Teach Them It’s Ok To Not Be Ok


I have seen so many posts flying around social media telling parents what to do with their kids during this time of isolation.

Some have great ideas for play, craft and discipline.

Others say just sing and read and dance and play with them…create a safe place they say, where your children can feel loved and calm.

Here’s the thing..

Some days you will do all of that.

Some days you will do some.

Some days you may hit the wall and barely be able to keep the lid on your anxiety as the fear, financial worry and panic engulfs you.


Make a plan, by all means, but whatever you do know this.

Your children are loved.

They know they are loved. It’s intrinsic.


They can sense your distress no matter how well you hide it anyway,

so teach them that it’s ok to be afraid.

That it’s ok to not know what to do sometimes.

That it’s ok to waste a day for no reason, other than, you just can’t deal.

Teach them that when things go down, you ride the rollercoaster and take each corner as it comes.

This is a time history will remember and your kids will remember your bravery but only because they saw you work at it.

Bravery is knowing the risk, feeling the fear and facing it. 

It doesn’t come naturally.

We have to create it. 

We have to learn how.

That’s a lesson worth teaching.



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