Prince Harry, Meghan and Archie

Dear Meghan, For All Those Saying ‘You Knew What You Were Doing’…

when you married a Royal.

For all those saying, ‘this was her choice, she knew exactly what she was getting into.’

Remember that no one, not even you, knew exactly what you were doing and what you were getting into. 

Life has a habit of appearing extremely different from the outside looking in. Nobody knows what it feels like to have walked your path this last year or two.

It’s easy to judge what you don’t understand, right?

And you know what Meghan? It’s okay to admit that you’re not doing okay.

It’s okay to say, ‘this is too much, actually.’

One thing a human being must always, ALWAYS, be able to do – is leave. A situation, a relationship, a job…it’s your basic human right, right?

You do not have to accept anything which makes you unhappy or attacks your mental health. You do not have to put your child in any situation which causes them danger, distress or negativity.

No one seems to have noticed that you have undergone the biggest change a woman can recently.

You became a mother.

Suddenly, the world you thought you had sewn up, appears to be a very different and a much more scary place when your place a newborn baby in it.

I get it.

The fairytale doesn’t exist and you’re finding that out the hard way, so what do you do? Do you put your head down and take it on the chin because after all, this was your doing?


You claim back some of the independence which got you where you were in the first place. And I’m pretty sure it’s that gumption of yours that made Harry want to marry you in the first place.

So you’re not the demure, subservient princess the world envisioned.

Neither was Diana, in the end.

You came with a past and you also came with a future.

Do it your way.

Look after your boys, look after yourself and let the world shout its disapproval to the wind you will be leaving behind you as you fly…


Girl, you totally got this.

Prince Harry, Meghan and Archie

Donna Ashworth



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