If not, why not?! Power thoughts are a tried and tested way to improve state of mind and thinking them regularly can have a direct effect on, well – everything!

It really is a apractice that we should all get onboard – ask any ‘successful’ person how they achieve so much and handle so much and they will all tell you that positive thinking and visualisation play a part.

So….if you can weave these little affirmations into your daily thought processes (why not replace the horrid negative thoughts dwelling there uninvited!) then you will notice an overall sea-change in your world. I can actually promise this.

How do you do it?

SIMPLY is the answer….just do it! I start my affirmations as soon as I get up and intersperse my morning routine with a few power phrases here and there. You don’t have to meditate, you don’t have to stop what you are doing – you just have to repeat these little beauties in your own head and occasionally out loud for a bit of oomph!

If you do get to 5pm and realise you haven’t done any all day – no problem! Do it then. On the bus – walking – eating – wherever. Try it for a week and let me know what happens around you. I bet you feel very different indeed.

Here are 3 to get you started – I have taken the inspiration for these from The Louise L. Hay ‘Little Book of Power Thoughts‘ which I adore and have done for 8 years now!


Saying this phrase on a  regular basis is a wonderful way to spend a few moments. It is basically telling your subconscious again and again that you are in charge of your fortune and the experiences in your day. If you believe that you are ultimately in charge of creating the good you seek, then your life knows no bounds!  Try it and see. If you decide each day that YOU will make good things happen to you and stop seeing yourself as a victim of circumstance – amazing things will start to happen.


This affirmation is an excellent all-rounder. We all have things we need to release each day in order to keep our own centre peaceful. Forgiveness is the key but until such a point at which you actually FEEL forgiveness, at least tell yourself you do. Release the anxiety and pain attached to the situations and let them go… if something is stealing your inner peace it is not good for you and it needs to be moved on. Say this as much as you can and you will see the effects eventually. The more deep the pain the longer this will take but every day will be better than the one before.


I have chosen this in my top 3 because, in my opinion, it’s our old beliefs that hold us back and keep us from experiencing so much! “I can’t do that I am too fat”, “I am not clever enough to apply for this job”, “Lucky things never happen to people like me”…. recognise any of these? They are like parasites destroying our confidence and limiting our worlds. Banish them, Thank them for their part in your life so far and tell them they are no longer needed. You’re Fired – goodbye! BE WILLING TO LET NEW THOUGHTS COME IN THEIR PLACE and you will be delighted when you start to notice that happening.

If you can agree to do this for even a week you will see so many positive changes in your day and you will be like a taxi with it’s light on  – ready to receive new ideas and abundance. It all starts with your thoughts…

I would love to hear your thoughts below ladies – as always!


LADIES! Listen up…. apparently there is a new trend of voyeuristic videos hitting the darker recesses of the internet thanks to these innocent looking coat hooks….


The hook has a camera and a microphone and we are told they’re being hidden in hotel rooms, changing rooms and toilets to capture intimate moments to share with the perverts of the world.

So, if you see anything suspicious looking on the back of a door – report it immediately.

The hooks can come in different shapes and sizes from coat hooks to towel hooks, so the key to finding out whether or not you are safe is to look for a little hole. The most popular places seem to be public bathrooms, changing rooms in gyms and hotel rooms. Hard to believe but cases of these hooks being discovered are popping up more and more frequently recently so please spread the word and let your girls know.


The cameras can be bought easily on Amazon as a home security device and have a battery life of a few hours then it’s a simple case of popping the memory card into a computer and uploading to the world.

Be vigilant ladies!


Too good not to share ladies…have you left it too late or are you simply uninspired by everything in the shops and online this Mother’s Day?

All is not lost…skincare Guru Liz Earle showed us some fabulous, all-natural homemade beauty ideas on This Morning today… I am loving them all but this one is my favourite! Perfect for that gift with a little touch of something extra to show your Mum you care….


By Liz Earle

If it’s good enough for Cleopatra it’s good enough for your Mum! Apparently, according to Liz, bathing in milk has a very softening and soothing effect and combined with some essential oils it can also be relaxing and refreshing as well as downright lovely! You can make this gift look as pretty as you dream with ribbons and tags etc. A lovely personalised product!


  • 10 TBSP DRIED ROSE PETALS (available online or in some supermarkets/flower shops)


  1. Place the rose petals into a large bowl or measuring jug and sprinkle with the essential oils. Mix with a spoon so they are well covered.
  2. Add in the milk powder and stir well until the rose petals are evenly distributed – use your hands if easier.
  3. Carefully pour into a clean jar, seal and decorate.
  4. To enjoy your milk bath, simply sprinkle a teacupful once the bath water has run and stir in – the smell is amazing! Soak for 5-10 minutes to enjoy the skin-softening benefits.

Here are a couple more fab variations on the above recipe adding in oatmeal, coconut and lavender. They all look gorgeous and would make such a sweet gift for any Mum. Click on your favourite and head over for the recipe! be sure to leave some love on their page too!




By My Frugal Adventures


By Monica Potter Home



If you are like me and quite fancy a perfect pout every now and again but don’t want to:

a) Commit to a long-term change in your face

b) Spend hundreds on cosmetic surgery

c) Risk it going wrong and looking silly

d) Be in any pain!

Then I have found you the perfect product! 👄


I picked this up on a flight a few months ago and LOVE IT! I have tried a few ‘lip plumpers’ before but they all sting like mad and dry your lips out so they are even more shrivelled than before! This one feels so lovely on and really moisturises too – there is no sting whatsoever and I see such a massive difference in my lip shape! They just look firmer and the line is stronger which in turn hides my age wrinkles a bit – bonus! 😉

Instant Lip, one of my current Top 5 favourite products!


I have naturally thin lips so if you already have a nice plump pout the effects will be even better without worrying you will look like an unhappy fish.


Buy it here ladies and thank me later! 😘👄


We all have our little must-haves and beauty tricks we can’t live without, here are a few super easy hacks I think we all could be using…



beauty hacks you need/ legs

Hair Serum, no big news right? Except it’s not for your hair in this instance! Serum is THE BEST leg shine moisturiser for perfect pins on a night out! Feel like your legs don’t have that glow even though you’ve exfoliated and tanned? Slick a bit of serum on them and watch the difference. It stays too and isn’t sticky!


Beauty hacks you need

Worried about lack of collagen as you age? You may have seen lots of expensive collagen supplements in the shops but did you know that eating a cube of jelly could be having the same effect? Jelly is made from gelatine obviously, which is basically natural animal collagen! Read more here


5 beauty hacks you need/ olive oil and sugar scrb

Exfoliating your skin is the best way to keep it smooth and healthy but if you have run out or want a cheap and effective alternative, mix some sugar with olive oil! It makes a fab scrub which really sloughs off dead skin but the best part is your skin feels smooth for days after and it’s a perfect base to apply fake tan to!! I know it shouldn’t be but it is, trust me on this one…makes a fantastic lip scrub too!


5 beauty hacks you need/ mascara in hot water

Has your mascara started to feel clumpy and gloopy but there’s still a good amount left? Pop the whole thing in a mug of hot water for a few seconds before you use it, it will glide on perfectly and with an extra touch of silk too! I would waste a lot of money if i didn’t do this regularly.


5 beauty hacks you need/ squeeze tubes

If you have an expensive eye product or foundation/primer in a tube and you can’t get the rest out, use a kirby grip to push the product up from the bottom!!! For larger tubes use the bag clips designed to keep open crisps fresh – genius and really works!

Share your tips and tricks below ladies or join our Facebook chat!


Before we begin, let me just add this is not a sponsored product review, but rather a woman who needs at least 4 more hours in every day sharing a new-found must-have time-saving beauty product with her sisters…

BENEFIT you have done it again. Your latest range of eye and lip products are PURE GENIUS. I was rushing around trying to grab some go-to goodies for my upcoming ski trip (there will be ZERO time to try and look good but the thought of being completely bare-faced scares me a tad) when I stumbled upon a lovely lady named Louise in Benefit, Boots Stockport branch. I told her my desire: make up that’s super easy to apply in the morning and will last all day – I left with this lot….


So home I trotted and tried it all on and guess what – it really does what it says it is going to do! Let me talk you through why and what they all are…


So, it’s basically two colours together, you swoop the sponge over your chosen duo and swoop again over your eye – lo and behold you have eye make up! A darker shade along the lid and a shimmery lighter shade above. It’s also crease free and long lasting, I can vouch for that! There are 3 different duos to keep you from getting bored and to shake up your look. I cannot recommend this enough, it took a minute tops!



Another GENIUS idea… this is an under eye brightener with a tip – IN THE SHAPE OF AN IRON – that instantly tightens, brightens, lightens those bags. I love the design of this – the thought of ironing out my under eye area really appeals to me ha! It’s also really easy to apply and feels cooling.


Now here is my favourite….THEY’RE REAL- DOUBLE THE LIP

Why am I so pleased with it? It is a lip liner and a lipstick all in one!!! The darker shade applies itself seemlessly around the lighter one and creates the perfect pout in seconds. I am so giddy about this!!!


Finish it all of with Benefit’s best-selling mascara THEY’RE REAL and hey presto you have a 5 minute face! Don’t get me wrong, I am no make-up expert and nor do I think I look red-carpet ready but if you are in a rush most days like me, then this is such a great find. I added a swoosh of Benefit FINE ONE ONE blush stick (which I already owned) for a little hint of colour on the cheek.

5 minute make-up/ ladies pass it on/ blog

UPDATE: THIS MAKE-UP ROUTINE STAYED ON ALL DAY, EVERY DAY DURING MY SKI BREAK! I am suitably impressed ladies. A big thank you to Amanda on the John Lewis Cheadle Benefit counter too for talking me through the latest products – review to follow!!

ladies pass it on blog



Okay, sorry for shouting. Now that I have your attention I don’t really want you to stop posting hearts, and I don’t actually want you to post your OWN boobies but I do want you to post this as well as a heart…

boob_check_image ladies pass it on blog



If you have no idea what I am talking about let me explain…you may have noticed lots of women posting a heart on their facebook status recently. The message below is sent to you and the instructions are to add no comment just a heart on your wall and then forward on….

Hi darling can you put a  on your FB wall, without comment, only a heart, then send this message to your chick contacts. This is for women to remember its the week of breast cancer prevention!  Check your boobies!!

Hold your finger down on the message and hit forward.

The idea is to promote Breast Cancer Awareness and whilst joining in can do absolutely no harm at all (and I am all for this kind of thing!), surely it is better to scream from the rooftops why we need to be checking and how?!!

We all know we should be checking our breasts and I am sure we all do it to a degree, but we should be doing it more often and in as many ways as we can. EARLY DETECTION SAVES LIVES. KNOWING YOUR BOOBS CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE TOO.



This is Kris’s story…

What happens at 23? Well, if you’re lucky, seeing a bit of the world, boozing with mates and a whole load of carefree fun. And if you’re less lucky? Breast cancer. Which is precisely what happened to Kris in 2009.


As nuclear–bomb–sized curveballs go, this was right up there with the best of ’em. Discovering a lumpy boob in June 2008, Kris did the done thing and took it straight to her GP, being sent away on the basis that, at her young age, it was bound to be hormonal. Six months and a lovely stint of travelling later, the ‘hormones’ still remained – so, when Kris’s no–bullshit mum marched her right back to the GP, she demanded a referral. But of course there’d be nothing to worry about, because breast cancer is an older woman’s disease right?Kris Breats Cancer Story/ Ladies Pass It On blogWrong. Eight months on, following a frustrating fight to discover just what the hell was happening beneath her bumpy bust, Kris discovered not only that she had breast cancer, but that it had spread to her spine. Kris was – is – at stage four, the most advanced type of cancer. There is no stage five.

Straight away, Kris was thrown into a routine of radiotherapy, five months of chemotherapy, and yet more radiotherapy. So long, carefree fun. So long, travelling. So long, boobs. So long, hair. So long, normal twentysomething life.


But as Kris became stable, the curveball remained. How couldn’t it – I mean, come on! She was 23! How the bejeezers could this have happened? Never one to rest on her laurels (read: keep quiet for long), Kris turned her shock and anger into pure kick–ass, immediately making it her full–time mission to encourage her friends, her generation, and YOUNG PEOPLE everywhere to keep hold of their wonderful, carefree lives by getting to know their boobs – and appreciating the fact that, shitty a reality as it may be, breast cancer can affect YOUNG PEOPLE, at any age. A message overlooked by breast cancer organisations.

Coppafeel/ Ladies Pass It on/ Blog

And so CoppaFeel! was born, the first charity of its kind. And by ’eck, did it land on Planet Earth with a bang. Having been started by Kris and her twin sister Maren just one month after Kris’s diagnosis, within mere weeks Kris was appearing on TV and in national press, raising heaps of cash for CoppaFeel!, and sharing her story in the hope of keeping other lasses and LADS from the same fate.Unknown-2

And if you thought that breast cancer at 23 was surreal enough, try adding the Pride of Britain award and a Downing Street reception into the mix. From being a normal (okay, normal–ish) 23 year old, Kris’s life had suddenly become anything but. And yes, it’s been incredible. But it’s not the life she would have chosen.


After a secondary breast cancer diagnosis, Kris is not cancer free – and perhaps never will be. But she’s keeping as well as she can, being treated at the hospital each month with bone juice to keep her strong. And whenever she’s not in the presence of doctors, she’s pouring her heart, soul and a shitload of kick–ass into making a success of CoppaFeel!, not only refusing to let cancer wreck her party, but refusing to let it ruin yours too.

After all, we girls and boys are lucky enough to have been blessed with lovely hooters. So coppafeel, why don’t you – and let’s keep them that way.

Biography written by the late, and bloody great, Lisa Lynch.


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Are we Close to Curing Cancer?

Saturday was of course World Cancer Day and with very few us untouched by the heart-breaking effects of this disease it’s never far from our minds. It was with great excitement therefore that I heard about a recent, massive, breakthrough in a clinical drug trial…


Christies Hospital in Manchester has reported to the world this week that one of their trial subjects, Bob berry, has been COMPLETELY cured by a new method of treatment which combines a brand new drug with Immunotherapy.


From my understanding, the patient is given a drug (which can’t yet be named) that makes the cancer more visible so that our own bodies can fight it better. It is a simple tablet taken for a week before the treatment that alters the make-up of the cancer in order for it to to be seen more clearly by the immune system and therefore allows our body to attack it precisely. Combined with Immunotherapy, which boosts the immune system, the impact so far is life-changing, certainly it was for Bob who was given only a short time left to live.

The 60 year old told reporters that his lung cancer had become so bad that it had spread to his lymph nodes and he was given a very bleak prognosis. When he was offered the trial he thought he may as well give it a try since he had already undergone surgery and all the chemotherapy and radiotherapy he had undertaken had had no impact at all. With no side effects or loss of quality of life he stated that the drug and immunotherapy simply cured him completely…

Bob’s consultant at The Christie, Dr Matthew Krebs, told ITV:

“Bob has had a phenomenal response to taking part in this clinical trial. His most recent scans show that he’s had a complete response with no apparent trace of tumour in his body.

We will need to monitor Bob closely with regular scans to assess how durable this response will be.

As it is a combined study with a brand new drug, we still have a lot of further research to do before we can establish how these findings can help more patients like Bob in the future as cancer is a complex disease and not every patient responds as well as this.”


It is a battle still being fought very hard by millions of us and whilst this is a brand new and very early breakthrough, it really does bring me hope for the future and the prospect of humans actually eradicating this disease from the face of the planet. My own life has recently been darkened by the cloud of cancer, yet again, so I can only pray that this is something to cling on to.

 As Joe Biden famously said “If I could be anything, I would have wanted to be the president who ended cancer – because it is possible.”

I truly hope you are right Joe!

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Know Your Hormones…

We hear it ALL the time;  ‘I can’t stop crying, I must be hormonal!’, ‘ I’m covered in spots, it must be hormones’, ‘We had such a massive row but I blame the hormones’.

Hormone Quote Ladies Pass it On blOG

In fact, it’s become common terminology to refer to someone as being ‘hormonal’.

Seems to me that hormones have a lot to answer for!

So what are they and why do they cause us so much havoc??

Let’s start with the Science – here is the (very) basic technical definition:

Hormones – A chemical released in one part of the body that sends out messages affecting cells in other parts of the organism.

 So what exactly are these messages and what are they doing to us?

Well my research tells me that the body has many different hormones, but certain types have a bigger role to play in the body’s health and well-being than others, here they are…

  • For women, Oestrogen is the main sex hormone. It causes puberty, prepares the body and uterus for pregnancy, and regulates the menstrual cycle.
  • Progesterone is similar to oestrogen but is not considered the main sex hormone. Like oestrogen, it assists with the menstrual cycle and plays a role in pregnancy.
  • Cortisol is often called the “stress hormone” because of the way it assists the body in responding to stress.
  • Melatonin levels change throughout the day, increasing after dark to trigger the responses that cause sleep.
  • Testosterone is the main sex hormone in men. It causes puberty, increases bone density, triggers facial hair growth, and causes muscle mass growth and strength.

When they are in proper balance, hormones help the body thrive, but small problems with hormones can cause serious and life-altering symptoms AND MAJOR MOOD SWINGS!

Hormones Quote Ladies Pass it On Blog

Not all hormones are to blame for the picture painted by the term ‘being hormonal’. Clearly some hormones have nice jobs to do and they do it well, so let’s take a look at those rotten apples who are giving all hormones a bad name…

Oestrogen and Progesterone step up to the bench please!

It is thought that rising and falling levels of these hormones is what causes PMS or Premenstrual Syndrome – nobody actually knows exactly what causes this condition and why it varies from woman to woman but we all know that it isn’t much fun!

Know your hormones/ Ladies Pass It On blog

Medical research is still unsure why changes in these levels affect our moods so much but it is thought that their fluctuations can change the way the brain processes chemicals, like Serotonin – the happy sauce! (Serotonin is known to help regulate your mood and make you feel happier, so a reduction in the level of serotonin caused by changes in hormone levels may explain the mood changes.) Drops in serotonin could therefore be the reason we seem to want to cry so much at everything!

Know Your Hormones/ Ladies Pass It on blog/ Hormones, mood swings

Likewise, eating certain foods like carbs and sugars can briefly increase seratonin levels so this could be why we crave bad stuff so much around our ‘times’! Sadly though, eating chocolate won’t create as much serotonin as doing a nice exercise class will so no excuses there I am afraid….boooo. The cravings for carbs could also be causing us to bloat so badly – combine this with the increase in cortisol (the stress hormone) that has been proven to make us eat more and that seems to make sense.

Sleeplessness can be put down to the increase in Cortisol again, not to mention the decrease in Serotonin – the combination makes for a restless night!

All fun and games ladies isn’t it!

I spoke to my lovely friend Dr Elizabeth West to garner her thoughts on the little devils that mess with our minds and bodies every month – this is what she had to say…

The most common problems I see in my surgery are menstrual cycle changes including skin breakouts, anxiety and irritability, low mood, bloating and breast tenderness. Then there’s the fluctuating hormones associated with the perimenopause which can affect a woman’s concentration with flushes and poor sleep. Some women describe feelings like they are literally going mad during bad PMS or th perimenopause Finally a low level of thyroxine, the hormone produced by the thyroid is another commonly seen problem for women from about middle age, although it can be any age, with feelings of extreme tiredness, dry skin, trouble losing weight or hair loss.

Most importantly although these symptoms are often a normal part of life, there are ways to help through lifestyle and also medication so it’s worth having a discussion with your doctor if your life is being made miserable. There’s hope!”

Know Your Hormones/ Fun Facts about PMS/ Ladies Pass It On Blog

  1. Hairdressers recommend that you don’t colour your hair when you’re menstruating as it can affect how the colour turns out!
  2. The term PMS was coined by an English Scientist in 1953.
  3. Menstrual Magnification is a confusing situation where underlying conditions are heightened in the days before a period is due and then mistaken as symptoms of PMS instead of actual issues which may need to be addressed.
  4. Some women report they have ‘Superhero Senses‘ during their cycle which sees them having amplified taste, hearing or touch etc.
  5. PMS is something which the law actually takes into consideration due to diminished mental capacity…
  6. There are studies to support the theory that women who are living together can unknowingly synchronise their cycles!

So ladies, we’ve had a look at exactly what is going on in our lives around the same time every month but don’t forget there are ways to manage the fall-out if you are feeling swamped! See your GP for all the options for your specific needs or perhaps try some of the recommended supplements such as Evening Primrose Oil, Magnesium, Calcium and Agnus Castis which have all shown a reduction in various symptoms long-term.

My favourite remedy is laughter; whenever I feel the mood swings grabbing me by the throat I try to alert a few of my time-of-the-month buddies (it really is true what they say about synching up) and we throw a few ‘Hulk’ jokes at each other to lighten the atmosphere. Stay happy!

Ladies pASS it on blog

A Model To us All

I was really heart-warmed by a story on breakfast TV today…

At first I thought it was a simple promotional interview with the child of a famous Footballer who has been signed by a Model Agency aged 12. If anything my first thoughts were negative because (whilst as a parent I try not to be judgemental; goodness only knows it’s hard enough), to me that is just too young. However, it soon became apparent that actually there was much more to this story than meets the eye.

The young girl in question was born with a neurological disability. The very fact that she has been signed as a model at all is both progressive and uplifting; for an industry which is considered to be ruthless and shallow we need some more of this!

Isabella neville is the daughter of Phil and Julie Neville and was born with Cerebral Palsy. Her parents were told when she was 18 months old that she may never walk but against the odds, Isabella has broken boundaries throughout her life and has refused to accept the terms of her illness. She can now walk unaided and chooses to compete with her peers in sporting events and dance competitions – regardless of the setbacks her condition puts on her. A veritable all-rounder with a lust for life!

isabella neville model disability Ladies pass it on blog
Photo by The Styling Academy

For seven years she had to use a walking frame and wore splints on her legs and yet today, the fresh-faced beauty has been signed by Source Model Agency and her parents want the world to know that regardless of the hand life deals you – you can encourage your children to follow their dreams.

Isabella Neville Ladies Pass It on blog
Photo by The Styling Academy
Photo by The Styling Academy

I was particularly touched by Julie’s words on TV today when she described the day she found out her baby had this condition. She put her kids to bed as normal and fell asleep on the stairs where she had sat down to cry it out unseen… any woman who has a child will understand how awful it must be to be told that yours will never walk or lead a normal life yet Julie said she gave herself 24 hours to wallow and ‘feel sorry for herself’ then she turned it around and decided that she would encourage her daughter to be everything that she possibly could be and that life would go on as normal – no negativity just lots of love and support. I have a huge amount of respect for these parents.

Julie posted this proud moment on instagram earlier today

I was really saddened to hear that Isabella receives some abuse on social media, a subject close to my heart this week, but whilst some may say we should protect our children from this by not putting them ‘out there’, I am starting to think it is something that we must prepare them for – as living a life online becomes a large part of our social fabric. It  truly amazes me that ANYONE could find a negative word for such an amazing child regardless of their views on modelling or their particular parenting beliefs. I for one wish her every success in the world and want her parents to know I think they are fantastic.

We don’t say it enough.

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There is nothing more important than raising awareness for silent killers like Cervical Cancer – did you know that this is Cervical Cancer Awareness Week? (Jan 22nd-28th). Did you also know that there is a campaign going around (remember the make-up free selfies?) to highlight this cause?

SMEAR FOR A SMEAR LADIES PASS IT ON BLOGThe Smear for a Smear campaign asks that we take a selfie with a lipstick smear across our face and share, share, share. Just a bit of fun again but with a very important message – HAVE YOU HAD YOUR SMEAR??

I have had so much fun today smearing lipstick across my face (it’s not as easy as it looks!) and roping in a few of my gorgeous girlfriends to join the fun! I really hope we can share this article like wildfire to really get it going! Please ladies – get your lippy on – smear and SHARE! Below are our selfies and a story from one of our lovely readers to hammer the point even further home and make sure we are all clear on cancer

The gorgeous Leanne
Beautiful Jennie
smear for smear ladies blog
Lovely Lynn
The gorgeous Gaya
smear for smear ladies pass it on blog
The beautiful Nikki

Alaina’s Story

I was always up to date with smear tests until I fell pregnant with my first child. I was due my routine smear test while pregnant and was reminded on several occasions throughout that pregnancy that I should book the test once the baby was born. Once my daughter was 6 months old I booked that test on a number of occasions and each time had to cancel due to irregular periods. I then fell pregnant with my son and it was during an early scan that I was reminded to make sure that I booked a smear test once the baby was born. I finally booked in for my smear in October 2014 when my little boy was 4 months old.

smear for smear ladies blog
Gorgeous Alaina ROCKING the smeared face!

I didn’t think anything else about it until a letter came through in the post asking me to attend the Women’s Day Clinic for a colposcopy. They had found some irregular cells and wanted to investigate, after a slight panic I was assured by many friends that this is indeed a very common thing. I was very nervous at the appointment and the consultant explained that they have found some pre-cancerous cells in my cervix which they would remove right there and then. A biopsy was also taken which didn’t concern me as I thought it was just part of the process to grade how pre-cancerous the nasty little cells were. I was told I would get a letter in around six weeks with the biopsy details and should attend the clinic again in 6 months. The letter never came but it was the festive season and I put it down to that. Then on the 5th January 2015, I received a phone call from the consultant’s secretary asking me to meet her at the hospital two days later. I was beside myself with worry, they don’t call you unless there’s something wrong. The secretary was brilliant and could sense my worry so arranged for me to come in the following morning. The hours between that phone call and me meeting my consultant were the worst, the fear of the unknown is horrid and you can’t help your mind wandering to all sorts of horrid thoughts.

The consultant met with me and told me that the biopsy had diagnosed stage 1a1 cervical cancer, my initial reaction was tears but she then explained that they had actually removed the cancerous cells during the colposcopy procedure. So they’d got it! It had been and gone without me even knowing it was in my body, I had an overwhelming sense of relief, especially when she said this wouldn’t kill me.

I was left with some high grade pre-cancerous cells which required treatment and the next step for me was to decide which procedure to undergo. With two children already I was asked if I had plans to have anymore. The answer was maybe and with my son being only 7 months old at this stage and my daughter 2 it certainly wasn’t an immediate thought. I was offered the choice of a cone biopsy to remove the bad cells then a hysterectomy after a 3rd child or a hysterectomy. I chose to have a hysterectomy, it wasn’t a decision I took lightly but in my mind you don’t f*ck with cancer, I was fortunate enough to have it caught in the very early stages and I didn’t want to live with the worry of it coming back or a third extremely high risk pregnancy.

I really didn’t know what to expect from the hysterectomy. I didn’t know anyone my age who had been through such a procedure and had lots of questions. I was able to get some information from a helpful friend of a friend who had a similar procedure. Nowadays I’m always happy to speak to people going through similar as it’s something that really helped me.

The surgery was performed by keyhole and I was able to keep my ovaries to avoid going into early menopause although I have been told that I am at risk of early menopause as a result of the procedure.

Physically I recovered and was driving again within 6 weeks but emotionally it took longer and I was left with an anxiety over my health.

I went to a follow up appointment 6 weeks after surgery and was elated to find out that there was no further disease and that I required no further treatment.

Fast forward to 2017

I’ve had all the check-ups necessary after my surgery and have been given the all clear now with no further follow up.

It hit me like a brick at the time but I’m so grateful it was caught early and dealt with. I look back on it now and it feels like a distant memory. The moral of the story is – go for your smear test, it will save your life.

smearforsmear ladies pass it on blog
Even Supermodels have smeared!

Cervical Cancer Facts

  • Smear test save around 5,000 lives every year yet 1 in 4 women don’t attend this potentially lifesaving test when invited.
  • Most common cancer in women under 35
  • 27% of young women are too embarrassed to attend smear tests.

Symptoms (I didn’t have any)

  • Bleeding at times other than when you have your period
  • Bleeding after sex
  • Bleeding post menopause
  • Discomfort or pain during sex
  • Lower back pain

Cervical Cancer Prevention Week 22nd – 28th Jan



ladies pass it on blog I recently stumbled upon a Facebook group called Mrs Gloss & The Goss… The group seemed, at first glance, to be simply a good place to pick up beauty-related tips and tricks. So, I requested to join and I have to say – possibly veering on the dramatic – it has changed my life just a little bit for the better! For example, I no longer flush twenty pound notes down the toilet every time I fall for the latest mascara marketing campaign…No more being lured by the latest “amazing wonder product’ lip-plumper/eyelash-grower/miracle-primer/magic pixie-dust face powder! No!

Now, I can follow a post on said topic from a real person and read hundreds of positive or negative reviews from other real people before I make my decision! Not only that but I can ask ALL MY QUESTIONS! AND, I can safely indulge my inner girly-girl watching the other members experiment with make-up and hair and be inundated with the latest online discounts available amongst a myriad other fantastically useful things!

EVEN BETTER, I plucked up the courage to post a pic of my own make-up effort and was FLOODED with lovely comments telling me I was gorgeous and didn’t look 41 at all!! Ha! Who doesn’t need that in their life?

When I happened to discover the group had over 40,000 members I was instantly fascinated and HAD to find out more. The smart-thinking lady behind the group is Julia Langton – Julia kindly agreed to let us inside her world for a nosey!

ladies pass it on blog
Julia, aka Mrs Gloss

Julia, HOW and when did this group come about and how did it become so big?

Hello! Well, I started Gloss back in June/July 2015 and I set it up mainly to stop boring all my friends with my constant status updates about my beauty addiction! I’ve always been passionate about all things beauty and skin care and I love nothing more than a new gadget or fad : ) We had a membership of two to begin with and then things slowly began to pick up.

As to how it’s grown so big .. lots of hard work initially and always staying true to my own beliefs about what I think makes for a successful beauty group. I feel that staying ‘on topic’ is crucial and I adopt a friendly and professional tone in the group – it’s helped foster a positive and welcoming environment for (mainly) women aged between 13-81. In my opinion, peer to peer recommendations are the way forward in the beauty industry and Gloss has this in abundance!

Having been a member for a short time I am amazed at how quickly the group moves, there are loads of posts every day and so many comments on each they mostly have to be switched off! What is it like for you and the admin on a daily basis?

We have new threads every couple of minutes, and on busy days, it’s not unusual to have 400 new threads in a 24 hour period. We have had to resort to turning off commenting on some very popular threads, purely to give all our members who’ve posted a chance to be seen! So, on a thread in which a member asks ‘which lipstick suits me best, the red or the pink,?’ once this thread has received a hundred or so comments from members says that, overwhelmingly, they prefer the pink, we don’t see much value in allowing the thread to remain active. We adopt the same tactics once a query has been well and truly answered. Everything we do in Gloss is to try and make Glossers life’s a little bit easier when they pop in for a visit : )

It’s BUSY for us on a daily basis. I do lots behind the scenes in relation to marketing and PR and I also join the fabulous and hard-working Admin team (couldn’t do it without them!) to manage and assist in the group. We are all committed to ensuring everyone loves Gloss and this means effectively and meticulously monitoring the threads around the clock where we can.

ladies pass it on blog
Admin Member Cassie
ladies pass it on blog
Admin member Bee

Did you ever consider the group would become so huge and how has it impacted your life?

I didn’t really give much thought to how large the group would grow but I always felt it had potential and I’ve been as consistent as I can be since day one. Consistency is the key! People then know what to expect. I do still work outside of Gloss but as the group grows my other work will decrease. I’ve got big plans for 2017 so watch this space!

What is it about the group you feel makes it so very popular?

Definitely the warm and friendly welcoming to all of our members, irrespective of their age, sex or look. There is something for everyone in Gloss and the peer to peer recommendations and honest reviews means a member can guarantee they’re getting the best and most genuine advice. Glossers also love our regular giveaways and discount codes! We are the biggest beauty group of its kind in the UK for these reasons : )

Ladies pass it on blog
Gorgeous Glosser Bonnie who regularly hosts video blogs on how to achieve her fabulous face!
ladies pass it on blog
The lovely Glosser Lauren, part of the much revered Sunday Supplement Tutorial Team

What are the downsides and best bits of running this kind of project?

The best bit is seeing how much our members love Gloss and reading the many messages I receive each day where members tell me how much it’s helped boost their confidence. The downside is the time it takes me to run it…I love Gloss though so I’ve had to think hard to come up with that downside!

Do you have any plans for the group’s future or is it business as usual?

Lots and lots of plans which I can’t wait to share with Glossers as and when they happen 🙂

Join Mrs Gloss & The Goss here..

Unknown-3 imagesUnknown-4

ladies pass it on blog

To Detox or Not?

In a week where social media is completely awash with images of healthy, fat-free, sugar-free, gluten-free meals, diet plans, fitness regimes and very little else – are you one of the many who decide to undo the festive damage with a detox?

ladies pass it on

Like most things in life, where there is up there must be down, and looking around me today it seems that nothing reflects this more than the images of partying and festive fun that bombard us for the month of December followed by the stark contrast of ‘new year, new me’ January brings. One of my favourite memes is the ‘It’s all fun and games till your jeans don’t fit’ and for me this hits it on the head. We go through the festive season accepting every treat and saying ‘sod it, it’s Christmas’ and so come January – we all must pay!


I have zero willpower – like actually zero and so I choose not to set myself up for failure by announcing ‘I am doing dry January!” and then spending the entire month in a sober and miserable state (unlike the husband who actually quite enjoys the go hard or go home cycle of binging then abstaining), but I definitely make a conscious effort to move more, eat less and drink much, much less… I am however totally fascinated, in a voyeur-like fashion, by all those around me and what they are doing to reverse the damage.

I know I had a good go, did you?! Pop on the blogzine to read our detox article, its that time of year and I love a bandwagon!  #detox #newyear #newyearnewme #diet #ladiespassiton #ladies #fitness #wellbeing #
I know I had a good go, did you?

So let’s have look at what detoxing actually is and how good it really is for undoing the Christmas ‘fear’.


Basically, it’s any regime which encourages or allows your body to flush out toxins – toxins being all the nasties we consume which we shouldn’t, such as alcohol, sugar, caffeine, processed food and chemicals.


Fasting…in a word. abstaining from all of the above and in some cases all food and drinks except a very limited few so that the body goes into a completely different state of being. some detox plans allow foods and some are liquid only. Hardcore stuff!


If you are looking for a quick result on the scales and a ‘clean up’ of your system then yes- detoxing will do that – as well as perhaps re-laying your psychological pathways so that you no longer feel the dreaded ‘fear’ and ‘guilt’ Christmas brings! Nothing makes you feel more saintly (I imagine) than a few days of refusing EVERYTHING!


From what I have researched today my answer is no. It will give you an instant result on the scales and possibly in your jeans but long-term it’s not going to get you down a few dress sizes and stay there. For that you need a change of lifestyle, sustainable plan. It would seem however that a detox is a great way to eradicate the bad habits and is a great bridge to a more sensible way of life.



If you have limited time then perhaps go for something fairly easy to negotiate like a juice plan. Once you have your blender and a massive fruit and veg shop under your belt you’re good to go! The internet is awash with recipes to tantalise your tastebuds (not really but you know what I mean). If you need more guidance and support there are lots of offers on a wide range of detox diet plans online and no doubt your social media is full to the brim with them too.


Many experts are quick to warn us that changing our habits to such an extreme can put the body into shock and only last week a woman in Milton Keynes suffered a seizure which doctors put down to a lack of sodium in her body (hyponatraemia). It was concluded that her detox diet and plethora of vitamins she consumed daily was the cause – so do your research first ladies – natural products also have side effects, especially in conjuction with other supplements you may be taking alongside.


Let me know what your favourite methods of undoing all the wrongs Christmas brings – I would love to know – and look out for some more health-based articles from Ladies Pass it On as we jump on the New Year, New Me bandwagon! Got to be done!



Dr Foster Plank Challenge!

We love nothing more than well-known faces trying to help raise funds! And we really love Dr Foster and can’t wait for the next series….

Tomorrow on December 8th, the beautiful Suranne Jones and the cast of our favourite drama Dr. Foster will be performing the Plank Challenge to raise money for MIND the fabulous Mental Health charity whose aim is to ensure nobody struggles alone.

So far the cast have raised almost £1500 – let’s see if we ladies can help them along! Click on the link below to donate and share on Social Media to get things really moving.


Ladies Pass It on





Reiki Rocks!

Suzanne Elizabeth Prince shares her love of Reiki with us….

I’ve lost count how many phenomenal experiences I have witnessed through Reiki, It’s so incredibly gentle yet powerful beyond measure. Hands on healing has been around since the beginning of time, Reiki is a form of energy healing that supports a person on so many levels. As a practitioner it teaches us patience, gratitude, to trust in the process and so much more than I could put into words. As a client it nurtures you, bringing about shifts and changes so that your whole world feels harmonious instead of the crazy, anxious illusions that are constantly building around us. When I felt Reiki for myself, that warm caring flow of love, I knew in my heart it was something special. When I see the difference in people who are sleeping better, with less pain and no stressy outbursts I think to myself Reiki really does rock !!


It’s like an awesome dose of unconditional love gently pushing light into every layer of your auric field, right down to a cellular level. You feel floaty, enlightened and peaceful after a session. Gosh do I wish I’d known about it when my children were babies. I’d of been booking in every week haha !! Oh what fun we had back in the days of teething with no sleep and just about surviving on plenty of coffee. These days I can’t imagine life without Reiki, It really does bring an overwhelming sense of peace and calm to a very busy world.

My advice is no matter where you are on your path, keep shining and spreading your light, the world needs you to drop into your heart as that is where the magic happens.


Love and sparkle,

Suzanne Elizabeth

Holistic Coach and Reiki Master




Cold Sore Cures!

ladies pass it on

If you suffer from these miserable little blighters then you will know how important it is to be vigilant at this time of the year. Every time I am even slightly run down or ill I can be sure that a sneaky little blister will work its way onto my lip or nose and bam, before you know it, you’re in for 10 days of unsightly and painful woe!

Cold sores are outbreaks of the herpes virus, which you unfortunately have for life! They are HIGHLY contagious – not just on your own face but also to others. New research shows that newborn babies are in serious danger from this virus and extreme cases have been reported so be aware!

Here are my tips on how to be prepared – preferably avoid and if the worst comes to the worse – treat!

I am so in-tune with the ‘tingle’ that a few applications of Zovirax or other antiviral cold sore creams at the first sign will do the job and keep the blister at bay. On saying that, sometimes the tingle can happen whilst I’m asleep and lo and behold you wake up with a tiny blister – looks harmless but oh my goodness it’s getting ready to give you some serious discomfort!


My first port of call in this case are the blister pads from Compeed. They are absolutely brilliant because they allow the blister to evolve under the plaster without risk of contamination and without the horrible scab – which is not only truly painful but cracks whenever you laugh or smile thus delaying the already lengthy healing process! It also means you can apply lipstick as normal and look almost acceptable for public viewing (although I do find myself explaining to everyone what the patch is on my mouth even though 9 times out of 10 it was doing it’s job and being invisible!) The plasters last for up to 8 hours and you can eat and drink as normal. I like to leave mine on as long as possible because I do find the sore is disrupted during removal and may delay the healing a little – just my thoughts. You should need the plasters for around a week whilst the sore evolves and then heals. Better than the scabbing for sure but still a giant pain in the bottom!

If you find yourself coming down with sores regularly then get yourself off to your GP for some antiviral medication such as acyclovir or famciclovir which will help in those extreme cases. Some people swear by taking lysine too although I haven’t tried it and I have even heard that the suncream p20 stops them before they pop out! Would love to hear any feedback on these ones.

Some more useful advice:

Don’t touch the sore at all and if you do was hands well!

Avoid those with low immune systems and the very very young. They are most prone to catching.

No kissing till the sore has healed!

Watch sharing items such as make-up, cutlery or face cloths etc. This virus loves to spread.

Sleep with your head elevated if you can, it helps with the painful swelling.




BCS = Bloody Common Sense

I am Irene Estry….Giving advice and support is something very close to my heart having been a fitness and wellbeing programmer for over 35 years.

I started at the age of 40 (you do the maths!) and I am still going very strong indeed. Throughout my career I have worked with countless women and many famous faces with my placements in ITV and Granada studios and I give them all the exact same advice – my no nonsense BCS way.


My aim is not to get you thin or into ‘that’ dress or prioritising fitness and eating over everything else.

My aim is to create a woman who is comfortable within her own skin – happy, healthy, toned, well-nourished and most importantly enjoying life, enjoying food and enjoying her body. Leaving head space and energy to deal with the countless important things us girls deal with every day.

We look after everyone else so well – let’s look after ourselves too.

So, over the next few months I hope to gift you with some of the pearls of wisdom I have picked up through the years and if you are willing I would love to change your life for the better, little bit by little bit.

So where do we begin? Chances are that if you are looking to change your body shape or habits then you’ve most probably tried a few diets and plans already. Some of them may have worked in the short term but chances are you’ve found yourself in a cycle of failure and achievement which is directly linked to your body image and self esteem.

Let’s stop that right here right now shall we?

From this point – NO SCALES, NO TAPE MEASURE, NO OBSESSING, just bloody common sense!

Here a few rules I swear by to get you going:


Balance is the key to longevity in any change of habit.  Follow my advice and you will rule nothing off limits – sound good? Well here a few things I do want you to do…


This is the size of your stomach, don’t overfill it! Fill that space as often as you need to daily but do it mindfully. You may need as many as 6 meals/snacks a day to keep your tummy satisfied, that’s absolutely fine if you stick to my guidelines below…


If you can’t give up your beloved tea and coffee then make sure you’re drinking it from the middle to the end of your meals, NEVER BEFORE OR ON AN EMPTY STOMACH. This is a sure fire way to send your metabolic rate, blood sugar and mood swings into overtime. ALCOHOL should be consumed in the same way – pre-dinner drinks are your danger zone here, avoid!


Leave an inch gap around your dinner plate. This will help with portion control and support the ‘never overfill your stomach rule’.


Whether a snack or a meal – a third carbs/protein and veg/salad every single time is the best way to maintain balance, good blood sugar, control cravings and provide consistent energy release.


Literally, keep moving. Even if you cannot fit some exercise into your day you can definitely fit your day into exercise! Move with more energy and put yourself into tasks like cleaning, lifting, climbing stairs, walking to work, looking after children.

All of these things are hugely beneficial and worth a lot more than many exercise regimes if done consistently.

Keep watching this space for more advice from me…and remember ladies, confidence is a decision not a blessing. Decide to feel good and you will. I am with you. If anyone would like my advice on anything ask away below. I would love to hear from you.








Okay so we hear a lot about mindfulness these days and how it’s great for reducing anxiety, combating stress and increasing effectiveness. Sounds great right? I don’t know about you but whenever I start to read up on this subject I become slightly overwhelmed…visions of deep meditation during those quiet moments of the day (what’s that then?) and complicated breathing exercises/yoga/clean living – the list goes on – which brings the need for mindfulness in even more!

So, here is my practiced and researched version of mindfulness in 5 easy steps for those of us who want to reap the rewards without the leg work.


  1. Stop and watch.

I like to think of this as seeing myself on the Big Brother House – what am I doing to the outside eye, am I behaving erratically, stressing, shouting, being needy, projecting my stress on others? Once you remove yourself from your emotion and become the watcher you are instantly gifted with the vision of perspective. Works for me. Instant check on myself and often turns an argument with the other half around before it has even begun.

ladies pass it on

  1. Breathe

If you want instant mindfulness focus on your breath and make the exhalations the same length as the inhalations – you will instantly gain a feeling of control because guess what – you can control your breath. Continue this until the anxiety or stress you felt is lessened. Do it anytime, anywhere.

  1. Focus

If you want to be able to focus on the task in hand or your life in general you must start with something really small to attune your mind and cut through any emotional stress you’re carrying physically. So – look around you, find something to look at. I am looking at my keyboard now. Think of what that thing is and why it is that. What is it made of, what is it used for? What do I notice about it? Just ponder for a few minutes on the entire being of that one little thing and you will basically pave the way for being able to focus on anything else you need to do that day. Repeat when necessary.

  1. Drop the bags

Like you do with the shopping once you’ve come through the door – drop the bags of to-do lists/worries/fears you have. Imagine the bags dropping to the floor and give your shoulders a shake. They have been heavy! Now, bit by bit delve into the bags and deal with one thing at a time. Frozen food comes out first of course before it defrosts so likewise prioritise your list of troubles and deal one by one.

ladies pass it on

  1. Appreciate

I really feel that consistently saying an inward thank you to all the little blessings in our day is a great way to stay mindful and not to get embroiled in life’s stresses. Being thankful and appreciative of our food, hot water, cars and the myriad things we take for granted is a wonderful way to stay present.

Stay Mindful People!





Cubes of red jelly on white background


Something which is very current is the use of collagen to restore the youth in our skin – experts say that collagen must be ingested rather than applied as the molecule is too big to pass through the skin layer and in fact Boots have recently begun to stock several collagen tablets and liquid shots – but at a very costly fee!

This brings us back to an old stalwart of advice passed down from the generations above that eating a cube of jelly every day will reinforce your skin! Ever heard of this?

Well in actual fact there is truth and science behind this advice from granny as jelly is made from gelatine – an animal based product that is basically collagen!

According to Liz Earle on ITV today – another way to get collagen is by slow boiling bones at home for 9 hours and making a broth which can be drunk alone or added to meals as a sauce. Cell renewal in every bite!

So…. If you don’t wish to splash the cash or while away the hours boiling bones – ladies, a little bit of jelly cube may go a along way!


If you have any beauty advice to share email [email protected]