Which parts of normal are worth going back to

If You’re Missing ‘Normal’…


If You’re Missing Normal…

Ask yourself which part of your old ‘normal’ was really that wonderful.

We were living too fast, my friends.

I can see that now.

Stress and exhaustion became badges of honour.

Every day, we failed to connect with those around us because there was just ‘never enough time.’

The planet was dying beneath our feet.

Gasping for breath.

Convenience replaced authenticity.

Our lives appeared so picture-perfect on our socials but were lacking in anything very real.


Now we really understand what it is to ‘count our blessings.’

And we care so much more about those around us who have less or are more vulnerable.

We appreciate every word, every conversation, every face that flashes on our screen.

I like parts of this ‘new normal’ very much indeed.

If you’re missing ‘normality’ my friend, perhaps it’s time to rethink which parts of that were really so wonderful.

A new beginning seems to have come at a perfect time.

Donna Ashworth



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