Toilet paper panic

People Are Scared, Not Stupid…


It just looks the same.


People are crippled with anxiety, fear and the need to protect their loved ones. 

It may come across as selfishness, stupidity or worse.

But it is just humanity.

Flawed, afraid, in panic.

In a week or so, no one will be buying toilet paper, everyone will be at home and realising that solidarity is key, but right now, when information is in overload yet no help seems present, buying toilet paper seems like a comfort.

Let them buy their paper. Encourage them to share with anyone in their vicinity who has none.

People are not stupid, they are afraid and they are suspicious of the government and their intentions.

And why wouldn’t they be, we have been let down so many times before

Nobody knows what to do, so they do what every one else is doing.

Anger and abuse won’t help.

Just try to understand and let’s wait this out in peace.

We are all in this together



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