Key workers

A Letter To Our Key Workers


Dear Key Workers,

I can’t imagine the pressure you must be feeling right now, as the world retreats and you go forward to the fire.

I can’t imagine the fear you must be facing as you place your children in school, knowing that they will be looked after but not knowing if they will be safe from the bigger threat.

Will you be safe from the bigger threat?

I can’t imagine how heavy the weight of a nation’s expectation must feel on your already burdened shoulders.


Stay strong.

When this is over, and it will be over one day, you will be responsible for something much less heavy.

You will be responsible for keeping a nation running whilst it faced its biggest threat in more than a century.

You will be responsible for history, for staying at the front line to save us all.

You will be a hero.

You already were but now you will be seen.

I see you.

Thank you for stepping up whilst we all step down.

When this is over, your happy days will be bright.

We are watching with appreciation and wishing you luck.

Great Britain 



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