Dear Piers,

In the spirit of the collective conscious awakening right now… I feel the need to address the problem of you.

You see, you, to me, are an example of exactly what is wrong with society at the moment. 

If you have an opinion, you say it. And you’re paid to say it. And you have a huge platform on which to announce that ‘opinion’.

And people like watching you to see what you will say next… because you’re ‘honest’ and ‘blunt’.

But here’s the problem, your opinion is based solely on your feelings towards a person and not on what is right or wrong or any ‘facts’, for example.

Your opinion is your emotional response to someone and is, very often, racist, misogynistic and downright rude/mean/horrible.

I have watched you talk all over guests (women especially) who come on your show to discuss a topic they are very learned about but cannot get a word in edge-ways as you bully and patronise them in public.

It’s not a debate or an interview…

It’s sickening. 

And now you have used personal text messages from Caroline Flack, having been dead only a week or two, to score points in an online public argument you are having with another woman (Jameela Jamil).

Jameela made it very clear that she herself was feeling suicidal over all of this and yet you continue.

Well you have pushed me one step too far.

How on earth you still have a place on television and a whopping salary to boot, I just do not know.

You are a playground bully.

Nothing more.

I’m tired of sitting back watching you slate woman after woman, day in, day out.

We are all vowing to #bekind and stop with the incessant hounding of celebrities and public figures, so surely we must start with you?

It is no longer okay to squirm in our seats as you shout and abuse your subjects who probably go home and crumble after their public humiliation at your hands.

You have been brutally scathing of celebrities dealing with mental health issues and you often brand it as ‘attention seeking nonsense’, so how on earth can we make these positive changes if your booming, interrupting voice is shouting out of our screens every day?

Piers, we as a nation are making changes, much-needed changes within our society, I would personally love it if you were one of them…

Today, Caroline Flack Was Found Dead Aged 40…

Caroline flack dead

And I feel truly devastated.

I didn’t know her.

I didn’t follow her.

But I know that she made a mistake, one mistake. 

Like we all do.

And that mistake, albeit a big one, was splashed across every media outlet in the land for all to see.

She lost her job, her pride, her followers, and now her life.

And for all the thousands of young women, and men, who watch her show. I want you to know that a life well lived is a life full of these mistakes.

Mistakes that seem so huge at the time you think you will never get over it.

It seems impossible.

But oh my darling it really isn’t.

You will see the sun rise over the horizon again and it will fade into the past like a distant memory of a lesson learned.

And you will grow from it.

Stay strong. Hold on through the storm, it gets better and somebody somewhere needs you very much alive.

And as for poor Caroline, I would like to know why she wasn’t offered professional help by her employers instead of being sent off in disgrace to deal with this alone.

She was clearly very much in need.

Rest In peace Caroline and we will remember this the next time someone falls from a pedestal.

We will be kinder.

I promise.

Today Phillip Schofield Announced He Is Gay…

Phillip schofiel gay

And as always, when a soul reveals its true spirt, the universe exhales with a sigh of relief.

Relief that one more human has embraced their truth and braved the world regardless.

Relief that one more soul has stood up to the beliefs that we are somehow not perfect or acceptable, just the way we are.

Relief that another person has found their peace during their time on this planet.

You see, the one thing we all deserve, is to be who we truly are and to find that ‘peace’ within.

We say Rest In Peace when a loved one leaves us but the truth is, we should be resting in peace whilst we are still alive.

The loads that we are carrying, the burdens we bear, were not of our making, my friends.

They were put upon us.

We can just choose to put them down and walk away with freedom.

If we are brave enough.

So, let’s collectively send out all of our love, respect and peace to Phillip and to anyone else who is realising that they need not live in pain or fear.

And feel the universe relaxing just a little bit more.

Phillip schofiel gay

Donna Ashworth, Ladies Pass It On

Kobe, You Told Us life Was Short…

Kobe Bryant tribute/ gianna Bryant/ rest in peace Kobe

You told us to keep moving, to never look back, to make the most of every minute and to live your life the way you want to. You told us, most of all, to enjoy this life we have been blessed with.

You told us, that the only obstacle in our way is the belief that something is in our way.

You told us how to change that belief.

You taught us how to succeed.

You taught us how to want something so much that the struggles become part of the journey. Something to be enjoyed and not feared.

You told us that it’s better to be a legend than a hero. I never really understood that one until now. I get you.

Well you did it my friend.

You truly are a legend.

And your life was short.

And you lived every minute. 

You left us heartbroken but you left us with so much more than that too.

You gave us Mamba Mentality…a guide to overcoming the struggles of our own minds and our own insecurities.

You set up so many kids with a bright future, not just your own.

Your own kids you loved like every father should. Passionately, compassionately, all-consumingly.

I can’t begin to imagine what you went through in the moments before your death.

Knowing you, the ultimate warrior, couldn’t overcome what was happening. That you couldn’t save your own daughter.

It’s every parent’s worst fear, right?

The only glimmer of hope I can find is that you were together. She had you at the very end and she would have felt safe, loved, protected. Even in death. As she was in life. We could all see that, your bond was unmistakeable. 

And for those you left behind?

My heart breaks knowing that you couldn’t say goodbye or one last I love you.

But collective consciousness is real Kobe. It’s a powerful thing, you told us that too.

Right now, there is a world full of broken-hearted people sending your family love, strength and willing them to face the grief like you faced life.

We will love them like you did and watch over them forevermore.

Thank you Kobe, for being such an inspiration, such a powerhouse of a human being.

You told us to never rest in the middle, only at the end.

Well it’s time for you to rest.

Your work on earth is done and it will live on longer than you could ever have hoped.

You will be remembered.

You did what you came to do.

Rest In Peace with your beautiful Gianna’s hand in yours.

There will never be another like you.

Kobe Bryant/ gianna bryant

Donna Ashworth 2020

Stop Mom Shaming Meghan…

Meghan carrying Archie/ mom shaming Meghan markle

You’re telling the world it’s okay to judge a new mother doing her best.

And it is so not okay.

No money in the world can buy you the experience your first child brings and yes, new mums probably do a lot wrong.

But they are trying their best and with love, fear and worry abounding from every pore, how could anyone want them to feel anything other than supported?

The sleeplessness your first child brings is mind-blowingly hard. Then the hormones, the birth trauma, the dread, the overload of information…it is a mine-field.

Add to that the fact that everyone has an opinion on your choices and your head is in a literal spin.

But worse, much worse, is the depression which seeps into your body in the dark of the night. I am convinced this is born of a cocktail of hormone imbalance and lack of sleep – and the enormity of your waking life’s purpose…

Each day you must keep another tiny defenceless human being alive, not just alive they should thrive! And you should do that, flawlessly on a few hours sleep, if you’re lucky.

Make sure you keep up to date with the ever changing advice on how to feed them, how they should sleep, how their mental health and development can be best encouraged from birth and don’t forget to make sure everything you use is ecologically sound and in the best practise….

It’s an impossible mission.

No mother is perfect.

By publicly shaming a new mother for the way she carried her child, we are adding to her fear, her insecurity, her trauma.

If the child was uncomfortable he would let his mummy know. She is his safe place, his home.

So women, if it’s you writing and sharing this judgemental vitriol, please take a moment to wonder why. 

Men, do not comment on what you do not know…

It’s hard. It’s really fricking hard.

We are all in this together.

#meghanmarkle #momshaming #meghancarryingarchie

Meghan & Harry, Run As Fast As You Can…

So on Friday I wrote a letter to Harry, it has been beautifully received and shared all over the world with so much love and tenderness. I was blown away by the love.

On Saturday I wrote a letter to Meghan and wow, the vitriol, the nastiness that ensued within minutes of posting online is something I have never seen before.

Both letters have been shared thousands upon thousands of time – one gathering love and one gathering hate.

You see, the bottom line here is that it’s apparently all her fault.

She is a devious narcissist who planned all of this from the get go and is rubbing her gold-digging hands with glee as the world falls apart around the father of her child.

It is absolutely shocking to me that women automatically receive the depth of responsibility for anything like this, regardless of facts or any understanding whatsoever.


Harry has been dissatisfied with his life for many years, he has been honest about this. He has fallen out with his brother before over much less and his path as a royal has not always been smoothly walked. At all.

So why is this her fault?

It is blatant sexism on a gargantuan level and it is part of our society which seems to go unnoticed.

Men can cause trouble too. Men can want change too. Men can rock the familial boat too.

How on earth do we know it wasn’t Harry who engineered this whole thing?

For all we know Meghan could be crippled with post-natal depression, overwhelmed by the fear, the hormones, the enormity of raising a child and bringing a life into this circus.

She could be kicking herself for thinking that she could handle this life, any mother knows the shocking way the world around you changes the moment your child is born. It becomes a terrifying place full of danger from which your only mission is to protect your precious newborn.

The bottom line is that we do not know who or what is behind any of this and we may never know.

But if you cannot see that any human being has the right to change or leave regardless of MONEY SPENT. Then you have your priorities wrong.

She is a person. Her call. 

Harry is not a vulnerable child being manipulated and if he is, then that is his journey to manoeuvre. Hating on the mother of his son will not help him in any way.

I am sure he is aghast at the level of hate sent her way.

In my letter I did not say that I agreed with Meghan, I did not say that I liked her or that I thought their relationship would work.

Why would my opinion even matter?

I merely stated that this is their life and Harry knows that it can be cripplingly short, so they should walk their own path, their way. It must terrify him, considering the way the press hounded his Mother TO HER DEATH, to see history repeating. He must feel that this is all his fault. 

Bottom line is they should never, EVER, feel they have to accept the abuse because they are paid well.

No one, NO ONE has to accept this level of hatred.

My advice is to walk away, run away, as fast as you can.

Then show them what you’re made of.

Prince Harry & Meghan

Donna Ashworth


So you may have read by now that Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves stepped out with his girlfriend for the first time in public yesterday – and boy did social media go wild.


Is it because she is a wonderful, successful artist? No…

Is it because she is involved in some sort of newsworthy scandal? No…

It’s because she is ‘middle aged’, as is he, but SHOCK, HORROR, she looks it!!!!

How very dare she age naturally and flaunt that ALL OVER THE RED CARPET.

I started to read the first 20 or so comments on the article I saw earlier and every single one of them slated her appearance – focusing mostly on how old she looks. A further scan of a few other articles showed that this was not a one off.


And right there, right there, is the problem we women face.

Why is it suddenly not okay for us to age? Why must we fight all the physical signs of our age and try to fake a more youthful appearance?

Why do we get hounded for obvious signs of plastic surgery but also for not having plastic surgery?


I shall tell you why. Because no matter what we do with out lives, our bodies, our selves – it will never be enough.We can be successful, loving, kind, wealthy, healthy and wise but at the end of the day we will be criticised for something that we did or didn’t do.

We worked hard but we didn’t stay home with the kids!

We stayed home with the kids but we didn’t forge a career!

We gained 20 pounds between high school and middle age!

We stayed exactly the same weight so we must be vain or have a disorder!

And the worst part of all this? A large part of these age-shaming comments were from women….

How will we ever change the societal pressures imposed upon us if we cannot see it ourselves?

We are in this together ladies.

We need to eradicate these ridiculous rules we have placed upon ourselves and let go.

Life is way too short for all of this and it will only stop if we stop.

Let’s make it stop.

Tell Your Daughters How You Love Your Body

Self love/daughters/mums/body image

Tell them how they must love theirs.

Tell them to be proud of every bit of themselves – 

from their tiger stripes to the soft flesh of their thighs, 

whether there is a little of them or a lot, 

whether freckles cover their face or not, 

whether their curves are plentiful or slim, 

whether their hair is thick, curly, straight, long or short.

Tell them how they inherited 

their ancestors’ souls in their smiles, 

that their eyes carry countries 

that breathed life into history, 

that the swing of their hips 

does not determine their destiny.

Tell them never to listen when bodies are critiqued. 

Tell them every woman’s body is beautiful 

because every woman’s soul is unique.

– Tell Your Daughters | @nikita_gill

There’s An Intruder In My Home…

I have an intruder in my house. Even though this lady is residing in my house, she could at some time appear in yours. Be alert.

A very weird thing has happened. A strange old lady has moved into my house. I have no idea who she is, where she came from, or how she got in. I certainly didn’t invite her. All I know is that one day she wasn’t there & then the next day she was.

She s a clever old lady & manages to keep out of sight most of the time, but whenever I pass a mirror I catch a glimpse of her & whenever I look in the mirror to check how I look, there she is hogging the whole thing & completely obliterating MY gorgeous face & body. This is very rude! I have tried screaming at her but she just screams back.

The very least she could do is offer to contribute to some of the bills especially as she is always leaving lights on all over the house, but no! Every once in a while I will find a £10 note stuck in one of my coat pockets, or some loose change down the side of the sofa cushions, but it’s not nearly enough.

I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but I think she is stealing from me as well. I go to the cash machine & take £100 out & a few days later it’s all disappeared. I certainly don’t spend money that quick, so I can only conclude the she s pilfering from me. You would think that she would spend some of that money to buy herself some wrinkle cream, she certainly needs it.

And money isn’t the only thing I think she’s stealing. Food seems to disappear at an alarming rate, especially nice things like cake, cream & chocolate. She must have a sweet tooth but she had better watch herself as she is really piling on the pounds. I suspect that she realises this & to make herself feel better she is tampering with my bathroom scales to make me think that I am putting on weight too.

For an old lady she really is quite childish. She likes to play nasty games like going in my wardrobe & altering my clothes so that they’re too small for me & she messes with my letters & stuff so that I can’t find anything. This is really annoying me as I am a very neat & organised person. When I do find them it’s obvious that she’s been messing with them as she’s blurred all the print so that I can’t read them. She has also done something to the volume controls on my tv & phone because all I can hear are mumbling & whispering.

She has done other things too: like making my stairs steeper, my vacuum cleaner heavier & all my door handles & taps harder to turn. She has even made my bed higher to make it harder for me to get in & out of it. Lately she’s been messing with my shopping before I can put it away, she’s glued the lids of the jars & bottles so I can’t open them.

She’s taken all the fun out of going clothes shopping. When I try something on she stands in front of the changing room mirror & monopolises it. She looks absolutely ridiculous in some of those outfits, plus she stops me from seeing how good I look in them.

Just when I thought she couldn’t get any meaner she proved me wrong. I went to get my photo taken for my bus pass & just as the camera clicked she jumped in front of me!

I hope she never finds out where YOU live.

Ladies, #passiton 😁

I Am A Nurse And I Strive For Hope…

Life bites.
Its preferred site is the ass, so you can’t see it coming. Whether you’re oblivious to its intent, or are conscious of its impending attack, you cannot out run it nor prepare for it. The jaws are always larger, the teeth always sharper, and the surprise always greater than what your slow mind can imagine.
“I never saw it coming.”
“I never knew anything could hurt this badly.”
“Make it go away.”
“I can’t do this.”
These are the things nurses hear, know, and understand; see it repeated daily, if not sometimes on an hourly basis. So while we are with you, we’ll offer what comfort we can: dull your pain, wipe your tears, hold your hand, assure you that are strong enough and brave enough to face the aftermath. And if we’re both lucky, we’ll find that path to the place where hope dwells and perhaps with time (and please God, grant us enough of it) hope can flourish.
I am a nurse and I strive for hope.


Words: Elizabeth Stokes

What Does ‘Suicidal’ Look Like?


It looks like this….like the decade’s most successful supermodel.
It looks like Kate Spade, like Robin Williams, like Anthony Bourdain.
It looks like me, like you, the woman next door, the man on the train.
‘Suicidal’ has no face, no pattern and often no warning.
Since the beautiful, successful Giselle Bunchden, has opened up to share her mental health issues and suicidal thoughts with the world, it seems like a good opportunity to reinforce, that anyone, ANYONE, can be affected at any time.
High-functioning anxiety can look like success – like ‘having it all’. Yet the pressure of perfection can be darkly suffocating.
Depression can be masked and secreted away in the dark of the night, yet the feelings can overwhelm to the point of no return, if left unchecked.
My friends, the treadmill of life moves so quickly, and at such a pace, that we can often ignore the cracks in our structures, the troubles of a friend, the cries for help all around us.
But we must try not to.
The thing about darkness is, it can be defeated by switching on the light – yet the light cannot be defeated by switching on the darkness.
We are all in this together, shine a light on your own issues and keep an eye out for the signs of those you love.
Talking, seeing, listening, sharing – helps.
Hopefully, you may never need realise, just how much.

Giselle Bunchden opens up about suicidal thoughts#suicideawareness

Let Go Of Your Dead Leaves

It’s hard not to love this time of the year – the colours, the crispness, the promise of the festive celebrations ahead.
But it’s also a great time to take a leaf, literally, out of Mother Nature’s book… and let go.
Let go.
Let go of your dead leaves.
Dare to be bare.
To start afresh.
To believe that new buds will grow and new life will emerge again.
Dare to shed the things that are not bringing you positivity, or joy, anymore.
Dare to walk away.
To welcome the new.
After all, you cannot reach out for anything new, if your hands are full of yesterday’s trash, right?
Put it all down my friend.
Throw it away.
It’s heavy.
Don’t fear the cold.
Your warmth comes from within, and these heavy burdens, have been dimming your fires for too long.
It’s time.

Autumn/ fall images/ fall photography/ Mother Nature/ let it goDonna Ashworth

Big Brother, Now It’s Time For Your Apology…

Big Brother, Now It’s Time For Your Apology…
Let’s have it. You are already long overdue if you ask me.
I want to see you do the right thing now…
1: Play the footage to the house, to put Ryan out of his distress once and for all.
2: Remove the formal warning placed upon him, which should never have been issued in the first place.
3: Apologise publicly and personally to Ryan, for allowing this situation to occur in the first place.
Big Brother you are playing a dangerous game.
You are playing with lives.
And yes, we know that is entirely the point of your show – but this time it went too far.
It was clear to you and to the nation that Roxanne would take this all the way. At that point, you should have played the footage of the ‘incident’ to the entire house and squashed this before it got out of hand.
And Roxanne should have been removed.
In a time where everyone is being held accountable for their actions, the networks must also follow suit, right??
Whether it is malice or mental health, whether the behaviour is intentional or born of illness, it should not be exploited for ratings.
So, Big Brother, you are already way too late but let’s see the right thing done here please.
It’s Time.

#celebritybigbrother #cbbuk #ryantowin #ryanthomas


If you have been watching Celebrity Big Brother you will be well aware of the current situation between Ryan and Roxanne. In fact, even if you are not watching, I am sure you have heard about it all.

In short, Roxy has used her acting skills to try and tarnish the reputation, no, RUIN the career of a perfectly lovely guy. And I know them both, so this is coming from the heart.
If it hadn’t been for the camera footage, I have no doubt that she would have succeeded – and a life would be in literal tatters because of a poisonous personality seeking revenge for a past misdemeanour that only exists because she was previously, similarly poisonous.
But whatever you do, please do not confuse her behaviour with mental health issues, for this girl has the ability to bring anyone down who gets in her path. Calculated, cold, clinical. She does not need professional help, she needs to be shone a light on and never allowed to do this again for she has done it already, too many times.
It is upsetting for those who do suffer with mental health issues, to be placed in the same boat as someone hell bent on climbing a ladder regardless of who she steps on along the way.
In the light of the current ‘me too’ movement, this also serves as a timely reminder that not all women who accuse are coming from a place of victimisation. Everyone should be listened to, yes of course. Given a chance to prove her story, absofrickinlutely. But it must be reviewed and everyone, everyone, must be innocent until proven guilty, there is just so much at stake.
Thank goodness then, for Ryan, that the cameras caught everything or he would have become another victim of false accusation. In his own words, she was hell bent on finishing him. Finishing. No half measures. Total annihilation.
The problem is, how do we spot this in real life when there is no camera footage to review? It is not easy but Sally was spot on when she pointed out that Roxanne did not confide in any of the women there, which in itself is strange, as women generally come together over matters like this. Instead she tried very hard and succeeded, to turn the men against her accused, using her size and vulnerability to bring out their natural protective elements.
It is old school. Standard. Classic.
She cried, she shook, she claimed to be afraid for her life. She really went for it.
But she didn’t get away with it and instead of running Ryan, she has ruined herself.
And she won’t get away with this again, much to the relief of those she has done this to in the past.
So, a lesson for us all exists here. A reality show that is meant to be fun and light hearted has actually brought something important to our doorsteps, a reminder.
A cautionary tale.

Roxanne and Ryan celebrity big brother
Image: Channel 5

words: Donna Ashworth

The Coach In The Cave…#thaiboysrescued

Another hero has emerged from the miraculous recovery story of the Thai football team trapped in the cave this week…
Their coach.
Ekapol Chanthawong lost his whole family as a child. He trained as a monk and then devoted his life to helping kids in any way he could.
It is said that when the coach realised the boys had gone into the cave, he headed straight in to get hem out but ended up trapped in a hell we can only imagine.
According to rescue officials, he is now among the weakest in the group, simply because he gave the boys his share of the limited food and water they had with them in the early days.
He also taught the boys how to meditate and how to conserve as much energy as possible until they were found.
He kept 12 children alive in a cave without food or light for 9 days.
When eventually rescued. He was the last to leave.
He is just 25.
Ladies, let’s hear it for this guy.
#ThaiCaveRescue #Hero

Thai boys rescued/ their coach is a hero/ Ekapol Chanthawong


This much is true…they are literally picture perfect. And I say that for a reason because it is a ‘picture’ and contrary to the show’s genre, it’s not necessarily their ‘reality’.
For the sake of our impressionable younger generation, watching with envy and self-doubt at home – let us look at this with open eyes:
Is there a reason why we never see the girls, or boys even, sit down to eat meals together – as we do in pretty much every other reality show on television.
Is it because each and every one of them is highly likely to be on a diet plan, tailored to them, in order that they can parade in their swimwear every day feeling amazing and at their best.
We can therefore assume for argument’s sake, that this diet plan was embarked upon prior to the show and the upkeep of it is so important to the image, that the producers allow it to be a sacred part of their routine.
A little birdie enlightened me to this fact, although the show prefer to explain that meal times are when ‘batteries are changed in microphones’….which sounds more plausible to you?
Now, don’t get me wrong, I love watching beautiful young people in all their splendour and I am not in any way criticising those girls for their choices or their looks.
I would never do such a thing.
I am simply giving some ‘food for thought’, excuse the pun, to those teenagers, who may be feeling inferior and at a loss as to why they don’t look like that.
We can all change our shape if we want/need/decide to, but it is far more effective long-term, to work on owning your natural shape and all of your ‘flaws’ or ‘quirks’ and realising that they are not imperfections, they are just a part of you.
And you are beautiful.
And the right person/people will think exactly that when they see them.
Looks fade girls, shape trends change – but a good solid self-worth never does.
See past the bullshit.
You got this.
.The girls on love island 2018


There was such an amazing response to the post we did last week regarding the beautiful signs that someone had placed all along a bridge near me, so much so in fact, that one of our wonderful readers (Gemma Louise Lang) has created her own, so that we can all use them to join in the movement #bridgethegap
Feel free to print these out or write your own message on the blank image at the end. We can all do something small that may just be be something huge to someone somewhere.
If you do join in, please post the images and use the hashtag so we can all see. This is going on all over the world right now and it may just make a difference. Worth a try.
Thank you in advance you lovely lot! PRINT YOUR OWN SUICIDE SIGNS #bridgethegap






These signs are attached to a bridge in Hyde, near my home here in the UK and I feel so emotional just looking at them. Nobody knows what it takes to pull someone back from the brink but we must all try.

Thanks to over 7000 shares so far on Facebook, there is a petition awaiting conformation to try and make signs like this a permanent and regular fixture. If you would like to be informed when it’s ready to sign, simply leave a comment below and I will let you all know and share the link.

Mental Health issues are real, like cancer, dementia, heart disease – they kill people.

If we all start talking it will help, it really will. Unlike cancer or heart disease WE can all help to be the cure.






Suicide signs on bridgesSuicide signs on bridges

Suicide signs on bridges Suicide signs on bridges #itsoktonotbeok



Once again, I am in shock at the news of another ‘celebrity’ suicide. This time the beautiful Sophie Gradon, who appeared on the UK’s Love Island in 2016.

Dead at only 32.

I am not going to say the words, ‘She took her own life.’

I am instead going to say, correctly, ‘She was taken by mental health issues.’

The beauty tweeted her troubled thoughts a few days before she died, telling her followers and friends that she felt very deep and was reflecting on life and its purpose. She posted a quote saying life was short.

She has since received so many shocked responses to that tweet, yet only a few whilst she was still alive.

My point is…We tend to ridicule people who over-share on social media and those who post evasive ‘fishing’ comments that seem to require attention and encouragement.

Perhaps we ought to rethink that mentality.

It could be someone’s’ last attempt at reaching out.

It could be someone telling the world that they don’t know how to go on.

It may not be ‘attention-seeking’ or ‘needy’, as I so often hear.

We just do not know what is going on in anyone’s mind. NO matter how young, how beautiful, how wealthy, how loved they appear to be.

And she really was.

Mental Health, Depression and Anxiety know or care nothing for any of the above, they attack whomever they please.

We are all in this together and we are losing too many, too soon.

A caring word, a nice comment, a supportive response…anything may help.

Be kind, always.

Sophie Brandon dead


Having a #badmum day?

Perhaps your little angel threw a hissy fit in the supermarket again or misbehaved at school?

Well Mummy, trust me, you are not alone – and this amazing photograph shows us that even royalty are not excluded from the dreaded tantrum in public.

This is princess Leonore of Sweden, acting up ‘royally’ at her sister’s christening much to the dismay of her Mother – and it just goes to show that no matter who you are or what you have – we all have those days, right?

Parenting is hard people!

Never forget, we are all in this together and none of us, not one, escapes that feeling of panic when your kid decides to let you down at the worst possible moment.

Remember, if you see another Mum in this situation out there one day – no judgement – throw her a nod and a salute.

It may just make her day.




Princess Leonore of Sweden rolls around at her sister’s christening/ parenting is hard


Seriously, this is 2018, we realise now that you can be educated up to your eye-balls but if your mental health is suffering – so is everything you are working for and everyone you love.

I would LOVE to see a couple of subjects dropped and replaced…

You need algebra for your chosen career? Perfect, learn it in detail during your further education; instead of at school when you could be learning cognitive and behavioural techniques to remain calm and balanced no matter what is raging on around you.

Why are we all learning Trigonometry – when we could be learning how paranoia and comparison lead to eating disorders and body dysmorphia?

Let’s teach children how chemical imbalances affect everything: their moods, their brain function and their thoughts.

Let’s give them the info they need to MASTER mental health – like the future bosses they are.

To understand the human emotions and the effect they have on the world.

To be able to spot suffering in others and counsel them through it.

I have seen the brightest stars, fall at the first social hurdle, university, simply because they had no clue how to handle the move from home, the new environment and the freedom.

Let’s better prepare our upcoming generations and give them what they really do need to survive and make it out there.

Pass It On if you agree.


Talk To Me

Talk to me…
Right here, right now, just for a moment.
Let’s talk.

About how we really feel.

Because talking helps.

Then share this post and get someone in your circle talking too.
Really talking.
About the real stuff.

I will begin…

I had a beautiful weekend, the sun shone, my friends are all wonderful as always – but me, I was in a dark place.

Not pitch black, just a little shaded.

I felt nervous, slightly anxious. Not quite good enough. Unsure of my choices in life, unsure of my actions.

I felt ugly, unloveable, below par. Not successful enough, not strong enough.

Then there was an uneasy feeling of paranoia, were people judging me? Do people even like me?

It could have been hormonal, chemical, a result of too much wine – whatever. It was there, it felt real. It happens every now and again. Sometimes it is overwhelming.

So I breathe and I say positive things in my head but above all, I just HANG ON IN THERE – waiting for it to clear.
Looking for positivity, for inspiration and soaking it up where possible.
Counting my blessings, being as kind as I can to myself and putting one foot in front of the other.

And of course, it did clear.

Today, I feel like me again, like I can handle anything. Yesterday I could barely handle the basics.

That’s life.

These shady days don’t make me less of a woman, less of a mother, less of a force in this life.

They make me human.

It’s important to keep reminding myself of this. You too. It’s acknowledging the shade, that stops it taking over completely. Shining light on the shade.

Now, talk to me.

Then, share this post and get someone else taking too.

It helps.

We are all in this together.


The Kids Are Not Alright… #areyouokay #suicideawareness

Kate Spade left behind a 13 year old daughter. Anthony Bourdain left behind an 11 year old daughter and today, all I can think about is…what will happen to them?

Will they blame themselves? Will they grow up questioning their words, their actions, in the days before they left?

Or will they grow up angry. Angry that they were abandoned. Too scared to love anyone else?

And what bout their mental health? Will it suffer irreparably because of this huge shock and loss in their formative years?

I don’t know. I have no idea.

But I know that suicide is on the rise. I know that we are losing far too many people to this illness called depression. I know that it feels like an epidemic and I know, that unless we all act now, it will touch someone close to us very soon indeed.

It’s getting scary now people.

We all fear getting cancer, we all know someone who has it. The trouble with depression is, we don’t always know when someone sitting right next to us is suffering.

So, let us all open our eyes, read between the lines, learn to spot the signs and START TALKING.

Yes, someone suffering is highly likely to say ‘I am fine’ when questioned.

But you can see through that if you know what to look for…




Look for subtle changes, elation, tiredness, trouble concentrating, backing out of plans they made themselves, not answering messages for days at a time, reluctance to chat.

There are so many ways it can present itself – or worse, hide itself.

The best thing you can do is show up, ask questions, offer company – even just to sit there.

Tell stories of your own feelings and emotions.

Anything, anything is better than nothing.


SAMARITANS: Call 116 123 (UK)

(617) 247-0220, (800) 252-TEEN (Teenline), (877) 870-HOPE (State-wide) (USA)


ARE YOU OKAY? Join the campaign #areyouokay

Ladies, I need your help to push this forward.

The  #areyouokay campaign basically does what it says on the tin – it reminds everyone, that just because life is busy and everyone is absorbed in their own thing, doesn’t mean we can’t take a minute every day and ask someone the right questions, just in case they are not doing okay.

It’s simple, it may seem silly but you just never know when it may be a lifesaver. Maybe you do it automatically already, that’s great but let’s spread it around anyway for those who may find it harder to reach out.

You know, there isn’t a day that passes when someone on this planet doesn’t annoy or aggravate us with their driving, or their sarcasm, or their rudeness.

It’s easy to get annoyed – what isn’t easy, is looking behind the behaviour to see if that person is maybe going through something they can’t cope with on their own.

Talking is the first step.


So, you know what to do Ladies; PASS IT ON






KATE SPADE SUICIDE NEWS #depressionkills

Kate Spade hung herself yesterday, on a scarf tied to a doorknob, in her apartment.

She was 55.

She left behind a 13 year old daughter. I am just so shocked and saddened by this news today.

Kate spade suicide

If you’re not familiar with Kate, she is – was – a handbag designer amongst other things. A sparkling, successful, entrepreneurial star in her field.

As the story develops we may find out more as to her reasons why – why someone so seemingly ‘happy’ would feel so desperate that she would end her life. She left a note.

But what I want to say to you all, to my lovely readers and anyone at all who may care to listen is:

Depression doesn’t care about standing or wealth, about following or success. It cares nothing for age, background, race or religion.

It takes whomever it pleases.

It is not always obvious.

Be aware, look for signs. Smiles and social media mean nothing, they can all be a facade.

Look for lack of response to messages or calls, retreat from social events, erratic addictive behaviours – anything at all that raises a hair on the back of your neck. It can be subtle but we all owe it to each other to try and see the warning signs.

Mental health is just as important as physical health, if not more so. I say this a lot, I know – but really it can’t be said enough.

We are all in this together.

RIP wonderful Kate, you have made a mark on this weary world, I am sad that you could not stay with us any longer.

You will be missed.





I am going to keep this one short – following in the widespread wake of the Roseanne Barr debacle…

It’s quite simple, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

Doesn’t matter who you are, how much ‘influence’ you hold, how much money you make or what you do for a living…. there is never any excuse for racism, prejudice or any other kind of ignorance.

It is no longer okay to ‘speak your mind’, if what your mind is spouting, is utterly abhorrent and most importantly – uncalled for and unnecessary.

Time is up.

We are coming into an era where we are now accountable for EVERYTHING. Our behaviour, our remarks, the way we treat colleagues and staff, how we handle people of different religions/ sexuality – even our sense of entitlement.

It’s no longer acceptable to be unaccepting. Period.
It’s no longer acceptable to be sleezy, or biased, or rude, or indifferent, or prejudiced.

It is always possible to be kind. It is ALWAYS possible to think nice thoughts about others but if you find it a struggle, it is ALWAYS possible to stay quiet.

It is NEVER okay to be nasty and ugly.

So, lesson learned at the cost of many careers and a whole lot of future. I feel very sorry for the cast and crew who lost so much over this.

Celebrities, everyone, it is time to stop using the internet as a dumping ground for your vitriol. If you wouldn’t say it someone’s face, keep it in your head and give yourself a virtual slap on the wrist.

Then go out and spread some kindness.

Ladies, please pass it on and on.


Ladies, please pass it on and on.

Roseanne Barr racist tweet#roseannebarrracistremark



So, a year has passed since you blew yourself up in the Manchester Arena.

The world has fully spun on its axis, as it always does.

365 days have come and gone, as they always do.

The shock has dissipated

Heartfelt tributes have been made

Amazing amounts of funds have been raised

Broken hearts have been bandaged as best they can

Good has prevailed

People have rallied

Strangers have come together in love

Songs have been sung

Memories have been shared

Names were forever etched in history…

Yours wasn’t one of them

I genuinely cannot, for the life of me, remember your name.

I am guessing that wasn’t your plan.

Oh, and we haven’t once looked back in anger either…

Men arena attack one year on#menarena


Why I’m disappointed that Prince Charles will walk Meghan down the aisle….

Quite frankly I’m a bit put out.
The thought of Meghan’s Mom, supporting her daughter down the splendiferous, historical, royal aisle, amidst all that pomp and ceremony, made me feel quite proud to be a tiny part of this Kingdom we call Britain.

A ‘normal’ girl, from a ‘normal’ background can marry a Prince, against the odds… furthermore, her mum can hold her head high and face them all as equals…

This is exactly as it should be and it made me very happy indeed.

The fact that ‘tradition’ and ‘institution’ have taken over in the end, has really put a dampener on my flame, quite frankly!

I am disappointed. I am let down.

I saw, very briefly, an opportunity for some serious spark to be injected into our royal family…
and I truly believe a certain Princess would have looked down from heaven with joy in her heart at this sight.

Oh well…. let’s hope that this new addition to the family will have plenty more opportunities to shake things up a bit.

Here’s to an interesting future!

Prince Charles will walk Meghan down the aisle

NEWSFLASH – Meghan’s family are human….

We are all flawed, we all make mistakes, we all do stupid, idiotic things in the rush of a moment – convincing ourselves that it is justified then only seeing in retrospect, that it was in fact, a grave error.

That is what being a human is all about, right?

Meghan Markle’s Dad has f**ed up.

Big deal. He is human. Naive. Unprepared. Perhaps even slightly greedy. Confused. Overwhelmed.

He was left to ride this massive press tsunami alone, advised only by his family who, guess what, are also unprepared, naive, confused and perhaps a little bit greedy in the face of one of their own becoming a Princess.

He has not ‘betrayed’ his daughter.

They love each other very much.

He made a bad move which he considered at the time to be a ‘business’ decision.

Stupid. Embarrassing.


So, what does that tell us?

It tells us, even more so, that Meghan is a very normal girl from a very normal, complicated family full of HUMAN BEINGS, in a very abnormal situation.

They are messy, flawed, raw.

Bottom line is she needs her Dad with her on her big day and the media and the press need to let up on this man and let him get over his humiliation in peace.

So he can catch a plane and do the right thing.

Families aren’t simple. Humanity isn’t simple.

Let those who be without sin cast the first stone…

Meghan Markle’s Dad Scandal/ royal wedding

Rest in peace Lois Lane…

Sad news just in today, the world has lost another bright star in the form of actress Margot Kidder.

Margot was most famous for her role as Lois Lane in Superman, alongside the wonderful and sorely missed Christopher Reeve – but she was also a strong advocate for mental health awareness, having suffered from a breakdown and being diagnosed with Bipolar disorder.

She was an inspiration to many.

No information has been given yet as to how she passed but one thing we know is that she was taken too soon at only 69.

I like to think these two will be reunited in the sky somewhere… with wrings for real this time.

May you find eternal rest.

Rest in peace Lois lane, Margot kidder has passed, sad news just in


Dear Harry,

I want you to know, on behalf of all Mums everywhere, that your mum was with you on your special day.

For every single second of it.

Don’t ask me how I know… don’t ask me for science or proof. I can’t give you any of that.

I just know.


You see, I have 2 little boys.

I understand perfectly well how much love Princess Diana had for you and your big brother. So much so in fact, that using that word doesn’t even seem to do it justice. It’s more than love.

It’s other-worldly. It transcends everything. It is eternal and nothing, not even death can put a stop to it.

Oh yes, she was there alright.


I also believe, quite strongly, that your Mum worried about you the most.

Don’t get me wrong, I am sure, like the rest of the mothering population, she worried endlessly day and night about you both. But I really do think it would have have been you that gave her that little bit of extra fear in her heart.

Because Harry, you have that spark. And you were born into a world that likes uniformity, acquiescence and regime. Spark doesn’t fare very well in such situations.


You, my boy, have fire in your soul and I am willing to bet my last dollar that your Mum both admired that – with an overwhelming sense of pride – and feared for you at the same time.

And yet, here you are ‘settling down’ – with just the right amount of individuality, spark and fire to put a smile on her face and endless warmth in her heart – wherever she may be.

You did good.

And a nation – no a world full of mothers –  watched you, showering your union with love. I hope you can feel that. You deserve it.

No little boy should know the pain of losing his Mummy – and what a mummy she must have been.


We were with you.

We are all with you.

On behalf of every mum everywhere – we wish you all the happiness and love this life can deliver.

Diana, you did good. You can rest easy now, wherever you may be.

He is doing just fine.




By now, you most probably recognise her face and this rather iconic photograph.

Tammy has been all over the news in the last few weeks, after she safely landed her Southwest Airlines flight, which had, in a rare and freak occurrence, lost an engine in the sky.

The pressure in the plane dropped, when debris from the exploded engine smashed a window and took the life of Jennifer Riordan, who was sucked out – much to the absolute horror of everyone onboard. Fellow passengers managed to pull her back in but it was too late, the mother of two had sustained fatal injuries.

We can only imagine the fear and panic that ensued – but calm as a cucumber, Tammy, a former Navy Pilot, used hand signals to communicate above the noise and brought everyone else safely down.

The audio footage of her communication with ground crew is rather unbelievable; she was just so calm and composed in the face of sheer chaos. She has been hailed as a hero and commended for her bravery and calm.

A jaw-dropping story indeed; the tragic loss of one amazing woman and the heroic behaviour of another.


What strikes me about all of this, is that Tammy Jo was not even supposed to be flying that day. She traded her shift with her husband so that, in true Mom-style, she could make it to her son’s track meet.

Talk about sliding doors.

Would he have landed the plane just as safely? Probably. Possibly. Who knows? 

It makes me realise even more, that every single day in which we get up and out of bed, we are completely trusting ourselves over to fate, to a higher power, a bigger plan; to God or whatever it is that you believe in.

Really, we are in control of nothing, whether you realise that or not.

None of us know what lies ahead.

Experts say that had the plane been travelling even half a mile slower, the debris would have missed Jennifer’s window and she would be alive today.

Sliding Doors.


So what is my point?
We are on the cusp of the weekend, the time in which most of us let loose a little. So, I am asking you to let loose.

Let go.

Realise, that you can plan and worry and account for all eventualities but that actually, it will not really matter in the long run.

Your story is going to be your story.

There is a much bigger plan going on here and you are part of it. We are all part of it.

Let go of the worry, the fear, the need to control.

Go with the flow and do what you can to tick every box – but if you can’t, don’t sweat it.

It is not important.

You are here to live, to love and to matter.

So, go live, love and matter, to the people who matter to you.

Everything else is taken care of already.

Tammy jo shults, heroine, Southwest Airlines flight

Ladies, Pass It On

To Barbara & Scott, with all our love…

Today, I would love us all to send our good thoughts, to Barbara Windsor and her devoted husband Scott.

It was with a heavy heart that he announced the news to us all yesterday; that sadly, his wife has Alzheimer’s.

Having kept the diagnosis quiet for many years, Scott decided it was time to open up to her many fans, in the hope that they could better understand any strange behaviour when they see her out and about.

Scott, it can’t have been an easy thing for you to do, especially since you are worried Barbara may not remember your agreement on this matter and may become upset at a later date. Heart-breaking times.

I was lucky enough to spend some time with the couple many years ago and found them truly inspirational and a joy to be around. I know that they will continue to inspire us as they battle through this next, very trying, stage of their lives.

Barbara, you are and always will be a legend.

It is hard to find the words in times like this but all I can say, to possibly bring some comfort is…

That I hope that you don’t worry too much – when you forget things…

Because, there are a million or more of us out there, who will remember you perfectly, in so many fabulous, joyful and wonderful ways.

Those memories have staying power for generations to come and probably even longer.

I pray that this disease is kind on you and your loved ones.

All our love.

Barbara Windsor Alzheimer’sIf you are worried about Alzheimer’s disease or suspect you or someone else may be suffering, please cal the helpline on 0800 888 6678



I have just listened to a debate discussing the recent proposals to weigh kids in school, from an early age, in order to ‘catch’ obesity…

The idea behind this, is that, any kids over the recommended weight can be put on a healthier path.

Here is what I think.

Being ‘put on a healthier path’, is not something that numbers on a scale can help with.

Not even a healthy eating an exercise plan in can really help with this. Not long-term anyway.

It all starts in the deepest darkest parts of their tiny little minds.


If we are to invest any kind of money, to avoid the growing obesity numbers within the next generations, spend it on mindfulness coaching.

Send in professionals, to teach the kids, that feeling good about yourself starts within and that once you have the basics of a great self-esteem and self-worth, your weight will remain within a ‘healthy’ bracket for the rest of your life.

Teach them that eating with guilt and stress is actually known to create hormones which SEND FAT into your cells.

Teach them that depriving yourself leads to over indulgence or worse, starvation mode, which will ruin your metabolism forever more.

Teach them that as long as they are eating for nutrition as well as pleasure and getting outside for brisk walks and exercise – they will be doing just fine!


But most of all, teach them that numbers mean nothing. Some bodies will always just weigh more than others. And for that we have no explanation.

Singling them out, from an early age, and humiliating them over something they cannot quite control yet, is probably the most archaic suggestion I have heard in a while…

This is 2018, we KNOW how much of an effect, the formative childhood years have on the rest of our lives. Most of us spend DECADES undoing the damage done then.

Let’s learn from that and move onwards and upwards, not backwards.

Make nutrition fun for them; make it a subject that they can excel at and make a career out of! Put more emphasis on cooking as a subject too, it shouldn’t be a side issue because guess what – EVERYONE HAS TO EAT, EVERY DAY.

It’s pretty important no?






Life can be so wonderful and so very sad, from one moment to the next.

In the last few days, the UK welcomed a beautiful little baby Prince Louis and lost a beautiful little gladiator, Alfie Evans.

I can’t even begin to imagine what his exhausted parents must be feeling right now; heartbreak, defeat, misery and loss – enough loss to sink a ship.

Their lives will never be the same again and not a day will pass in which they do not feel the empty spaces in their arms and their hearts.

May we take a moment to forgot all the media hype that went before and send a loving thought to them right now.

You are in our thoughts, our prayers and our hearts.

Fly high baby Alfie.

You fought a brave battle.

Hold your little ones a little more tightly today ladies.

We are blessed.

Fly high Alfie evans


Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson: superstar, muscle-man, A-list celebrity, Hollywood elite, multi-millionaire and if you ask me – example to every Father, everywhere…

Men, pay attention, this guy is surrounded by women and couldn’t be happier about it. He sees the power and the beauty in every moment with his girls and isn’t afraid to share that with his trillions of fans. His recent post following the birth of his 3rd daughter hits me right in the feels…

“Tiana Gia Johnson came into this world like a force of nature and Mama @laurenhashianofficial labored and delivered like a true rockstar. I was raised and surrounded by strong, loving women all my life, but after participating in baby Tia’s delivery, it’s hard to express the new level of love, respect and admiration I have for @laurenhashianofficial and all mamas and women out there,” he explained in the caption.

He also took a minute to reiterate what he always wants his daughters to remember about their dad. “And to my third and youngest daughter, Tiana Gia – like I did when your two older sisters Simone Alexandra and Jasmine Lia were born, you have my word, I’ll love, protect, guide and make ya laugh for the rest of my life.”

What more could any girl need to hear right?The rock instagram, birth of baby daughter tia

This is one Daddy doing things right….

Ladies, pass it on…


If you are going to a wedding…

Please, put your phone away.

You are there as a guest.

You are there to witness the joining of two people, whether it’s your friends or a family member.

You are there to enjoy and to take in every word and be fully in the moment.

You are NOT there to document the day.

There are professionals there to do that – your phones and your iPads are ruining the moments and the shots that the happy couple will be paying a lot of money for.

It looks awful, it feels awful.

Let the married couple choose the shots they wish to appear on social media, let them be in control of how their big day is recorded.

You do your job, be there as a guest and ENJOY.

There is a time and a place to be snap happy, the wedding ceremony is not one of them!

Ladies, pass it on.




This is Kathrine Switzer… she is a complete and utter legend.

Kathrine switzerWhy?

Kathrine just ran the London Marathon, a major feat in itself at the age of 71, but what is even more inspiring, is that Kathrine was the first ever woman to run a marathon…

50 years ago!

Her tale is one of massive female empowerment: women had run in marathons before, or at least they had tried to, but never officially, since they were not even allowed to register – never mind take part.

If they did manage to escape detection and get running, they were not given finish times or acknowledged at all and for the most part they were pulled out of the race by eagle-eyed administrators.

That fate almost met 20 year old Kathrine all those years ago, had it not been for her boyfriend ( an American Football player and a man truly ahead of his time), who heroically shoved away the official about to grab and remove her from the Boston Marathon – as depicted in this very famous photograph.

Bystanders reported that he continually protected her, shouting that she throughly deserved to be there, whilst other runners jibed she should be back in the kitchen.

Kathrine switzer boston marathonKathrine, we salute you – a true legend, a pioneer and a fabulous example of empowerment.

You paved the way for the rest of us.

Enjoy every bit of this well deserved glory, you rock.

Ladies, pass it on.


This is Jennifer.

Jennifer died yesterday onboard a Southwest Airlines flight. A random failure caused an engine to explode and as the shrapnel hit the plane, a window was smashed and she was sucked out. Passengers scrambled to pull her back in but her injuries were too severe and tragically, she passed away.

I am pretty sure Jennifer, nor the pilot, nor any of the passengers, were expecting such a freak incident to occur. I am pretty sure that Jennifer left the house in a flurry and embarked upon another day, clueless that this would be her last.

I would like us all to take a moment to honour her life and to wish her eternal rest and peace.

I would also like to use her story as a reminder to us all – of just how much of a gift, each day on this planet is – and how we just never know when that gift will be taken back.

Jennifer was a mother to two children.

Jennifer will be sorely missed and never forgotten.

Did Jennifer live her last day on this planet to the full? Did she say all the words she wanted to? Did she leave knowing she had made the most of the beauty we are shown on this earth? The love we are awarded? The joy we can create?

We do not know Jennifer, so we cannot and should not speculate – but I am guessing that none of us really do – we are just too busy. It is simply the fast and furious pace of this modern life we live.

Until tragic stories like this come along and remind us that we should, that we must.

So, please, be reminded.

Life is short.

Time is a gift.

None of us can control it.

Use it wisely.

A rough day, is still a day in which you are alive.

Live it.

Ladies, Pass It On.

Jennifer, may your beautiful soul rest in peace and may some comfort be brought to your loved ones at this terrible time.


Words: D. Ashworth, LPIO 2018

Image: Facebook


A man came home from work one day and found his children outside in the backyard, covered in chocolate, still wearing dirty pyjamas, running wild…

Alarmed, he picked this way through the debris of the kitchen; piles of dirty dishes and food scraps everywhere, the house looked as though it had been ransacked!

He was becoming increasily worried for the safety of his wife.

He grabbed a bat for protection and bravely tackled the obstacle course of toys that littered the entire downstairs of the house, horrified on the way by a smashed vase, a spilled carton of milk on the new carpet and felt pen all over the wall in the hall – he could barely make out a very bad word scrawled all over it.

Through mountains of laundry and rubbish he finally made his way to the stairs and ran up, fear gripping his very heart now.

Several times he tripped and stumbled, over a toy car or a pile of lego as well as a fort made from what appeared to be his best clothes. Water was pouring from the bathroom and already dripping through the ceiling into the room below. He turned off the tap and with a terrified sense of dread he ran, eventually finding his wife in their bedroom, reading a magazine on the bed, which was strewn with toast crusts and jammy fingers and covered in muddy paw-prints from the wet dog.

Breathless he asked, ‘My darling, what on earth has happened here today, are you okay?’

His wife turned her bed mussed head towards him and said with an eerie sense of calm…

Hello Darling, you know how you’re always asking me what I do every day?

Well today, I didn’t do it.’

Well today I didn’t do it.


Words: D. Ashworth LPIO 2018


Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan have announced their split after nine years of marriage….a bit of a shock to many, this one….

1. No matter how perfect and beautiful something appears, we are all human. Messy, flawed, ugly and complicated.

2. Two people, no matter how perfectly suited, can quite simply grow apart.

3. ‘Perfect on paper’ is a phrase we all us but it says nothing of a person’s ability to compromise, grow, evolve and give. That’s what makes or breaks a long-term relationship.

4. Love is sometimes not enough. Harsh truth.

5. Marriage is about making your commitment bigger and more important than any struggles you may face together. You against the problem, never you against each other.

6. There are times to cling on and there is a time to let go. Knowing the difference is hard, listen to your heart.

7. Sometimes your fairytale can become your nightmare. It is not your failure. It is simply life.

8. Do not fall for the Facebook facade. You may think you’re seeing someone’s life but you are seeing a tiny snippet. Like looking beneath the ocean.

9. You cannot change too much of yourself just to save a relationship. Change certain behaviour yes, never the essence that makes you you. It will never be enough anyway.

10. Love hurts. It shouldn’t but it does. Love more anyway. Love again anyway. Never stop.

Channing Tatum/ Jenna Dewan split/ 10 things we can learn from a. Celebrity break-up

Donna Ashworth

LPIO 2018



This system was initially designed for people with hearing loss but is now becoming widespread for obvious general safety reasons (imagine a situation where speaking would give away your hiding place, this could be absolutely vital.)

Check out the availability in your area (you may need to register, well worth it) and pass it on, it could save a life.


Text emergency services/ sms 999


TEXT 911


I am done with our emerging generation being referred to as a bunch of ‘snowflakes’.

They whinge too much.
They’re too easily offended.
They need to just man up and get on with it.
In my day we all got bullied, it made you who you are….

Well you know what I think?

I think the very fact that we were brought up to ‘just get on with it’ is exactly the opposite of what this world needs.

Being bullied doesn’t make you who you are. It fucks you up.
Sorry for the language but it’s true.

These kids are smart. They are emotionally intelligent. They want everyone to have an equal chance and a place alongside each other on this earth and they want call bullshit on the old traditions and beliefs that have no right to still be hanging over us.

Sometimes, bad things happen and as a result something powerful begins. That’s what is happening right now.
No more.
No more will they live with the fear from within their own communities.
It is ridiculous and they see right through it all to a better way.

Most of these kids have never known a world before 9/11. They have grown up with the constant threat of terrorism. They are no strangers to adversity. They are not weak or sheltered.

What they are, is unafraid to be the change.

And you know what, there are 74.5 million of them in the US – all with the right to vote.

So change is gonna come.

We need to start listening.

Snowflakes may be delicate structures – but when there is enough of them together, they can stop traffic, close schools and pretty much shut down society.

Let’s not underestimate them. 


MILLENIALS/ AMERICAN MILLENIALS are here to change the world


I am talking about the mother of the beautiful 2 year old Kiara Moore, who drowned this week in a Welsh river when her mother regretfully parked the car on a slip-road into the river.
A horrifying and life-changing accident by all accounts….

From what I have read, the woman sat on her bank card and it snapped, so she made sure the child was strapped in and dashed inside her boyfriend’s office which was directly across from the car, to get some cash.
She didn’t take into account the slip road and whether or not the car’s hand brake button was applied, is unknown.

An awful, horrifying accident.

The police have issued a warning today, that a huge amount of malicious comments posted on facebook, are being reviewed, because the content is so very bad, so very hurtful – and my first thoughts are…

How absolutely heartless do you have to be to troll, criticise or questions a mother’s love – just days after she made a mistake so grave that she will undoubtedly pay for it FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE.

Yes it was a stupid, awful, hideous mistake. Perhaps it was neglectful to leave the child alone, perhaps it was a moment of sheer absent-mindedness which all mothers have from time to time, what with sleep deprivation and the fast-paced life we all live. A moment of stupidity and madness which cost a beautiful life and in turn, the lives of those who loved her.

The thing is. We do not know. We were not there. WE CANNOT JUDGE.

None of us are perfect. None of us have always done the right thing. Perhaps we have been lucky and fate has been kind? I know for a fact that there have been times I have looked back and thought, ‘wow, that was a lucky escape, that could have been so much worse.’ A lesson learned, thankfully in time.

She was not so lucky.

What we do know is that, except for a few, thankfully rare, circumstances, each and every mother on this earth would do anything, ANYTHING, to save the life of their precious child and that the thought of putting them in any harm is utterly abhorrent.

This poor woman will never know a day free from this grief ever again in her entire life.

She should be pitied and supported. How she will find the strength to face the rest of her life I do not know. 

This is not the dark ages, we no longer take joy from other people’s suffering. Just because you are sitting behind a keyboard or a phone, safe, with your loved ones all around you, you do not have the right to throw stones, judge or point the finger at anyone else.

Do you not realise your comments could be the very last straw? The push that makes the fall?

I have seen a lot of judgement on social media this week and it strikes me that either we are suddenly a world full of perfect people or that we have simply forgotten how lucky we are. To be safe, to be free from addiction, to be in our right minds.

Others are not so blessed.

Do not judge until you know all of the facts, inside and out, which let’s face it you never will. So, in short, let me just leave at this…

Do not judge.



Always smiling, always making us laugh: as one half of Britain’s favourite and most successful TV duo, Ant McPartlin surely is a man who has it all?

Worth an estimated 60 million pounds, the cheeky chappie wins award after award, year in, year out, for his fail-safe comic timing.

And yet here he is again, in the news for all the wrong reasons, again…

Today is International Day of Happiness and I would like to remind everyone that no matter how wonderful someone’s life looks from the outside – no one, no one, knows the struggles they are facing inside their own minds and behind their own walls.

Mental health and problems with addiction, know nothing of wealth or standing, they don’t care about power or celebrity, they attack anyone they can and take their grim hold, squeezing hard until every last drop of them is gone.

One thing we can all do to help is to be kind, always.

To be aware of the signs.

To offer help whenever possible.

To not judge until we know more – and even then,  don’t.

It’s easy to scoff and condem when someone who appears to have a charmed life messes up. The internet is awash with comments, calling him ‘ungrateful’, ‘stupid’ and ‘ruined’.

It can be very hard to look at someone with so much in their favour and understand how they battle so hard with their demons. But you don’t have to understand, you just have to be aware…

A smile can hide an awful lot.

Ladies, please pass it on….


Ant McPartlin/ mental health/ addiction/ international day of happiness


One of the richest and most powerful men in Brazil, Thane Chiquinho Scarpa, made waves when he announced plans to bury his million-dollar Bentley, so he could drive around his afterlife in style.

He received lots of media attention, mostly negative and was severely criticized for the extravagant gesture and wasting of a precious commodity. Why wouldn’t he donate the car to charity? How out of touch with reality is this guy? He still went ahead with the ceremony.

But, there’s a twist. (Of course there is. Why else would I be covering this story?)

Moments before lowering the car in the ground prepared for the burial of his Bentley, he declared that he wouldn’t bury his car and then revealed his genuine motive for the drama: Just to create awareness for organ donation.

“People condemn me because I wanted to bury a million dollar Bentley, in fact most people bury something a lot more valuable than my car,” Scarpa said during a speech at the ceremony. “They bury hearts, livers, lungs, eyes, kidneys. This is absurd. So many people waiting for a transplant and you bury your healthy organs that could save so many lives!”


Pass It On

PURE GENIUS!!! One of the richest and most powerful men in Brazil, Thane Chiquinho Scarpa, made waves when he announced plans to bury his million-dollar Bentley, so he could drive around his afterlife in style. He received lots of media attention, mostly negative and was severely criticized for the extravagant gesture and wasting of a precious commodity. Why wouldn’t he donate the car to charity? How out of touch with reality is this guy? He still went ahead with the ceremony. But, there’s a twist. (Of course there is. Why else would I be covering this story?) Moments before lowering the car in the ground prepared for the burial of his Bentley, he declared that he wouldn't bury his car and then revealed his genuine motive for the drama: Just to create awareness for organ donation. “People condemn me because I wanted to bury a million dollar Bentley, in fact most people bury something a lot more valuable than my car,” Scarpa said during a speech at the ceremony. “They bury hearts, livers, lungs, eyes, kidneys. This is absurd. So many people waiting for a transplant and you bury your healthy organs that could save so many lives!” Worth a thought !!



You are either completely and utterly unaware (yet), or you have had enough.

You see, being friends with a narcissist is a complete one-way street, there is little to no return, for a whole lot of hard work…

If you are not exhausted already, you will be soon.

The narcissistic friend…

Makes everything about her
Monopolises your time
Wears you down until you agree
Keeps you waiting
And guessing
And wondering if you have somehow offended her
Comes back only when she needs something from you
Is unsupportive of any life or aspirations you may have, that do not include her.

And just when you get to the point of realisation, she does something adorable, and reels you right back in.

This is not accidental.

There are only two things you can do when you are in a narcissistic friendship: you can leave, cutting all ties (and I mean ALL ties).
Or you can stay and the cycle will play over and over again.

There is no in-between.

How do you tell if your friendship is really salvageable?

You tell her how YOU feel, and give her the chance to put it right. If she is horrified and apologetic, she is a keeper. Your friendship is worth working on.

If she makes it all about her – and how you have ‘hurt her feelings’, then you, my friend, need to get the heck out of there.

Save your energy for those who bring you sunshine. There is more than enough rain to water the grass.


LPIO 2017



We’re all rejected people, we know what it is to be refused, we know what it is to be oppressed, depressed, and then, accused, and I am very much cognizant of that feeling. Nothing in the world is more painful than rejection.”
Those were Eartha’s words having been asked about her affinity with the LBGT community.

Eartha was conceived by rape and born, with no father to acknowledge her, on a cotton plantation. The question of her birth and her lighter colour made her stand out – she was abandoned by her mother and forced to sleep with the animals and work as a slave, in the basement of another family’s home.

A childhood of abuse, rejection and suffering and yet she went on to carve out a glittering career, against the odds, with her unusual singing voice, her distinctive looks, her comedy timing and her sheer determination. Not only that, she used her standing to fight for causes she believed in.




By every usual standard, I was the biggest failure I knew.”

Soon after having conceived the idea for the now universally famous Harry Potter series, J.K lost her mother and sank into a dark period of grief and depression. She tried to pull herself out of the fog, by escaping for a year to Portugal. Promising herself she would start and finish the book there, she fell head first into a hapless relationship, came back alone with a baby daughter to take care of, a broken heart and no writing whatsoever.

She came back to nothing, with nothing, and two mouths to feed. She had hit rock bottom. She took a lonely solace in writing to try and counteract her continuing depression, the hardship of single parenting and the meagre amount of benefit money she lived on.

To date, her book series has been translated into 73 languages, sold millions of copies and accrued over $20 billion through movie adaptations and sponsorships worldwide.




My story just helped define and shape me as does everybody’s story,”

Winfrey’s parents separated soon after she was born and she was mostly raised by her maternal grandmother on a farm, a strict and religious place where she was beaten regularly until she bled, for the ‘slightest of misdemeanours’. Having been shipped back and forth to her parents for some years with no stability, eventually she was sent to join her mother and brothers in a Milwaukee ghetto aged 6.

Since her mother worked long hours as a maid, Oprah was neglected. At nine years old, she was left in the care of her 19-year-old cousin who raped her. She continued to suffer sexual abuse from other relatives, including her mother’s boyfriend, until she was 13 years old, when she ran away from home. At 14, she became pregnant (the baby died shortly after birth) and she moved in with her father in Tennessee.

Oprah claims that this move was the turning point in her life and the point at which she discovered her love of speaking and of education. From this base of abuse, adversity and uncertainty, Oprah went on to become one of the most succesful women of all time.



She persisted/ abuse/ persistence/ determination/ Eartha Kitt/ oprah Winfrey/ J.K. Rowling

Donna Ashworth

LPIO 2018

Thank you to Jessica Amanda Salmonson for her inspiring short piece on Eartha Kitt, from whence this inspiration came.




Oh I miss The Pudding Years!

This adorable pic popped up on my timeline memories today and oh – the ache within my womb…

This is my beautiful son Brodie, during what I like to call ‘The Pudding Years’, those halcyon days when their squashy, warm, pudding-like little bodies could be effortlessly picked up and completely enveloped in a hug so tight, it was like being plugged into the mains of life itself.

He is now almost 6 and cuddles with both him and his big brother, are rather awkward exchanges these days; with knobbly elbows, knees and long limbs everywhere. Still wonderful, still amazing but what I wouldn’t give for one squeeze of this edible little man below.

You know when lovely, well-meaning older ladies stop you in supermarkets and say ‘Enjoy these days my love, they go so fast.’ And you think, ‘Fast – are you kidding – each day feels like a week!’ Maybe you just had a night of wake-ups, a nappy explosion from hell and a morning of tantrums and you feel like bedtime is at least a month away…

Well they are right, they are so very right. The days actually fly by and unlike normal days in our adult life-spans, each day counts for so much more, because your little people are changing so much with every one that passes.

The changes are awesome too, but when you look back, it’s hard to believe how they used to be.

Enjoy the Pudding Years ladies, if you can, I know they are as hard as they are wonderful.



We should all be feminists/ what is a feminist


A woman who knows she is a woman and is perfectly happy with that.

A woman who knows the world has men in it too, and is very happy with that.

A woman who disagrees she is weaker simply because of her gender.

A women who appreciates her sex is the actual crux of mankind itself.

A woman who is aware her playing field is not always level.

A woman who wants to keep levelling that field, piece by piece.

A woman who loves men, who loves women – who loves people being treated equally.

A woman who knows how strong the ‘weaker sex’ truly is.

A woman who has a voice that needs to be heard regardless of which body it comes from.

A woman who won’t take any shit just because she is a woman.

A woman who won’t take any shit, period.

A woman who sees this ‘man’s world’ and thinks, ‘wait a minute, we made you all’.

A woman, a feminist is a woman.


She looks exactly how she feels like looking, on any given day.

She can wear heels, red lipstick and any kind of outfit she desires.

It has no bearing whatsoever on the fact that she wants equality.

For all.


If you are a woman, in my humble opinion, that very fact says that you already are…




Today marks 100 years since women in the UK gained the right to vote…




Something I feel very strongly about is the abuse of animals and recently there seems to be a rising and worrying trend of facebook videos, where individuals/gangs think it’s funny to torture defenceless animals or kill them ‘just for fun’.

It horrifies me that even if they are caught, they won’t receive jail sentences for their cruelty.

I refuse to include any of the myriad horrific images of animal abuse which are available online, quite simply because it breaks my heart to see it, but ladies, I would love your support.

Please sign and share this petition or share this post to keep awareness raised and help stamp this hideous behaviour out for good.


Stop animal abuse/ animal abusers to go to jailThanks in advance, please pass it on.








Not just visual images but rather virtual, imagined scenarios. An ability to step back and visualise the ‘big picture’ of a plan, company, idea or strategy, is a skill which we should all work on. It holds huge power. Take time to just ‘think’ and ‘project’, you will soon see how that can help.

In order to see a clear vision of the ‘big picture’ you need to listen intently to those involved or anyone who has a vested interest. Reading between the lines and connecting to their side of things will give you far more insight and a much better base upon which to plan ahead. Be connected with their words at all times or you may miss something vital.

Learning to compartmentalise your thoughts and focus your attention is another skill behind every successful person. What is your priority at that time? Business, family? Whatever it is, BE PRESENT and devote your attention at the right times. Multi-tasking is one thing but ‘zoning’ your time is far more productive. Dilute thoughts lose their power, keep yours concentrated.

Like listening, talking with like-minded people or perhaps the opposite, someone who thinks very differently from you, is a great way to put pieces of your puzzle together. Other people’s thoughts and ideas will flow to you if you open up the chat channel to them. Never underestimate the power of a ‘face to face’ pow-wow or a random unplanned chat. It’s all valuable.

Failing, or as I like to call it ‘learning’ is the ONLY way to get to the top of your game. It’s through the picking up, rebuilding or re-planning your route that you gain the most valuable thing of all – EXPERIENCE. Experience is basically wisdom. Every fail is a stepping stone to success – celebrate them! Use them! Refer to them!

No high prize can be reached without taking a few risks. Faint heart never really won anything except faint rewards. Feel the fear, weigh it up and then do it anyway. Some of them will look better ‘on paper’ than others but if you feel the reward is worth the fall then 100% go for it.

Back to feeling again. Women, we have a superpower (in fact we have many) and that is INTUITION. Use it, it is your gift from above and when all plans fail and nothing is going right, your intuition comes into play and you need to trust it.

LPIO 2018



If you are a star-gazer or a lover of the moon, tonight is a very special night indeed…never mind the saying ‘once in a blue moon’, well this is ‘once in a super blue blood moon’ and that really is quite something!

On Jan. 31, a total lunar eclipse will occur with a blue moon, this is known as a ‘Super Blue Blood Moon’.


The last Blue Moon occurred in July 2015 and in 2018, we’ll experience two of them, a phenomena that won’t happen for another 19 years. The second Blue Moon is to occur in late March.

The Blood Moon occurs because the Earth is passing between the Moon and the Sun, which gives the Moon a reddish tint to it. It’s caused by light bending around the Earth because of gravity passing around a portion of the atmosphere, more commonly known as a lunar eclipse.

A Blue Moon combined with a Supermoon (when the Moon is at its closest point to Earth and appears to be 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than normal) the rare phenomena is called a Super Blue Blood Moon happens. Supermoons generally only occur once every 14 months and will not happen again until January 2019.

The last time all of these events occurred simultaneously in the Western hemisphere was 1866.

According to some spiritualists, the energy of this rare super blue blood moon, will reveal the inner you and access your true potential…are you ready for that?

We shall be watching and taking photos, would love to see yours too!

A super blue blood moon


Any parent with an gaming-mad child, will know that ROBLOX is by far the most popular game around. They will also likely be aware of the dangers… a viral post last year revealed that the game was likely being used by paedophiles to groom young children and that there were also very innapropriate elements within the game itself.

Scary stuff.

“Here is the latest concern as told by EST Safety Training…

Over the past month we have spoken to over 2000 Primary School Children from the age of 5 up to 10. As we recently posted, it is clear that the majority of them are using the app/game called ROBLOX. We have recently discussed how paedophiles are chatting to children within the app often without the knowledge of their parents.
Over the past month we have seen a very worrying trend where many of the children are now telling us that they talk to a lot of their ‘online’ ROBLOX friends over the app ‘WhatsApp’ . We ask that everyone who’s child is playing ROBLOX check their device to make sure they are not now talking to strangers on WhatsApp. We are concerned that parents may not even realise their child has downloaded this app. WhatsApp can be used to send picture messages and the ability to abuse young people met within ROBLOX becomes significant. This app is also widely used by children to ‘live stream’ themselves so again the inherent risks could be high.

Please can everyone share this information so that every parent can check that their children aren’t now speaking to strangers on ‘WhatsApp’ having been asked to go there by a stranger in ROBLOX.


The company have also recently shared some practical advice on how parents can make the game safer for their children…

Please share with all your fiends, we can never be too careful.

ROBLOX safetyROBLOX safety info for parents

ROBLOX safety info parents



WHAT NOT TO WEAR, FOR THE LADIES OVER 40… Discussed by a lady over 40.

WHAT NOT TO WEAR, FOR THE LADIES OVER 40… Discussed by a lady over 40.

Have you seen articles like this flying round the internet?
Here is my take on the standard commandments for the 40 plus women who are apparently, ‘getting it all very wrong indeed’ (insert sarcastic tone here).


Seriously? We spend our whole lives trying to break, reset and perm our hair to fit in – then straighten it to death to match the trends, not to mention all the back-combing and bleaching in-between. Ladies, if you still have hair after all that suffering and abuse – WEAR IT HOWEVER YOU DARN WELL PLEASE!


I’m sorry, what? Are you telling me that I have finally reached a point in my life where I can actually afford to have the latest goodies I spy in the shop windows but I AM NOT ALLOWED NOW! Try stopping me. Anyway, let’s face it Ladies – at this stage in time we know exactly what does and doesn’t suit us because we have seen it all before – am I right?


Why not? Because apparently it makes us look older…listen… I am older! There is zero point in me trying to turn back the clock and nor do I wish to fool people into thinking I am somehow less further on in years than I actually am. I have EARNED all this fabulousness, I have EARNED the right to be proud of who I am and I am going to own it thank you very much. I actually don’t suit red lipstick – but if I did, I would be wearing it… 😊

I mean really, my legs are ageing better than any other part of me so I will be blowed if I am not showing them off (it’s the arms I need to hide!) Likewise, I have spent YEARS learning how to totter around in heels so if the mood takes me, they are jolly well getting worn, thank you very much. I will pack my flats in my handbag too because I am WISE….

Okay, let’s discuss this one shall we – for I am a lover of colour – and I do agree that a ‘POP’ of colour is a great pick me up at any age. On saying that I also love the feeling of a slinky all-black outfit that screams elegance and style so don’t tell me I cannot rock it any more society! I can and I will and if you keep telling me not to, I am far more likely to make it all-black leather from head to toe…so there!





This information could save a life, please read and pass it on.


Here’s how it works
When you make a call with SOS, your iPhone automatically calls the local emergency number. In some countries and regions, you might need to choose the service that you need. For example, in China you can choose police, fire, or ambulance. 
You can also add emergency contacts. After an emergency call ends, your iPhone alerts your emergency contacts with a text message, unless you choose to cancel. Your iPhone sends them your current location, and, for a period of time after you enter SOS mode, it sends updates to your emergency contacts when your location changes. 

Here’s how to make the call on iPhone X, iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 Plus: 
1 Press and hold the side button and one of the Volume buttons until the Emergency SOS slider appears. 
2 Drag the Emergency SOS slider to call emergency services. If you continue to hold down the side button and Volume button, instead of dragging the slider, a countdown begins and an alert sounds. If you hold down the buttons until the countdown ends, your iPhone automatically calls emergency services.

Here’s how to make the call on iPhone 7 or earlier: 
1 Rapidly press the side button five times. The Emergency SOS slider will appear. (In India, you only need to press the button three times, then your iPhone automatically calls emergency services.) 
2 Drag the Emergency SOS slider to call emergency services.
After the call ends, your iPhone sends your Emergency contacts a text message with your current location, unless you choose to cancel. If Location Services is off, it will temporarily turn on.
If your location changes, your contacts will get an update, and you’ll get a notification about 10 minutes later. To stop the updates, tap the status bar and select “Stop Sharing Emergency Location.” If you keep sharing, you’ll get a reminder to stop every 4 hours for 24 hours.
If you use the Emergency SOS shortcut, you need to enter your passcode to re-enable Touch ID, even if you don’t complete a call to emergency services. 

End a call
If you started an emergency call by accident, press the Stop button, then tap Stop Calling. 

Add or remove contacts

You can add emergency contacts from the Health app on your iPhone:
1 Open the Health app and tap the Medical ID tab. 
2 Tap Edit, then scroll to Emergency Contacts.
3 Tap  to add an emergency contact.
4 Tap a contact, then add their relationship. 
5 Tap Done to save your changes. 
Here’s how to remove emergency contacts: 
1 Open the Health app and tap the Medical ID tab. 
2 Tap Edit, then scroll to Emergency Contacts. 
3 Tap  next to a contact, then tap Delete.
4 Tap Done to save your changes. 
You can’t set emergency services as an SOS contact. 

MEDICAL id iPhones/ emergency sos iphones



13 broken souls who have suffered for far too long at the hands of their own parents.

A normal neighbourhood, a normal house – a very abnormal life.

And not one neighbour raised an alarm. In all of these years.

Nobody noticed?

Or perhaps no one trusted their intuition enough to speak up?

If it feels wrong do not walk past or ignore your inner voice.

If it feels wrong it most probably is.

Speak up, we are all in this together.

It IS your business.

They say it takes a village to raise a child and this is exactly why. Anyone can qualify to become a parent, which is often a terrifying reality…

Ladies, Pass It On.

We are all in this together.



If you are a parent of more than one child this will resonate, if you are a parent of one – or even none, this will resonate. Heck this is going to make you cry no matter who you are!

The perfect capture of a heart-bursting moment in time…

By the wonderful, talented Jordan Burch Photography...


Dear Jackson,

Today, didn’t go at all how I expected it to.

Usually, when moms have me come to the hospital, to capture their first born, meeting their sibling, it’s pretty stinkin’ adorable.

(not that you weren’t adorable)

you were.

it’s just that, most times, there is holding, and kissing, and lots of questions involved.

but as soon as I walked in, before you came up.
your momma, she was a wreck.

she told me, that YOU, jackson, YOU were her baby.
your sweet sister, well, she was a surprise.
they weren’t planning on her, yet, anyways.
but life is funny like that.

she was a lot easier to come by, than you were.
almost two years ago.

yet, still here she was.
and your momma, while she LOVED this sweet little girl, with a head full of hair. . and a tiny bow.
she was so worried about you.

she didn’t know, if you’d understand.
(you wouldn’t)

she didn’t know, if she’d got to love you, long enough yet.
all alone.

enough, for you to know,
that there was nothing,
and no one,
that could make her love you less.

but those, those are hard conversations for a 22-month old.

she started crying before you even made it through the door.

she knew, what I didn’t.

you, were, and (most likely) will forever be.
the ultimate, momma’s boy.

you liked her.
you said her name.
she was ok.

until she found a spot on your momma’s lap.
beside you.

and then,
that wasn’t very good at all.

not yet, anyways.

I watched, as your tears, broke your momma’s heart.

but I smiled, on the inside.
so big, that it made me have a few tears too.

there is this thing.
between mommas.
and their boys.

there is this unconditional, unexplainable kind of love.
that even if it isn’t felt, all the time.
it’s always there.

but aside from that,
there’s this other kind of love.

a big brother, kind of love.
one that you don’t know about yet.
but you’ll soon learn.

one, that you’ll be able,
to slowly ease your momma’s fears with.

but right now,
she just wants you to be happy.
and she knows,
that she,
makes you happy.

and she isn’t 100% positive,
there is enough of her, to go around. . .
because though you’ll want her.
someone else, will now need her too.

and man, that’s tough, on a momma like yours.

the good news is.
your love, will grow.
for that sister of yours.

maybe not today.
or tomorrow.
or anytime soon.

but one day.

you’ll love your momma,
so much more.
because she gave you a sister.
who is going to love you like crazy>>>

and to have so many people,
who love you so much…

well, I’m pretty sure, that makes you one of the luckiest kids in the world.

even, if it doesn’t feel like it, yet.



I just left the supermarket…

Not my best opening line I know…on saying this, my little mundane trip to the supermarket has just reminded me why I set this page up over a year ago now.

Women are freaking awesome.

Why? SO MANY REASONS but namely, or at least in this circumstance, it’s in the way we can make each other feel.

The way we communicate.

As I put my shopping on the belt (I hate this part of food shopping the most), a polite chat was opened up by the lovely lady on the checkout. It started with the tuna bake seasoning I had chosen…

Within around 6-7 minutes we had had the BEST conversation about life, womanhood, menopause, parenting, what IT’S all about and so much more besides. We ended with a very moving couple of minutes telling each other how this year is the time for ‘us’, how we are DONE with comparison, punishment and self-hatred and how we are ready to just be.

To just live.

Not only had we managed to go seriously deep within a few moments in time but we both exchanged something that really impacted on the other.

It was evident from each of our faces that it meant a lot.

Now, if this isn’t a superpower then I do not know what is – for the rest of my day will be immeasurably changed simply as a result of this tiny little portion of it.

Women, never forget how much you have to bring to someone else – EVERY SINGLE DAY.

The smallest piece of advice, the tiniest little ‘share’ can make the hugest of impact.

We have all lived, we have all learned, we have all achieved – goodness knows we have all failed – every little bit of that is solid gold if the right ears are listening.

Men may scoff and suggest we talk too much but you know what? It could never be enough because wow, we have some incredible chat to share.

Go forth and continue to be awesome.

I see you.


When women support women amazing things happen


After 21 years of marriage, this woman asked her husband to do something.

One day my wife wanted me to go out with another woman. After 21 years of marriage she said to me: “There is a woman who would love to spend time with you. She would be thrilled if you took her to dinner and to the movies!”
“After 21 years of marriage, my wife came up to me and told me that she had something important that she wanted to tell me.
She wanted me to go out with another woman. She wanted me to take this other woman out to the movies and a dinner. She said, “I love you, but I know that this other woman also loves you a lot and I want her to spend some time with you.”
This other woman is my mother. She has been living by herself for the last 19 years since my dad passed away. And because of my work and my three kids I only manage to visit her occasionally.
So that very evening I did what my wife asked me to. I invited my mom to a movie and dinner.
“What happened?” my mom asked me. “Are you sure that everything is okay?”
“I thought it would be a great idea if we spent some time together.” I responded. “Just you and me.”
My mom took a deep breath, I could hear it from across the telephone, then she finally said, “I would really like that.”
So come Friday evening, after work, I was waiting for her. I was a little nervous because it had been a while … She had her hair tied around in a neat bun and was wearing the same outfit that she wore for her last marriage anniversary. She was smiling radiantly and I could see that the years had a left a mark on her gentle face.
“I told my friends that I am going out with son tonite and they were very impressed,” she told me in the car. “I told them I would meet them another evening!”
So we went to a nice restaurant, not very fancy, but something cozy and intimate. My mom took my arm as if she were the First Lady. We sat down and I read the menu to her because her eyesight is quite weak now. When I finished reading the menu I looked and saw her gazing at me intensely with a nostalgic feeling in her eyes.
“When you were a child, I used to read the menu to you,” she said, “Well it’s time for you to rest and let me do the reading for you,” I said.
We had dinner and we had an amazing conversation. We had so many things to share about our lives, the past, and the present. We kept talking for hours and forgot all about the movie. Finally, it was time to part ways and with a heavy heart I said goodbye to my mom. We promised each other that we would go out again and my mom insisted that she would invite me the next time.
Back home, my wife wanted to know how the evening went. “It was more beautiful than I ever imagined,” I said.
My mom and I didn’t get around to that promised evening. A few days after the dinner we found out that my mom had developed a heart condition and her health deteriorated rapidly.
A few months later, I went back to that restaurant where I last had dinner with my mom. A letter from my mom awaited me there. It read: “I paid for a dinner in advance – for you and your wife. I wasn’t sure if we would ever have the chance to spend another evening together. But you can’t imagine how happy you made me that evening. I love you, my son.”
It was that day that I understood the true meaning of “I love you”, and the importance of spending time with one’s family and loved ones. There is nothing else more important than love.”
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After 21 years of marriage this man’s wife asked him to do somethingAuthor unknown

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