Suicide Is Taking Lives Too…


As Coronavirus claims lives all over the world, today, I would like to take a moment to say rest in peace, to a beautiful young girl who died yesterday.

Emily Owen. Age 19.

The thing is, Emily took her own life. 

The fear, stress and anxiety of a world changed beyond comprehension was too much for her to bear and I fear this will be the case for many more.

We keep hearing the phrase ‘unprecedented times’ and it really, truly is.

Nothing like we have ever seen before.

We must look after each other and reach out to those in isolation who may struggle more than most.

Emily was young, beautiful and energetic. Her friends say she was the one who was first to help them in any way she could.

But isolation was too much for her and she could not make it through.

We are all staying at home to save lives, which is wonderful. 

Some of us cannot stay at home and must face the fire every day. This is beyond wonderful.

Let us try not see a large death toll from depression, alongside the virus.

We can all do something to help someone who is in over their head.

We are better together.

Even when apart.

Share positivity and spread light where you can.


Thank you.



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