Caroline flack/ self isolation

Today I’ve Been Thinking About Caroline Flack


I’ve been thinking how she was in a kind of lock-down. 

She was told to stay out of the public eye until the court case, she wasn’t allowed to see her partner and basically was advised to self-isolate until her nightmare ended.


But she didn’t make it till the end.

Because the isolation, the stress and the fear were too much for her to bear.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, that the vulnerable and the weak are at risk here but those amongst us who suffer from depression, anxiety and poor mental heath are too.

So, whilst we are all coming together (virtually only of course) to try and protect the needy, let’s also check in on those who are prone to bouts of depression.

This will be tough on them.

This chapter in our stories will be one we won’t forget, let’s make it for the right reasons.



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