Promise Me, When This Is Over…


Dear Friend,

When this is over, can you promise me something?

No more wasted beach days because you didn’t like your body. You deserve that sun, that sea, that freedom. You are beautiful whether you feel it or not. We all are, we really are.

You deserve the joy.

No more wasted weekends because you didn’t want to eat too much, drink too much or let yourself go too much.

Time won’t wait for you.
You deserve the joy.

No more saving for best or for that ‘rainy’ day.

When the rainy days come your wonderful memories will keep you warm.

You deserve the joy now, not later, not when you have earned it.

When this over my friends, promise me that you will live this life, every minute of every day and that you will never, ever tell yourself you are not enough.

You were always enough.

Now you know this life really is a gift and it‘s your gift.

You have been blessed.

Donna Ashworth

image: Jill Haney Neal


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