Captain tom moore

Dear Captain Tom,


Dear Captain Tom,

Thank you.

Thank you, for not only raising an astronomical sum of money for our health care but thank you also for being a tonic, a joy and an inspiration.

You were told to stay home and do nothing, like the rest of us. But rather than become restless, bored and perhaps even break rules, you found a way to stay inside the guidelines and do something good.


Something good which became something great, which became something amazing and has now become part of history and is something truly legendary.

You have given us all something to strive for, from now until the day we die.

You have shown us it is never too late to make that mark on the world.

It is never too late to become the difference that is so desperately needed.

It is never too late to become the very best version of yourself and to bring huge joy and help to others.

We salute you.

You are a hero.

You are a bright shining light in a time of darkness.

You are part of history and your story will be told for evermore.

You made a difference to so many and in a few days you will turn 100.

We are sending you the very happiest of birthday wishes and all of our love, collectively, every single one of us.

Thank you.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.



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