To All The Sensitive Soul Sisters Out There


I see you. I see how much strength it takes to face the day.

To turn on the news, the radio. To expose yourself to the cruelty of this world.

I see you fighting off negativity every minute of every hour.

You’re not weak my friend. You’re not.

You’re actually undeniably brave, because you feel every single bullet fired, when so many others seem to dodge them effortlessly.

You take the hits but you keep going and keep smiling.

Even when the quick-sand is sucking you under with a force so terrifyingly strong…

You pull yourself out.

So, remember one thing, being sensitive is tough I know, like facing a blizzard without a coat, but it’s also a gift.

You bring so much light to this dark place.


Your sensitivity is what the human race needs now to evolve past the war, the suffering and into a peaceful future of enlightenment.

Your superpower comes into play around about now as the world ‘wakes’ up.

You are already woken my friend. You’ve been awake since the day you were born 

Now it’s time to stand up and be counted. 

You’re not weak, you are evolved. 

I see you. 

Donna Ashworth 



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