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My Friend, Let Yourself Off The Hook During Lockdown


Yes, we may suddenly have lots of time on our hands, but here’s the thing…

We are in a state of panic, whether we realise or acknowledge it, we are.

We are grieving.


For the world. For humanity.

For people we don’t even know but care every much about.

We are confused.

Everything we knew has changed…

We went to sleep in one world and we woke up in another.

So, if you are not single-handedly nailing home-schooling, with absolutely no previous experience, don’t be cross with yourself.

No one really is.

If you wake up one day with zero motivation or positivity, that’s ok.

It may come back tomorrow.

You are human, my friend.


You are very, very scared.

We are all the same.

Let yourself rest at this time, if you can.

Somewhere inside of you is a little girl with a very heavy heart.

She needs your patience too.

Donna Ashworth



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