Dear Piers,


In the spirit of the collective conscious awakening right now… I feel the need to address the problem of you.

You see, you, to me, are an example of exactly what is wrong with society at the moment. 

If you have an opinion, you say it. And you’re paid to say it. And you have a huge platform on which to announce that ‘opinion’.

And people like watching you to see what you will say next… because you’re ‘honest’ and ‘blunt’.

But here’s the problem, your opinion is based solely on your feelings towards a person and not on what is right or wrong or any ‘facts’, for example.

Your opinion is your emotional response to someone and is, very often, racist, misogynistic and downright rude/mean/horrible.

I have watched you talk all over guests (women especially) who come on your show to discuss a topic they are very learned about but cannot get a word in edge-ways as you bully and patronise them in public.

It’s not a debate or an interview…

It’s sickening. 

And now you have used personal text messages from Caroline Flack, having been dead only a week or two, to score points in an online public argument you are having with another woman (Jameela Jamil).

Jameela made it very clear that she herself was feeling suicidal over all of this and yet you continue.

Well you have pushed me one step too far.


How on earth you still have a place on television and a whopping salary to boot, I just do not know.

You are a playground bully.

Nothing more.

I’m tired of sitting back watching you slate woman after woman, day in, day out.

We are all vowing to #bekind and stop with the incessant hounding of celebrities and public figures, so surely we must start with you?

It is no longer okay to squirm in our seats as you shout and abuse your subjects who probably go home and crumble after their public humiliation at your hands.

You have been brutally scathing of celebrities dealing with mental health issues and you often brand it as ‘attention seeking nonsense’, so how on earth can we make these positive changes if your booming, interrupting voice is shouting out of our screens every day?

Piers, we as a nation are making changes, much-needed changes within our society, I would personally love it if you were one of them…



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