Phillip schofiel gay

Today Phillip Schofield Announced He Is Gay…


And as always, when a soul reveals its true spirt, the universe exhales with a sigh of relief.

Relief that one more human has embraced their truth and braved the world regardless.

Relief that one more soul has stood up to the beliefs that we are somehow not perfect or acceptable, just the way we are.


Relief that another person has found their peace during their time on this planet.

You see, the one thing we all deserve, is to be who we truly are and to find that ‘peace’ within.

We say Rest In Peace when a loved one leaves us but the truth is, we should be resting in peace whilst we are still alive.

The loads that we are carrying, the burdens we bear, were not of our making, my friends.

They were put upon us.

We can just choose to put them down and walk away with freedom.

If we are brave enough.

So, let’s collectively send out all of our love, respect and peace to Phillip and to anyone else who is realising that they need not live in pain or fear.

And feel the universe relaxing just a little bit more.

Phillip schofiel gay

Donna Ashworth, Ladies Pass It On



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