Pascal campion, Donna ashworth poem

You Don’t Have To Bake Banana Bread…


Or learn a new language.

You don’t have to work out more than you ever have, or take the opportunity to learn to cook.

You can do all of that, if you like…

but you can also just rest.

When do you ever get the opportunity to just rest?

This life we have created is fast, and the treadmill we run on is relentless.

That treadmill has been unplugged for while. Like never before.

Maybe, this is the perfect opportunity to thank yourself for all the years you have plodded on, struggled, worked hard, over-achieved….

Maybe it’s a chance to step off the perfection escalator `(it only ever keeps going up) and sit your sweet self down.

Maybe it’s ok to just rest, my friend.


When the treadmill start as back up again, you’re going to be glad you did.

Donna Ashworth

©️ladies pass it on

Image: Pascal Campion



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