All This Time I Didn’t Realise I Was Free…


All This Time I Didn’t Realise I Was Free…

I always felt so bound.

So contained.

By society, by the needs of others, by the unwritten rules of morality.

I always felt so hemmed-in, by the boundaries placed upon me and even those I created myself.

I really didn’t know I was free.

I never took advantage and drove off on a whim to sit by the ocean, regardless of deadlines or the need to be doing something ‘useful’.

I rarely slept in past my alarm or took a day just to wander. For no reason.

I never booked that ‘take a risk’ trip, unless it was carefully planned or thought out.

All that time I was as free as a bird and I didn’t really realise.


What I would give now, to drive for hours and land somewhere different. To board a plane to the heat and the mesmerising smell of exotic flowers and fragrant food.

To see a city full of new and exciting adventures.

Wouldn’t that be just fine.

So, I guess what I am trying to say, my friend, is that now I know I am not free.

So, when I am free again..

I am 




to forget it.

You too?

Donna Ashworth


#freedom #isolationissues #imisstravel



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