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And So The Children Learned….


And so the children learned

That heroes are everywhere and that they really don’t wear capes.

That when bad things happen, people do good things, they will remember that much longer than any maths or science lesson.

The children learned that old people are a treasure, that they hold the secrets to overcoming any adversity.


They learned to listen carefully to their tales over face time and write letters to keep up their spirits.

The children learned, that a very small act, like a little painted rainbow, can bring widespread joy and unity and they learned to show appreciation for their heroes, with a handclap in the darkness.

They will remember that most of all.

Whilst the schools were closed, the children learned rather a lot actually.
Like patience, gratitude and the joy of quality time.

They learned the true meaning of ‘count your blessings’, something they had heard a lot before but had never truly understood.

But perhaps, most importantly, the children learned that life is a gift.
That time is precious.

That love will always connect you to those you cannot touch.

Whilst the schools were closed that year, my friend, the children of the world learned rather a lot indeed.



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