To My Child, In Lock-Down…


Little one,

You have no idea how brave you are right now.
You woke up one day and your whole world had changed.
All your favourite things were suddenly out of reach – your little kingdom was upside down and inside out.

You have taken it all in your stride my beauty.
You have cried, you have felt such sadness, but you have adjusted and made the most of your ‘new normal’.


I try my very best to explain to you why you can’t do what you have always done but it is hard, I want to shield you from the fear and the worry too you see.

I hope I am doing ok.

I hope that our bedtime snuggles make up for my lack of teaching skills. I hope that our carpet picnics will be remembered more, than the times I haven’t had a lot to give you.

I hope you felt safe.

Every day, I see some remarkable little changes happening within you and my heart swells with pride, mixed with sadness for what you are missing out on.

It’s a rollercoaster my love and we are strapped in for the ride, together.

You may not be gaining much academically right now, but let me tell you something, you have learned a lot.

You learned that life is a gift, that friends are a blessing, that grandparents are vital.

You learned that superheroes don’t wear capes, they wear masks.

Most importantly, you learned, that whatever in the world happens, you have me.

I got you.

I got you good.

You are a child of 2020 my love and that makes you very special indeed.

Now, let’s continue to remind each other that we already have all we need.

You’re really great at that.



Donna Ashworth

©️ Ladies Pass It On



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