I Keep Thinking About That Day…


I Keep Thinking About That Day

You know, the day when they finally announce this is over.

The day when everything is allowed to open again and we all flood out into the streets, to hug and kiss those we have only waved at from afar, for so long.

Grandparents will race to hold their grandchildren, some for the first time. 

Sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles will get together again and it will be utterly joyful.

Imagine how wonderful that day will be.

It will be a sunny, happy day with music in the streets and parties everywhere. The air will be filled with the smell of bbq and the sound of laughter and freedom.

I keep thinking about that day.

But there will be people missing on that day.

And the world may be slightly tentative to stretch its bruised limbs once more.

A little hesitant to start again, perhaps.

Because maybe, of the things we let go during this time, there are some we won’t want back in a hurry.

Like rushing around. Like being too busy for life.


And maybe, there will be some things that we want to keep.

Like the kindness.

And the quality time.

And the being present.

Yes, my friends, I keep thinking about that day, and who will be there with me when the locks are lifted.

And it makes me smile inside and fills me with hope.

Donna Ashworth




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