Breaking point/ the old you

Today, I reached my breaking point…


Today I reached my breaking point…

For a moment or two I thought, this is it, I am finally broken.

For a minute or two, I felt I couldn’t handle the load I’ve been given anymore.

It’s too heavy.


Wouldn’t it be so wonderfully tempting just to set that load down on the ground and run for the hills…

But then I remembered that I have been here before.

And I also remembered, that the best thing to do when you reach breaking point, is to yield.

Don’t break, bend.

Don’t crack, accept.

Accept that this is your load to bear and that you have this load because you can totally handle it.

Take some time to grieve for the you you used to be and remember that she is still in there somewhere. Maybe slightly changed but still there.

She is evolving not lost.

Growing not disappearing.

Today I reached my breaking point and if you were there today too, I want you to know that you are doing just fine.

I see you.

You don’t have to have all the answers my friend, sometimes, you just have to yield and carry on anyway until the sky becomes more clear and the clouds part.

If you are at your breaking point…

Don’t break, bend.

Breaking point/ the old you

Donna Ashworth

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