“Unravelling” By Fran Meininger I’m that old sweater. You know the one. We all have it, in the bottom of the bottom drawer or the very back of your closet. It’s been there forever. You got it in college. It was your favorite. You wore it with panache and loved how it hugged your beautiful,…


Here’s the thing… You may think that your life would be somehow made better, or easier, if you were different, more ‘normal’, less ‘flawed’. More like your sister, your friend, that women over there who looks like she has it all together. It’s not the case at all. The world is missing a unique little…


YOUR TRUE COLOURS   Here’s the thing… When a child is born, they are a glorious, fabulous mix of colours. Like putting two rainbows into a cocktail mixer and shaking them around – each genetic mix creates an amazing, unique little human. The colours passed down from each parent are merged, blended and reborn, making…


LET IT GO Drop the string. Watch it float away… It’s that simple, though never easy. But worth it. Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Holding on to bitterness, regret, fear, self-doubt….is all the same. Poisonous. Like a slow but steady death to your joy and to…


It is right now. Today. This minute. What is? Life is… Live it. Every minute. Believing that tomorrow is guaranteed is the biggest mistake we make. Not seizing every day like the gift that it is, is the biggest risk we take. Do what makes you happy. Love your loved ones fiercely. Speak up, say…



There is only so much a girl can take, only so much weight she will bear in silence.

If you push and push, and pick and pick, and prod and poke me.

There will come a day when I will stop bending and I will snap.

When I snap, no matter how much you regret placing the final straw that broke my back, it will be too late.

Take me for granted today, miss me tomorrow.

Never mistake silence for weakness, or acceptance.

The silence is giving you time to reflect upon your choices, before it’s too late.



YOUR DAILY REMINDER THAT YOU ARE ENOUGH You are unique, there is no one else, among the billions of people on this earth, who is exactly like you…marvel at that fact for one moment for it’s truly amazing. Nobody sounds exactly like you, nobody thinks exactly like you, no one has the exact same outlook…


DOWNLOAD PRINT ABOVE   LOSE Lose your cares, lose your fears but never lose your wonder. Never lose the way you’re so excited by the thunder. Lose your shame, lose your chains but never lose your spark. The burning, churning essence that’s shining from your heart. Lose your worries, lose your way but never lose…


There comes a day in everyone’s life when you realise, with a shuddering jolt, that time not only flies, but it stops quite dead…. We say it every day, ‘time flies when you’re having fun’. ‘Seize the day!’. ‘Tomorrow is promised to no one!’ we cheer, as we clink our glasses. But do we really,…


10 DAILY TRUTHS Love hard, it starts within. Work hard, the world owes you nothing. Respect everyone but mostly yourself. Be open-minded, the world is a big place. Live life to the full, every day. The answers are inside not outside Your stories will live on, make them count. Make money but don’t let money…


  WHO IS GOING TO STAND UP WITH ME… and say that some days I am awesome, other days I hide in cupboards, metaphorically and literally speaking 😁. That whilst it may look like we have it ‘all together’, actually we are all paddling furiously under the surface. And that’s perfectly ok. Dropping balls, plates…


HEAVEN “Follow me”, she said, “I’m going somewhere new. It’s not a place on any map, it’s deep inside of you. You can’t get there by car, or boat or any train, You get there just by feeling, by switching off your brain. It’s far beyond the madness, far beneath your fear. Under all the…


Burn Brightly
Make Waves
Live loudly
Sparkle Fiercely
Love Wildly
Care Deeply
Speak Truthfully
Listen Carefully
Touch Tenderly
Eat Deliciously
Smile Randomly
Dream Imaginatively
Laugh Contagiously
Dance Freely
Forgive Faultlessy
Give Endlessly
Wake Excitedly
Sleep Peacefully
See Vividly
Burn Brightly
Make Waves
Live loudly
Sparkle Fiercely





FINE I’m balanced on a knife edge, running out of time. My heart’s exploding in my ears but still I say ‘I’m fine’. I’m hoping you won’t notice, yet praying that you care My world is turning inside out, no one can reach me there. I’m swimming for the surface, I’m using all I’ve left…


  LOVE HURTS No actually, it doesn’t. Love really shouldn’t hurt. Loss hurts. Abuse hurts. Behaviour hurts. Unrequited love hurts. Saying Goodbye hurts. But love, in it’s purest and simplest form, should feel like a safety net, like a bridge over troubled water, like coming home. As humans we go through many painful episodes in…