Angels On Earth


Angels On Earth


And so the earth angels came together, to answer the call of humanity in crisis.

They stepped forward without hesitation, to stand between us and the danger. 

They have done so many times before. 

But never quite like this.



The earth angels kissed their loved ones, one last time, before entering the fray.

Not knowing when they would emerge again.

It is said that angels don’t feel sad about this.

But I think maybe they do.


You see, the hidden wings of an earth angel, won’t allow them to fly away.

They cannot flee from tragedy, that’s thing about these angels on earth.

They can only go towards it.

They were made that way.


And if the earth angel is tired, or too weary to go on anymore.

They hide that struggle away from the world, lest it worry another.

And every time a soul leaves earth too soon,

The earth angels shed a silent tear,

For those they could not help.

Poem by Donna Ashworth #poem #nhsheroes #keyworkers #nurses #doctors
Image: Pachay



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