Italians singing on balconies

Our Kids Will Remember This …So let’s make sure we are doing things right.


This pandemic is something like most of us have never faced in our lifetimes. As a generation, (I am mid 40s), we have had it pretty good.

We have studied periods of oppression, wars, pandemics and maybe we rolled our eyes every now and again at one too many, ‘You kids don’t know you’re born’ statements.

Well this is our time to know we are born.

I truly believe that if we work together, as a WORLD, we can get to grips with this infection and stop it ravaging our weak and vulnerable.

I also truly believe that this will change our society for the good, long term.

Life will somehow be sweeter after this blows over and we will have gratitude in spades for the things we took for granted.

We will be humbled but we will be kinder.

So, the kids are watching, listening but mostly feeling the vibes around them, let’s show them what resilience is.

Let’s show them how to stay positive when disaster hits.

Let’s show them that we created an online world for a reason and here it is, we can connect, we can assist, we can follow the examples we are being shown so we don’t have to experience it everywhere.


Your kids will be as calm and feel as safe as you make them feel.

Get them involved finding out who needs help in the community.

This will benefit them for years to come.

People, we are a team here.

If one of us follows the rules and another doesn’t, we are all affected.

So, let’s connect, lets focus and let’s stay positive until we beat this.

We totally and utterly got this.

I know it.

Oh, and if you haven’t watched the video of Italians singing together from their balconies to raise spirits, watch it. It’s a must.

Donna Ashworth



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