Woman visiting her father in a lockdown through the window

30 Lessons Learned From A Lock-Down


1. We don’t need nearly as much as have come to believe.

2. A little goes a long way.

3. We are kinder than we thought.

4. When push comes to shove, we want to share our last slice.

5.We are not in control.

6. But we each make a difference.

7. The world is smaller than we realise.

8. We don’t appreciate our life enough.

9. We are living in a world of convenience.

10. This convenience is killing our planet.

11. We don’t need to fly across the world to make decisions for our businesses.

12. We can be together even when apart.

13. We are surrounded by heroes.

14. Not all of our friends will be there for us.

15. Some new friends will appear in the unlikeliest places.

16. Differences disappear in a crisis

17. Our elders are very precious indeed.

18. We really should treat each day as a blessing.

19. And live life to the full when we can.

20. We are not invincible.

21. But we are stronger than we know,

22. Life is about adapting to change.

23. Teaching children is a calling and a skill.

24. But it’s more important to keep them calm.

25. We never know what is waiting just around the corner.

26. We are a tiny piece in a very large puzzle.

27. But each of us is capable of so much.

28. When darkness comes, there are always people helping


29. Look for them, join them.

30. We are better together, even when apart.

Donna Ashworth

Please credit Ladies Pass It On



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