You’re Going To Be So Different After This….


You may not even know how changed you already are.
You’re metamorphosing.
We all are.

You’ve come from a place of safety, of convenience, of privilege…
You didn’t even know that, until now.

You’re starting to realise, that everything you took for granted is a blessing. Your life was so sweet. We were all so very blessed.
Blessed as we were, we were all on a treadmill. A fast paced machine, moving at speed, going nowhere.
Better cars, bigger houses, best schools, promotions… we were all chasing something, that really doesn’t mean much at all. In the grand scheme.

And the things that really do matter, were falling into line behind the daily grind. Taking bottom place, most days.
We had our priorities all wrong, right?

You’re going to be so very different after this my friend.
There’s a part of you that’s emerging, she’s been hidden for so long but this is bringing her out of that shell.
The world needs to meet her.
You’re going to do great things together.

After this.

And I for one, cannot wait.


Donna Ashworth



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