You’re Going To Come Across A Lot Of Very Worried People This Week


You are going to come across a lot of very worried people this week, following the announcement that Covid-19 is officially a Pandemic.

Some will hide it with a smile, a laugh and a throwaway remark. Some will tell you all about their fears and some will not let it show at all.

But the worry will still be there inside, chipping away and doing its worst.

Medical anxiety is a very real thing for many and even for those of us who don’t fear the worst in every eventuality, our health and the health of those we love is a very big deal indeed.

There is also a very real financial crisis ahead and the worry of that could be affecting those around you more than you know

So maybe choose your words and your actions over the next few weeks, based on the big picture.

I think, a lock-down and isolation period of some kind is unavoidable for most of us within the next few weeks but we can make it work by seeing the  light at the end of the tunnel and being part of a wider deal..

We can be prepared mentally, perhaps more than practically, for what is ahead and we can work together to contain the rise of this virus and hold back the wave of destruction.

I see some people creating little what’s app groups within their neighbourhoods, to ensure supplies, advice and assistance are available to all.

I like that.


There will be many people extremely stressed about their health and whether or not they will handle this bug should it come, those are the people we should focus on.

Keep spirits up, keep fridge’s stocked, keep ‘real’ advice coming.

Keep laughing but don’t overlook the threat involved.

It’s something we may never have come across before, but it’s here, and we need to face it.

So, let’s face it together and let’s face it good.

You’re going to come across a lot of very worried people this week, so be ready with your words and your actions.

They have more impact than you think.

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