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Kobe, You Told Us life Was Short…


You told us to keep moving, to never look back, to make the most of every minute and to live your life the way you want to. You told us, most of all, to enjoy this life we have been blessed with.

You told us, that the only obstacle in our way is the belief that something is in our way.

You told us how to change that belief.

You taught us how to succeed.

You taught us how to want something so much that the struggles become part of the journey. Something to be enjoyed and not feared.

You told us that it’s better to be a legend than a hero. I never really understood that one until now. I get you.

Well you did it my friend.

You truly are a legend.

And your life was short.

And you lived every minute. 

You left us heartbroken but you left us with so much more than that too.

You gave us Mamba Mentality…a guide to overcoming the struggles of our own minds and our own insecurities.

You set up so many kids with a bright future, not just your own.

Your own kids you loved like every father should. Passionately, compassionately, all-consumingly.

I can’t begin to imagine what you went through in the moments before your death.

Knowing you, the ultimate warrior, couldn’t overcome what was happening. That you couldn’t save your own daughter.

It’s every parent’s worst fear, right?

The only glimmer of hope I can find is that you were together. She had you at the very end and she would have felt safe, loved, protected. Even in death. As she was in life. We could all see that, your bond was unmistakeable. 

And for those you left behind?

My heart breaks knowing that you couldn’t say goodbye or one last I love you.

But collective consciousness is real Kobe. It’s a powerful thing, you told us that too.

Right now, there is a world full of broken-hearted people sending your family love, strength and willing them to face the grief like you faced life.


We will love them like you did and watch over them forevermore.

Thank you Kobe, for being such an inspiration, such a powerhouse of a human being.

You told us to never rest in the middle, only at the end.

Well it’s time for you to rest.

Your work on earth is done and it will live on longer than you could ever have hoped.

You will be remembered.

You did what you came to do.

Rest In Peace with your beautiful Gianna’s hand in yours.

There will never be another like you.

Kobe Bryant/ gianna bryant

Donna Ashworth 2020



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