Meghan carrying Archie/ mom shaming Meghan markle

Stop Mom Shaming Meghan…


You’re telling the world it’s okay to judge a new mother doing her best.

And it is so not okay.

No money in the world can buy you the experience your first child brings and yes, new mums probably do a lot wrong.

But they are trying their best and with love, fear and worry abounding from every pore, how could anyone want them to feel anything other than supported?

The sleeplessness your first child brings is mind-blowingly hard. Then the hormones, the birth trauma, the dread, the overload of information…it is a mine-field.

Add to that the fact that everyone has an opinion on your choices and your head is in a literal spin.


But worse, much worse, is the depression which seeps into your body in the dark of the night. I am convinced this is born of a cocktail of hormone imbalance and lack of sleep – and the enormity of your waking life’s purpose…

Each day you must keep another tiny defenceless human being alive, not just alive they should thrive! And you should do that, flawlessly on a few hours sleep, if you’re lucky.

Make sure you keep up to date with the ever changing advice on how to feed them, how they should sleep, how their mental health and development can be best encouraged from birth and don’t forget to make sure everything you use is ecologically sound and in the best practise….

It’s an impossible mission.

No mother is perfect.

By publicly shaming a new mother for the way she carried her child, we are adding to her fear, her insecurity, her trauma.

If the child was uncomfortable he would let his mummy know. She is his safe place, his home.

So women, if it’s you writing and sharing this judgemental vitriol, please take a moment to wonder why. 

Men, do not comment on what you do not know…

It’s hard. It’s really fricking hard.

We are all in this together.

#meghanmarkle #momshaming #meghancarryingarchie

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