Have You Met Her Yet?


Whilst the world has been turning upside down and everything we know is now unknown, have you met her yet?

That girl inside of you who has been hidden for so long?

Has she made it to the surface, through the cracks which appeared in the shake-up?

If she has, did you let her in?
She is ready.
She is ready to be heard, to be seen again.
She is ready to help you throw off that dusty old cloak of responsibility and perfectionism and lead you to a new life filled with more adventure, more joy, more living in the momen

She is ready to show you that life is not just about being safe, being secure…life is about living.
She’s ready to remind you, that things really are just things, and that people, memories and love are the only ones that matter.
She is ready to run to the sea and splash without a care in the world.
She is ready to eat the damn cake, drink the champagne and burn the best candles.

She knows that there’s no point in saving anything for ‘good’.
That life is to be lived, here.
That joy can be found in any little thing, if you know how to look.


If you haven’t met her yet, let go, stay still and wait.
She’s in there.
And she’s ready.

Donna Ashworth

Image By Kate T Parker (strong is the new pretty)



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