Suicide Is Far More Deadly Than Covid-19


Suicide is the true pandemic here people. The statistics are absolutely terrifying.

ONE PERSON EVERY 40 SECONDS TAKES THEIR OWN LIFE, according to The World Health Organisiation.

Worse, the numbers are higher now than ever.

So, instead of stock-piling the last toilet rolls on the shelves and making sure you will be okay should this virus hit your home….

How about making sure there are enough items left for those in need, those who can’t afford to stock-pile, those who only get out shopping when someone comes to take them.

How about checking in on elderly neighbours or those with learning difficulties, who may be extremely worried with the panic news created by the media.

How about making sure you know the actual facts so you can put your own mind and anyone else’s, at rest.

How about taking everything you read with a pinch of salt and refusing to share the mass hysteria created by the media, to make money, for the media.

We are a small planet, really.

The ‘Every man for himself’ attitude creates isolation, hostility, panic and hysteria.

And our society is struggling enjough already.

So, let’s stick together people. The media is out for itself, not for the good of the masses.

We need each other and we need to look after our own.

This will all be over soon so rather than fill your cupboards for an apocalyse, let’s make sure that those who actually are at danger (a very small percentage of the population) make it through.

We will be just fine.

Finally, how about we add to the list of vulnerable; those with depression and mental health issues.

This could be the last straw for anyone balancing that tightrope.

Be kind.

Donna Ashworth




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