Caroline flack dead

Today, Caroline Flack Was Found Dead Aged 40…


And I feel truly devastated.

I didn’t know her.

I didn’t follow her.

But I know that she made a mistake, one mistake. 

Like we all do.

And that mistake, albeit a big one, was splashed across every media outlet in the land for all to see.

She lost her job, her pride, her followers, and now her life.

And for all the thousands of young women, and men, who watch her show. I want you to know that a life well lived is a life full of these mistakes.

Mistakes that seem so huge at the time you think you will never get over it.

It seems impossible.

But oh my darling it really isn’t.

You will see the sun rise over the horizon again and it will fade into the past like a distant memory of a lesson learned.

And you will grow from it.

Stay strong. Hold on through the storm, it gets better and somebody somewhere needs you very much alive.

And as for poor Caroline, I would like to know why she wasn’t offered professional help by her employers instead of being sent off in disgrace to deal with this alone.

She was clearly very much in need.

Rest In peace Caroline and we will remember this the next time someone falls from a pedestal.

We will be kinder.

I promise.




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