Coronavirus, woman wearing a a mask

We Thought We Had It All Worked Out


We thought we had it all worked out…

Our lives, our careers, our plans.

Then somewhere, one day, at a time unknown, a tiny microbe began its life. A life that would change the world.


We live in a new normal now.

No cinemas, no gyms, no schools.

No parties, no life.

No hugs.

No end in sight.

We face-time. We home-school.

We wait.

We try to sleep at night and swallow the anxiety when we wake.

We hold on, for dear life, to the hope we have found so comforting.

The hope that we will have a life again soon.

That we will hug our loved ones and our friends again, soon.

That the world will heal and the fear will not alter our ways forevermore.

This hope has become our lifeline.

But each day out somehow feels further away.

If you are struggling to exist in this ‘new normal’ my friend. I want to tell you something…

We have been changing since the day we were born and life has never stayed still, even if it appeared to do so. 

You have been through so many dark nights already and made it through to face the sun again.


You have been through worse than this, even though it may not feel that way now.

You endured.

You shall endure again.

This will pass.

You will feel that return to life again but perhaps, it may not be what it once was.

But you, you will be fine. 

You have been building up to this since the day you were born.

You are stronger than you think and tougher than you know.

You shall endure my friend.

And I will be there beside you.

Stay safe.

Right now, survival is the only purpose we truly have.

Donna Ashworth




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