Poem about death, grief, loss

I Like To Think There’s A Party In Heaven Right Now…


I like to think there’s a party going on in heaven, right now.

I like to think that the isolation and the fear, ends there.

That there’s a wonderful reunion of soulmates, friendships and love’s lost, happening as we speak, right above us all.

Whilst we grieve down here, for the many souls leaving us each day, I like to think that up there, they are smiling.

They are happy and at peace.

They are hugging and kissing and dancing, together.

If they could reach us they would definitely tell us they were okay.

That they were with someone they had missed, very much indeed.

They would tell us to be strong, if they could.

They would tell us not to worry that they felt alone at the end, for they knew they really weren’t.

They would tell us that funerals and parties on earth don’t matter to them at all…

Because the real party is where they are now.

We are losing so many loved ones every day, that it makes me feel very comforted indeed to imagine they’re all at a party in the sky.

Maybe we could imagine that together.

Donna Ashworth

©️Ladies Pass It On




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