I Want To Tell You The Story Of A Nurse …


I want to tell you about a nurse who died on Sunday.

A nurse who was very heavily pregnant.

A nurse who gave her all and it cost her everything.

Our hospital heroes did what they always do and saved who they could…

I want to tell you about a baby who was born on Sunday.


A baby girl who was born without a mother.

A baby, whose life has been irreversibly changed, by this awful twist of fate.

I want to tell you this story, to remind you, that this war we are fighting, is very real.

I also want the name of this beautiful soul to be remembered.

Never forgotten.

This baby will grow up without a mother but born to a hero.

It’s not enough, but one day, it will mean the world to her.

Mary Agyeiwaa Agyaong was only 28.

She lost everything.

For her, we fight on, to change the world again and make it safe, for her daughter, Mary.

If you would like to help her grieving husband, the go fund me page is here



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