Dear god, its me

Hey God, It’s Me…


Hey God, it’s me.
I don’t know if you can hear me or if you’re even real.
I don’t know anything much at the moment.
But I know I’m ready to come home.
I can’t take another day down here God.
It’s too hard.
The pain is too much to bear and I’m not strong enough to keep going.
The suffering is everywhere God.
So many people, in so much pain.
I think I have finally broken, there is nothing more I can do here.
Let me come home please God.
I’m coming home.

Dear Child.
It’s not your time to come home.
You have much still to do down there and you are needed.
Your purpose is not to overcome.
Your purpose is to yield.
To exist.
To understand that life is as painful as it is wonderful and that suffering is as much a part of life as breathing is.
You will suffer here too, when you look down upon those faces you love and see how their heart’s splinter into pieces at your loss.
When you look at the beauty of the sky that was around you all the while and the joy of the world you couldn’t see.

Your story is not over yet.
There are still people you will inspire, hearts you will fill with love and before your time is done, you will be someone’s saving.


I need you there.
They need you there.
This is your purpose.
To remain.
To exist.
To yield.

My child, you were never supposed to have the answers.
You were only ever supposed to love.
Everything else is temporary and will pass.


You are not done yet.
You are not done yet.

Donna Ashworth

©️ ladies pass it on



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