The Last Time


I think I held your hand,
The last time.
I know I had to hurry away,
I should have been content to stay.
That thought haunts me daily,
The last time.

I should have said so many things,
The last time.
I should have reminisced some more,
Brought wondrous memories to your door.
That would have been so perfect,
The last time.

I hope you felt my silent love,
The last time.
I hope the words I didn’t say,
Found your heart anyway.
That’s all I can hope for,
Till next time..


I sometimes wish for one more,
Last time.
I sometimes lie awake at night,
Imagine your voice with all my might.
If only I had listened more,
The last time.

There is one very troubling thing,
With last times.
They don’t announce when they are here,
They do not warn you, there’s no fear.
So treat each living minute,
As a last time.

Donna Ashworth

#grief #loss #Griefpoetry



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