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Look How Far You’ve Come


If you’re struggling to find the will to carry on right now, stop with me for a moment and let’s look at how at how far you have come…
You have adapted.
You have given up pretty much everything you considered normal and constructed a whole new way of being.

You have done some of this, if not all…

  • Become a stay at home parent who still has to work amidst the chaos AND has to try and educate her children every single day.
  • Lost your job, way of life and security for the future which is very hard not to overthink when you have so much time on your hands.
  • Lost your business, your customers and your guarantee that this will ever return.
  • Lost your ability to truly connect with the family and friends who keep you supported and on track.

There’s also a chance you are feeling very guilty:
About not doing enough for those family and friends every day, weighing up the pros and cons of visiting them (against the rules) verses not visiting them and following the rules.
– About not doing a good job at work, as a home-school teacher, a parent and a wife.
– About not having as much to feel guilty about as other people in worse situations.


Whoever you are, whatever you are dealing with, you are currently faced with:
Financial insecurity

And guess what, you’ve done alright so far. You have laughed, you have cried, you have eaten too much, drunk too much but you, my friend, have coped.
You have made it this far through the weirdest 2 months of your life.
You will make it through the rest.

Just remember:
No one is nailing this
Perfection is a myth for facebook
We are all human
It’s okay to scrape by
You don’t have to achieve everything, every day

Just keep everyone safe
And sane
And try to laugh when you can and find joy wherever possible.
We will make it through.


Donna Ashworth



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