Dear Women, Maybe You Don’t Know How Amazing You Really Are…


Dear Women….

Maybe you don’t know, just how amazing you are.

Maybe you don’t see how you keep everyone going, even when you’re struggling yourself.

Maybe you don’t realise how much cheer you bring others, regardless of your own level of happiness.

Maybe you don’t see the smiles you spread, or the joy you bring.


Maybe you don’t know what an amazing effect you have on the world you created?

Well you should know.

You are the kind of women we all need when things get hard.

You hang on, when the wind blows, and even better than that, you keep others hanging on too.

You, my friend are a wonderful creation.

How do I know this?

Because your ability to inspire and support other women, brought you here somehow. 

Maybe you were tagged by someone who sees this in you.

Or maybe you are reading this post because you found this page when you were running around facebook spreading joy, the way you do.

You are wonderful. 

You should really see that.

Donna Ashworth


Image: Jill Haney Neal




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