Valentine’s Day poems/ love is



Asking how they slept

Making a cup of tea just right

Picking up a book they’d like to read

Worrying, so much worrying

Remembering something they said that made you laugh

Listening to things that aren’t said out loud

Telling the truth, no matter how hard

Feeling stronger than you are because they believe in you

Rising above small stuff

Recognising your flaws when all you can see is theirs

Being ordinary together


Being carefree together

Making time for each other

Finding the funny in the misery

Believing in them when they cannot believe in themselves

Remembering why you fell in love

Laughing at things no one else finds funny

The smell of their skin

Showing up, every time, always show up

Accepting the ugly as well as the beauty

Sticking with them through the dark days

Reminding them there will be good days again

Love is…

Sometimes, letting go

Love is…

Not all hearts and flowers

Love is…

Love is the only thing that matters and the hardest thing to master

It’s worth it.

Valentine’s Day poems/ love is

Donna Ashworth @ladiespassiton



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