When You’re Standing At The Foot of a Mountain


Don’t look too far up.
Don’t look back.
Just keep looking ahead.
Climb that mountain one tiny little chunk at a time, my friend.
And when you want to take a break and rest, sit yourself down and look around at the view.
Because here’s the thing…
The best view is not just at the top.
If you look, you will see that there is an amazing view of your little kingdom, at every stage of that climb. You just need to know how to see it.
Take it all in.
Breathe in the clean air along the way and stop to smell the roses.
You can’t rush this particular mountain, you see.
It’s a tricky one, with peaks and cliffs and torrential paths.
But, if you take it bit by bit my friend, you will get there.
We will all get there.
So, start each day with a new spring in your step and make the most of each little peak. It wont come overnight but it will come.
Keep thinking of that day.


Donna Ashworth



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