Help each other/be kind/ kindness/ people helping

Right Now, You Could Be Standing Next To Someone Who Is Trying Hard Not To Fall Apart…


Be kind.

Right now, you could be driving beside someone, who is dealing with the worst news of their life.


Be patient.

Today, you could be waiting in line behind someone dealing with the end of a relationship, the loss of a love, the onset of a panic attack.

Be aware.

Be kind, over anything….this life is a struggle for us all but for some more than others.

We just don’t know what someone is dealing with when we lose our patience, our temper.

We just don’t know how much a kind word or a smile could go to helping that person heal.

Throw out compliments like confetti.

Spread smiles whenever you can, they are contagious.

A simple gesture can mean the world to a soul in pain.

A rude comment or a terse remark could be the straw that broke the back.

Choose wisely.

Life is short, we are all in this together.

Help each other/be kind/ kindness/ people helping

Donna Ashworth



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