Meghan & Harry, Run As Fast As You Can…


So on Friday I wrote a letter to Harry, it has been beautifully received and shared all over the world with so much love and tenderness. I was blown away by the love.

On Saturday I wrote a letter to Meghan and wow, the vitriol, the nastiness that ensued within minutes of posting online is something I have never seen before.

Both letters have been shared thousands upon thousands of time – one gathering love and one gathering hate.

You see, the bottom line here is that it’s apparently all her fault.

She is a devious narcissist who planned all of this from the get go and is rubbing her gold-digging hands with glee as the world falls apart around the father of her child.

It is absolutely shocking to me that women automatically receive the depth of responsibility for anything like this, regardless of facts or any understanding whatsoever.


Harry has been dissatisfied with his life for many years, he has been honest about this. He has fallen out with his brother before over much less and his path as a royal has not always been smoothly walked. At all.

So why is this her fault?


It is blatant sexism on a gargantuan level and it is part of our society which seems to go unnoticed.

Men can cause trouble too. Men can want change too. Men can rock the familial boat too.

How on earth do we know it wasn’t Harry who engineered this whole thing?

For all we know Meghan could be crippled with post-natal depression, overwhelmed by the fear, the hormones, the enormity of raising a child and bringing a life into this circus.

She could be kicking herself for thinking that she could handle this life, any mother knows the shocking way the world around you changes the moment your child is born. It becomes a terrifying place full of danger from which your only mission is to protect your precious newborn.

The bottom line is that we do not know who or what is behind any of this and we may never know.

But if you cannot see that any human being has the right to change or leave regardless of MONEY SPENT. Then you have your priorities wrong.

She is a person. Her call. 

Harry is not a vulnerable child being manipulated and if he is, then that is his journey to manoeuvre. Hating on the mother of his son will not help him in any way.

I am sure he is aghast at the level of hate sent her way.

In my letter I did not say that I agreed with Meghan, I did not say that I liked her or that I thought their relationship would work.

Why would my opinion even matter?

I merely stated that this is their life and Harry knows that it can be cripplingly short, so they should walk their own path, their way. It must terrify him, considering the way the press hounded his Mother TO HER DEATH, to see history repeating. He must feel that this is all his fault. 

Bottom line is they should never, EVER, feel they have to accept the abuse because they are paid well.

No one, NO ONE has to accept this level of hatred.

My advice is to walk away, run away, as fast as you can.

Then show them what you’re made of.

Prince Harry & Meghan

Donna Ashworth



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