Here’s The Thing, People Are Dying…


Okay, here’s the thing…

People are dying. Someone’s mum, dad, brother…

I’m getting tired of reading posts saying this virus is ‘nothing’, an ‘over-reaction’, or ‘hype created by the media’.

People are dying.

And many, MANY, people are afraid.

Health anxiety is very real, believe you me, and right now, lots of people all over the world are feeling very afraid indeed.

And so they should.

I have a family member going through a terrifying lock-down in Italy and that is no joke. Megaphones on the street at 6pm to get people in their homes. No travel AT ALL. One in, one out of the supermarket and queuing for your slot to enter.

Do I think worrying and panicking will help? Absolutely not.

Do I realise that laughter and stiff upper lip are comforting? Of course I do.

But, whether we like it or not, this is real, this is happening and we need to take it very seriously indeed.

And for all of those people saying ‘I am not worried about catching it’, good for you, but please be aware you may spread it to someone who is worried.


Someone who may well die.

Time to take this seriously, cut out the BS, focus on the facts and get ready.

We are all in this together.

Play your part.



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