Caroline flack/ suicide prevention

If You Have Been Where Caroline Was…


And you are still here to tell the tale, I take my hat off to you my friend.

You are a bloody warrior.

To pull yourself out of a place so deep, so dark, that the only available option is to choose oblivion, is a feat the majority of us will never quite understand.

You are a hero.


A hero because you saved a life.

Your own life.

You fought a battle, you won…If you were a soldier, a medal is what you would receive.

So I want to take some time out to praise you for the strength you found in the final hour, the strength to stay alive no matter how suffocating the pain was.

If you were once where Caroline was, I urge you to talk. Your bravery could be the words someone hears when all other reason is drowned out.

Your story could be the lifeboat in a storm.

If we understand more, if we judge less, treat people more kindly, we will change the future for our children…

They will grow up unafraid to speak out, to break down, to fall and get up again without fear of recrimination.

Imagine that, a world where a human breaks and those around applaud them for their bravery, whilst they lend a hand to pull them back up.

Instead of treating them with caution should they somehow be tainted by their own mental health.

It’s not contagious.

It is survivable.

So, if you are here to tell the tale of a life almost lost to depression, my friend. I want to tell you how proud I am of you and how much I would love to hear about your journey.

Please talk.

I will be here for it, every day, no matter what.

Caroline flack/ suicide prevention

Donna Ashworth

#carolineflack #bekind #suicideprevention

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