To The Woman Who Is Mentally Exhausted And Overwhelmed…


I want to be inspirational whilst this is going down, I want to be one of those people who jumps out of bed, makes a smoothie, does an exercise class online and then embraces the day regardless…

But the truth is I’m exhausted with all of this.

I feel like my body is filled with lead and I am lacking in any motivation whatsoever.

I am so mentally drained from constantly processing a million emotions every minute that I have nothing left to give.

And I have decided that that is alright.

I don’t have to be at my most productive during a global pandemic.

This is an emergency, for the world.

This is something WE NEVER COULD HAVE IMAGINED living through.

People are dying, we are scared, we are trying to handle our collective grief, our fears, our worries, our loved ones’ worries.

We are trying to stay home but be helpful to those in need somehow.

We are trying to provide for our household but without stock-piling or going anywhere!

We are trying not to over-eat and drink too much whilst exercising every day.

We are trying to stay grateful, cheery and make sure we check on everyone else’s mental health as well as our own.


It is wonderful the way everyone has come together online with classes, videos and lessons but can we also take a minute to share the fact that we are completely and utterly overwhelmed too.

Because really, who wouldn’t be?

This is something we will look back on and marvel at how we got through! 

In fact, not all of us will make it through, some will end their suffering before this is all over.

It’s that serious. It’s already happening.

Let’s make sure we know how hard we are each finding this too. It’s not spreading negativity, it’s sharing the reality.

And then maybe we can laugh at how hideous this situation is.

And we can get through another day.



I for one am finding it tough. But I’m trying.

How about you?

Donna Ashworth



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