I Needed You Today…


I needed you today.

I needed you so much it hurt to breathe.

There’s nothing I wouldn’t give to hold you one more time and tell you how much you mean to me.

I hope I told you this enough when you were here.

I hope you can hear me now when I say it inside my heart, over and over and over.

I love you.

I wish you could see what is going on in this world you left behind. Can you see?

It’s absolutely beyond belief.

And yet, I can almost hear your words of comfort, ‘this too shall pass’.

You would take this in your stride.

I needed you today.

I needed you so much it hurt to open my eyes and see a world without you.

Now that life is so very still, I can almost feel you beside me.

Are you beside me?

I like to think that’s you. Sitting with me in the darkness, through the hard times.

Like you always did in life.

Please stay.

I need you, very much.

I miss you, more than I ever thought possible.

Donna Ashworth

©️Ladies Pass it On




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