Lock-Down Is Making My Kids Better People


Here’s the thing….

My kids were pretty spoiled. Don’t get me wrong, they were well brought up, well educated and well mannered, sure.

But they were so very used to having everything they needed, whenever they needed it. A veritable charmed life. 

Of course nobody wants their children to suffer hardship, I deliberately built a beautiful world for them to thrive in. But, I really think this period of major inconvenience, of arrested life, is bringing out something within them that I don’t think I could have taught.

And I’m not sad about this at all.

In fact, I’m pretty pleased.


They are filling the boredom using their imagination a lot more with every week that passes.

They are taking more time out to have conversations over face time with family and friends, and really communicating.

They are cycling, they are walking, they are looking at butterflies and birds.

They are cooking, heck they are even cleaning. They are watching interesting things on TV, which they wouldn’t have even considered watching before. 

And best of all, they now realise that the wonderful life they lived was a blessing and something to be very grateful for.

no amount of telling them so, would have taught them that lesson.

I am sad for the world and I am sad that so many lives are being lost and livelihoods threatened but I am not sad about the way this situation has changed my family.

And I’m not sure I quite want to go back to the way it was.

I’m learning a lot too.

With every day that passes. 

And I’m not sad about that, at all.

Donna Ashworth




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